Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Skull Art Drawing Video - Drawing A Skull Clown

Skull Clowns sound quite cool when you say the name and they are cool to draw, so in this drawing video you can see me draw a skull clown and I draw it with a 5B pencil, a quite soft pencil that shows up quite dark on the papers surface quite well and then I ink the clown skull with my trusty gel ink pen

I'll have to come back and color this either with Crayola pencils or scan this image into the computer and do a sceen capture color demonstration which might be awesome to do.....Draw yourself a Clown Skull, watch the drawing video below.

Drawing A Scary Cemetery Drawing Video Included

Drawing a scary cemetery is what I did quite recently. Sketched a bit to begin with just to get some ideas and inspiration and then I just threw myself into this drawing video of drawing a scary cemetery, not quite sure if it's scary enough, but you get the idea with this video.

Try and draw a graveyard or cemetery scene yourself and see how you get on with it.....
Watch the drawing video below.....

Drawing a Scary Cemetery

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Top 10 Drawing Video Inspirations Here At Wayne Tully Fantasy Art

I decided to go through the top 10 video posts that I've posted here on this fantasy art blog so far as determined by traffic and this has been a good exercise really, to see what else I could draw and create videos for and it's inspired me to think about creating extremely useful videos and improve my video creation process too.

But before that happens here is the top 10 drawing video blog posts that have been moderately popular recently.....

1. How to draw Captain Hook - Drawing video of Captain Hook, this video has proved popular, so check it out for pirate drawing inspiration.
2. How to draw a predators face - This drawing video just took off and I am secretly proud of this video as I captured the essence of a Predator here.
3. How to draw an Alien Head - Alien the creatures that have battled the Predators in the comics and the films, thought I'd do a complimentary video to equal the Predator one.
4. Drawing a horror skull - A video that also proved popular with my YouTube subscribers and readers here. The drawing video marked my first ever time lapse video, so check it out!
5. Crayola Coloring Drawing Demonstration - A look at the Crayola Twistables with a drawing being colored by these fantastic colored pencils.
6. Drawing With Lightboxes - An overview of drawing with a lightbox, with a Halloween pumpkin and a drawing of a witches head.
7. Gargoyle Drawings and Sketches - 3 drawing videos which show the beginnings of 3 separate Gargoyles which might be good for inspirational purposes!
8. Drawing a Horror Monster Face - Drawing video of a maggot faced monster....
9. Drawing a pirate skull - Pirate skull quick drawing video.
10. Drawing fantasy world ideas - Fantasy world ideas brought to life, just have fun with drawing your own fantasy worlds.

Imagination is the key to creating your own fantasy art.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Demon Tattoo Art Iphone Case

Can't you tell that Zazzle has just introduced these iphone cases and I am impressed with the design size available for your art to be printed on as I've managed to nearly fit the whole thing on some of the designs I've uploaded.

This demon art tattoo was one I drew years ago and was simply a shaded drawing with thin ink lines, but I did the Gimp thing again and added to it which made it into a new design almost, so I'm pleased with the way it turned out and I'm on the learning journey with the Gimp art software as there are many other things I can do with this free artists software and I intend to find out.

Drawing a piece of demonic tattoo art was quite fun I'll try to do some more of this quite soon....

Demon Tattoo Art speckcase
Demon Tattoo Art by waynetully
View more iphone designs

Horror Skull Art Keychain In Stock

This bloody horror skull has been in my computer files for months before I ever attempted to color it as I wasn't sure what I'd do with it, but I bit the bullet over the weekend and started to try and color it and really all it needed was a grey color to the skull and a few cartoon filters to darken the ink lines and the obvious matter of filling in the blood with a nice crimson deep red. I used Gimp to color this skull.

Serpent Skull Art Iphone Case Now Available

I did a few new designs over at my Zazzle store which I actually had fun creating and this Serpent Skull art just was absolute fun to draw and color using my software program of choice, Gimp!

The lens flare effect helps to set the whole design off and you can buy this on an iphone case or all the other range of products, even the more popular cheap stickers, buttons and magnets too.

Over the next month or so I would really like to walk through the process of creating a piece of art like I do at Zazzle and show you the screen capture of maybe a drawing I will color, because that might actually be quite cool....Still learning a bit about using Gimp, but you learn something new every day and it's fun to come up with somehing cool and some amazing effects on my drawings as it really does make them look slightly more professional.

Take a look below at the Iphone case with the serpent skull design on it.....

Monday, 15 November 2010

Imagine Create Inspire

Imagination is about thinking, quite possibly too much....

Imagining the possibilities of drawing or creating artwork is one of the most wonderful things about being an artist and you can get caught up in the details of your imagination, ideas come and go, but they should help to spur you on and become an imaginer, one who can constantly become involved in the art of creation with your own art.

Imagining, creation and being inspired are all related to each other and they should exist as a means to help you create and never stop creating. Every so often there may be creative blocks which attempt to stop you on your artistic and daily routines and these can easily be overcome by being busy and enjoying what you do.

Imagination and inspiration are the two that helps funnel your art creation and you should always seek out new ways of bringing out your imagination through inspiration. You can do this many ways, from reading a book, to watching a movie. There are other methods to really get inspired and fire your imagination up, for instance looking at others art can provide a stimulation for your imagination as you can readily imagine how to create something similar or even better.

I suppose the world exists to provide many talented and creative people so that we can get inspired by them and their art in a visual sense, so it makes sense to get involed wherever possible in others art and f that's just as simple as looking at an art book in the library or some artists gallery on the internet, then thats what you do.

Just remember ......Imagine Create Inspire!

Look after your creativity

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Create Art That Sells

Creating art that sells is an attainable goal to reach as artists all over the world all aim for selling their work at some point, but the process of marketing and the actual process of selling really does need some thought put into it before you approach the idea properly of selling your art.

The way that I sell my art is to work out all the possible angles first of who I could sell my art to and then decide on some good promotional ways of doing so to reach that target audience. I sell tattoo work and horror art as my primary art that I sell more often than any other type of artwork, but I have come to realise that over the years it is certainly best to diversify your art and try and create it in different genres and styles to suit many others tastes, this is the first selling point.....

Aiming for global art rather than local

Seems a bit impossible that statement, as really you start off local and hopefully you would want to become global, but to have that end goal right at the front of your mind, then that would be a smart move on your part as you can then plan out in between your local and most popular art styles that you are best at drawing and then in this in between space and time, you can then work on the things that you would want to fill that gap, for instance you may want to improve your portrait drawing or cariacatures which are two very good money makers for artists and this will widen your artistic scope.

A portfolio of art skills is worth far more than a one hit wonder who can only draw one type of one certain thing, you'll make some sales here and there, but to supplement this income you will need a string of other art styles to fall back on that will help you sell your art skills more and become known as an all round artist that can tackle many subjects and have the skills and the portfolio history to prove it.

By the way, the above is a really good message to me, as I draw fantasy stuff, tattoo and horror stuff and comic book stuff, but I know full well that if I tried to draw more styles like drawing manga, drawing portraits and cartoon stuff then I will have more sales and indeed more of a chance at selling more diverse stuff.

Know what your customers want

It's a simple way of thinking, but if you know what your customer wants to buy, then you are on to selling your work quite regular and when you get a bit of experience in this area you will begin to get an eye for what people want based on feedback you get at trade shows if you attend any or on your website or blog which you should have to showcase a collection of your best work.

Knowing where these people gather is also something you must find out. Are they online? or do they hang out anywhere near you? You've got to seek them out as well as them seeking you out because it's a two way thing.

When I do my tattoo work there are many places I can go to seek them out and first it's my local tattoo shops, they may or may not be interested in my art so I go there with some quality flash sheets I've just designed and see if the tattooist will want to buy them or even put them up in his shop with your name and website address on of course (Nought like free advertising!)

Of course I list some tattoos on Ebay and my blogs or websites and also I look at a bit of promotion in the forums that I've been a member of for years and all I do is join in conversations that I genuinely am interested in chatting with other members as spamming the forums is considered a bad move that will get your forum account terminated.

There's always ways of finding out how to sell your art and who to sell it to, it's about getting it out there in as many ways possible.

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Make Money From Your Imaginative Fantasy Art

Subscribe To My Fantasy Art Drawing Video YouTube Channel

If you've seen some of my drawing videos so far on this blog, you might want to subscribe to my youtube channel over there, because I don't always add every video I have on to my blog here, I only post the best possible ones that I can write a bit about.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel below if you want to be inspired to draw some cool stuff of your own....

Saturday, 13 November 2010

How To Draw A Robot Two Part Drawing Video

In this two part drawing video I go through the process of drawing a robot and it's fairly straight forward as it begins with a sketch that progresses further as I go along, just take a look at both videos and try and become inspired by drawing a robot of your very own.

Drawing a robot - First part....

Drawing a robot - Second part....

How To Draw And Create A Treasure Map Part 2 - Inking The Map

Now in part 2 of our drawing video series of drawing a treasure map we take a look at inking our map and really bringing the whole thing together, of course I do mention that you could start naming the places in on your map, but I chose not to at this stage.

I'm using my ever trusty gel ink pen to ink the line work on the map and so, watch the video to see how it turns out.....

Drawing a treasure map here's how the final inked drawing looks!

Treasure map art Copyright Waynetully.com

Friday, 12 November 2010

The Art of Meredith Dillman: Announcing 3 new products

The Art of Meredith Dillman: Announcing 3 new products

I've been interested in others fantasy art and fantasy inspirations for a long time and Meredith Dillman was the first one that I admired and still check in on her blog from time to time,especially when she has new products and art for sale and on display.

Her art is very pofessional looking and something that has been lacking within my own art lately, but I do so want to tackle painting more as it really is a fantastic art medium the way you can push the colours around the paper or canvas.

She has a range of products available featuring her art and there are some wonderful fairy art and cool fantasy art inspirations too, so I urge you to check them out and subscribe to her blog to be notified of any new releases!

The Art of Meredith Dillman: Announcing 3 new products

Thursday, 11 November 2010

How To Draw Lightning Video Post

How to draw lightning is a rather simple drawing video as I wanted to just explaining it with the way I draw and also you can find lightning photos online to draw from, the best lightning is the ones that are coloured quite well and you capture that unique spark of lightning that could be fork lightning or some other intricate form of lightning.

Drawing lightning is all about providing a contrast from the background, so to create a black background and then draw the lightning on might be even better, so draw lightning however you want, just remember that the contrast has to be there for it to look effective.

Watch the lightning drawing video I created here.....

Drawing A Skeleton Hand - A Drawing Video

Drawing a skeletons hand is something of an anatomy insight that if you have been to art college or have studied a book on anatomy, then you'll know all about the main bones of the skeleton and the bones in the hand could be useful if you are trying to draw some skeleton warriors or zombies, so that you are able to draw the underlying frame of the skeleton.

In the video I created below, I started to draw a simple looking skeletons hand based on basic lines to map out the fingers and then build up the bones of the hand from there, remembering to draw in the knuckles where they should fall realistically for the hand.

Watch the video to see how to draw a skeletons hand....

Fantastic Origami Art

I recently saw a blog post ( Well I say recently, it was a few months ago) but was revisiting that blog just this week when I came across it again and I thought I'll link to that as it has two of the most fantastic examples of origami I've ever seen. I'm sure if you're anything like me, you may have seen simple folded paper swans and other animals like a Giraffe or something, but these are really detailed and intricate works of art.

There's one and it has three statues that look awesome and apparently had no cutting, tearing or pasting to create them. The other is an oriental dragon which just looks amazing....Go and take a look at them, because I found them to be stunning examples of Origami Art.

Awesome Origami Art

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

How To Draw And Create A Treasure Map Part 1

Drawing treasure maps used to be my number one hobby as a kid and I loved to draw them often, I think it was The Goonies that made me want to create my own treasure map....Hey you guys!!!!!!!!!

Drawing a treasure map can be fun, because you don't have to draw existing islands or anything as you can just make it all up. What I like to do is draw in areas that could make the search of treasure difficult, like crocodile pits, quicksand, lakes and rivers and any other obstacles. Obviously treasure masp become associated with Pirates, but that doesn't always have to be the case when drawing your own treasure map as you can make it more fantasy based with castles and dragons lairs on the map.

One of the things about creating a treasure map is to try and draw it as detailed as possible, so that you can fit in all the important stuff, but so it all connects to each other and really makes a superbly illustrated treasure map.

Here is the first video of a 4 part video series on creating your very own treasure map....enjoy creating, crafting and drawing some cool stuff!

Check out part 2 of drawing a treasure map here

How To Draw A Skull

A drawing video work through of me drawing two examples of a simple skull design. Follow the video to try and get a grasp on drawing your very own skull art.

I show you a large skull draing in the first half of the video and the skull is facing more forward, so that you can see how I draw it and then the second skull is on a side profile and a much smaller skull, but skulls should be fun to try and draw, so go on try it!

Evil Skulls Greetings Cards

Nice to be back creating a few more designs for my Zazzle store or even showing ones I haven't linked to. This evil skull art drawing was another quickie design that I finished recently and just had to get the word out.

Buy this evil skull greetings card for whoever you like,I'm sure they'll appreciate it....

Commissioned sketches available on request, just drop us a line or comment below.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Zombie Santa Face Design

A zombie Santa claus design I quickly created and it's available on a range of Zazzle gift items.
Merry Christmas everyone....remember to tell Santa what you want for Christmas! and he'll try and deliver.

Zombie Christmas Santa Art shirt
Zombie Christmas Santa Art by waynetully
See more tee shirts designed online at zazzle.com

Horror Movies That Have Inspired My Art

Horror movies are my secret addiction (although not really secret, it just sounds dramatic!) I've always been into horror films of any sort ever since being a young child and my grand parents bless them, used to take us down to the video rental shop and let us buy some nice 18 rated horror movies, me and my brother would like to just peruse the videos and sometimes we would buy a sfae movie like The Goonies or Monster Squad, but more often than not we would rent out a really nasty Horror like Hellraiser or even the very friendly titled movie Child's Play.

I suppose as a child those movies have stuck with me, not affected me in any adverse way or anything, I just like the horror films for the creative creatures and the horror make up that just seems like another world entirely. And as a result of this quite memorable past time I have been able to draw some horror stuff of my own, but there are a handful of movies that I can pin down to say that's them movies that made me draw this stuff!!

First up is The Thing, a John Carpenter movie that was a remake of the 1950's Thing From Another World and this movie at first really scared me as a 7 year old as I never would eat tinned tomatoes again because of watching this film. Some of the alien creature effects at the time seemed very realistic and some of them even stand up still today in a court of law(?) I actually was in awe of this movie as time went on, as I got older I began to sketch stuff that seemed more alien and tentacle like and that really did impact my art in a big way.

Plus on a fear factor the movie did a surprisingly great job of amping up the tension because you didn't know who could be the Thing that tried to mimic one of the Antarctic Scientists. I hear they have done a remake or a prequel which I don't hold out much hope, because the original movie will always have a special place in my mind as the movie that kickstarted my horror artwork progression from the scribblings of a child to the here and now of a 31 year old artist.

Another movie that was really influential in a big way was Hellraiser, it brought darker elements to my young imagination (I was possibly around 9 years old when I saw this movie!) and the very fact of seeing someone just being born and brought back from hell in such a gross way was just amazing and the nasty Cenobite demons were a great inspiration too with their S and M clothes and their twisted prosthetic make up, just made me think of new characters and creatures and I used to sit for hours drawing some cool demons that would have half of their faces stretched or ripped off and again more tentacles flapping all over the place.

The movie was more darker than something like the Thing, because it dealt with elements of Religion and Hell, but still it was a very good movie that also helped to shape my own artistic and creative thought processes, particularly in the genre of horror.

Another horror movie that I think is worth a mention is The Evil Dead as this movie made me laugh, but also was filled with some creative stuff and had a kinetic energy about the film as a whole. Although the second Evil Dead was way funnier whilst the original was scarier if you are scared by these movies, but I've become desensitized to them now, even the most recent movies that attempt to shock you, just don't really.

The whole idea of the dead rising or people getting possessed is just a great creative idea that you can have fun with with your art, as you can have an almost human like body structure but demonic qualities appearing in the design of your creatures which makes it more fun to create this kind of stuff.

The other movie that really inspired me to draw a lot of zombie stuff was Day Of The Dead directed by the legendary George Romero back in the 80's and what set this movie apart from the two movies that cam before (Night Of The Dead and Dawn Of The Dead) was that the zombies looked even better with better make up effects that made the zombies look putrid and rotten and how zombies should look and not with green faces like in Dawn Of The Dead.

This was probably the best zombie movie I remember looking back to my childhood and it got me interested in drawing anatomy and skeletal stuff which did realy come in handy when actually drawing zombie art, because you could draw the underlying bones and rib cages and stuff and really make this art look authentic and something really creative. I look at the recent TV show The Walking Dead as a fine example of a TV show that is just fantastically creative and also a celebration of the previous era of zombie horror movies.

Inspiration comes from many different mediums, but perhaps the movies is the best example of becoming inspired by visual media.

What movies have inspired you?

Monday, 8 November 2010

Drawing Lessons - Wondering What To Draw

When wondering what to draw there always comes a question to challenge and block us from creating anything like What the hell to draw? but like anything there are ways and means to get creative with drawing based on other artists work that you may see.

But really it's about how you approach the task of creating some of your own work that helps you to create some cool looking stuff and quite honestly it does require you to be in that state of mind of wanting something to happen and being creative with your pencil. A busy pencil is a great tool, so get your pencil busy when sketching, create lines and marks that are not only random, but really meaningful in what you are trying to convey.

A blank piece of paper

Every artist starts off with a blank canvas or an empty piece of paper that is just itching for it to be filled with some masterpiec work of art that you feel you want to get down on there and sometimes it can be quite intimidating to see an empty blank sheet of paper as you may feel quite daunted by it, but really there is nothing to fear, watch the video below to see how I tackled this problem it's just a case of starting the sketching and see where it takes you....

Sketches make many ideas possible

A wider range of sketches can bring one or more ideas to the front of your mind and really offset each other in terms of how they could be developed further down the line with new and even more improved sketches. I look at how the first sketch came about and see if I can draw variations of it in different ways, to see if I can stretch it out and create something much better, usually I can it just takes a little bit of time to do so.

If you don't like one way of drawing, then try another, because experimenting with different ways of holding a pencil can produce different results, so don't always feel limited in any way with art.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

How To Draw Scary Skull Eyes Drawing Video

Learn to draw scary skull eyes with this drawing video I created. It assumes you know how to draw the rest of a skulls face, so here the focus is on drawing evil skull eyes rather than happy or anything like that, hence the title of drawing scary skull eyes.

Scary skull eyes can be drawn either dark shadows with just the eye balls sitting in the sockets or you can leave the eyes day and empty looking, because that may look more darker and scarier.

How To Draw A Crater From An Asteroid Or Meteorite

Drawing a crater is really simple and in this drawing video you can see how to draw a direct impact crater, much like the ones on the Moons surface and some actual craters around on our planet. To draw a crater all you have to do is really follow this drawing video to learn how to draw a crater, so watch and enjoy!

How To Draw Captain Hook - Use An Action Figure For Inspiration

Drawing Captain Hook is always a good thing to try and draw and in the following drawing video you can pick up some ideas and a bit of inspiration to draw your very own Captain Hook. I started to draw a Captain Hook pirate based off my sons action figure as it had some good details to draw from, you may want to find a reference photo or something that will help to represent a good figure to draw from for your classic pirate drawing.

Watch the drawing video and see how the Captain Hook figure is sketched up from scratch and how I finish the thing, you can see the final inked version right t the end of the video and if there are any requests for me to show the actual inking stage on my videos, then please do comment below.

Learn to draw pirates

Halloween Drawing: Screaming Skull Art Video

For Halloween I did a quick sketching video with my great art markers the Sharpie and I drew in this video a screaming skull which was probably more demonic in the design with it's spiky teeth.

It's a fairly simple design that you can try and have a go at yourself or draw something completely different if you wanted to. Drawing stuff for Halloween has always interested me and will continue to do so in the future.

Watch the short video on drawing this Halloween demonic inspired screaming skull......

Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Creative Process - A Day In The Life Of Me

The creative process is what you make it really and what might work for one artist and creator may not work for anyone else. The creative process is a personal one, I myself can get so into the creative process that I get hungry afterwards, which sounds quite mad, but I guess it burns up calories. Each persons creative process can be so personal that it is part of their daily routine and it becomes the norm for them.

Creative processes may require a daily ritual, one that has to be done before the art of creating is underway. I have to have a cup of tea and 10 to 15 minutes of calm before the storm of creating stuff, it's my number one rule.

Then I start to sketch some stuff, doesn't matter what at first, as I just want to sketch some ideas no matter how the end results look. An hour or two of sketching will bring up some sketches you can choose to develop later on.

As I sketch down my ideas I write notes as well to get a further insight into my ideas and so that I can remember certain important points about my work. One of the many reasons why ideas can happen is that I set aside time to think and create and that's the most important thing. You never know when inspiration may hit you, so it's best to cover that by having a few notepads handy or sketch pads.

I tend to look at my art creation process as a progressive one and one that will build to a point where I either run out of ideas or I simply find the drawings and ideas that I want to work with in the next phase of the creative process and that is....

Idea Development

This is the way of taking your initial sketches and developing them further by either re-drawing them or expanding on them. I like to take each sketch and re-work it somewhat by using my lightbox or scanning the drawing into my computer with my scanner, you'll find that the computer can add special effects and ways to change the lighting and colors to suit whatever effects you want to achieve with your art.

Sometimes it's best to go in a very different direction with your sketches and take them down a different path with new backgrounds or different positions of figures or faces. It's the ideal time to change anything you want and let the creative mantra loose on your own art.

The creative process demands that you explore many opportunities to express your ideas and try new ways of working all the time.

So how do you get your creative process working for you? What do you do?

Monday, 18 October 2010

How To Draw An Alien Head - Drawing Video

Drawing an Alien has always been a classic, together with drawing a Predator from the movies and so following on from that other drawing video about drawing a Predator head, I thought I would do a drawing of an Alien head to go with it.

Now Aliens have that classic biomechanical design which did lose some of it's design in the later movies, I think James Camerons Aliens were more biomechanical, but some of Gigers imagery was unmistakable in the first Alien movie and you could spot some of his paintings in the movie, recreated as film sets.

The fact that Aliens have no eyes and the smooth surface of the dome of the Aliens head is the most recognizable feature makes it the easiest to draw if yo start off with this part of the Aliens head.

In the following drawing video, you can see a full Alien head being drawn and sketched out from scratch. Of course I did have a reference photo to work from, but over time you might not need one.

Weekly Sketch: Learn To Draw A Maggot Faced Demon

Drawing a maggot faced demon creature is what the following video explores, it is based on an idea from a request I got on my YouTube channel and so I tried to sketch it out and it turned out quite well.

Although I am working on another variation as the request did state that it had to have maggots pouring out of it's eyes....and that to me might be even better!

Watch the drawing video below as I'm working on weekly videos now to replace the wekly sketch section that I haven't done for a while....

Friday, 15 October 2010

How To Draw A Predator

In the following video I drew a Predator face and for once it went quite well and drawing it didn't take long either. When drawing a Predator it is best to know properly how they look with a reference photo of some sort.

When you watch the drawing video below, take note of the beginning sketches and see how they relate to the final drawing, always have an end goal in mind of how your drawing is going to look.

This is only the start of me drawing other well established creature icons, as I really like the Predator face design and when you see the original movie again and again it just brings back those first memories of ever seeing the Predator (I must have been about 7 or 8 years old!)

See how to draw a Predator face.....

Thursday, 7 October 2010

I will draw an original skull drawing with a black sharpie marker for $5.

This is an offer just to test out the fiverr website, but you can get an original skull drawing from me for only $5 and if you like I will customize it to what you want exactly if you wish.

If you want it delievered as a digital file, which would be easier then please click below and I'll sort out a cool skull drawing for you in under 24 hours....

I will draw an original skull drawing with a black sharpie marker for $5.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Drawing Dragons - The Art Of Dragons

Dragons are the popular creatures in fantasy, ask someone to name a creature in the worlds of fantasy and they will more than likely say Dragons!

Drawing dragons is like anything, a step by step process that should be geared around the way you want to draw and not the way another artist set in their own ways drawing the way they do.

Dragons are the beautiful fantastical creatures that are quite graceful with their huge wings and long flowing body and whatever type of dragon it is, because if you are a fantasy fan of the true sense then you'll know that there are different dragon types like fire dragons, ice dragons,mountain dragons etc. The many variations of dragon types should inspire you.

Dragon creatures drawn step by step for the way they look are distinctive in design, this little blog post will go through the process of drawing dragons from my perspective as an artist, who has drawn this stuff for years.

See this Drawing tutorial on how to draw a dragon, it's simplistic, but effective in it's creative approach.

Dragon Art Copyright Wayne Tully.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Artist Spotlight: Frank Miller - Comic Book Artist

An artist spotlight of comic book writer and artist Franks Miller who first became noticed in my eyes with his ground breaking Dark Knight Returns, which fused his art with his classic story telling, but to me now his most prolific work has been Sin City and 300 which have been my favourites for a while now.

Franks art on the surface looks simplistic, compared to todays artists were the details over shadow the story telling at times, but set his art against his many stories you can see the flow of the story and the powerful pages he draws with almost movie like camera angles to his story board like panels.

In Sin City, Frank draws in a style that is darkness and light contrasted against each other and this sets the tone of the whole comic. Although there are slight splashes of color here and there with blood and to emphasize points in the story like in many of his spin off Sin City yarns.

Frank Miller has been writing and drawing comics for years, since the late 70's and so he knows quite a bit about pacing in a story. When he wrote and drew Daredevil back in the 70's he wrote his comic stories in such a gritty way that you delved deeper into the character of Daredevil and you actually enjoyed the comic book series, particularly because Daredevil wasn't exactly Marvels best comic book title.

His use of camera angles in his art are the most intersting as he can create some of the most elaborate comic page panels around, look at the following page panel of art as he uses perspective to convey the characters situation of confinement in a prison cell....

Frank Millers art can be detailed when he wants it to be and his art style is very recognizable as his own and that's to be celebrated as he really is a marvel of the comic book medium, sure I'm a fan of his art, his storytelling and even his movie directing isn't bad either (I suppose it's similar mediums comics and movies!)

One of the things that sets Millers style apart from most other artists is that it can suit any genre, science fiction, fantasy, superheroes and anything else besides. In The Dark Knight Returns he created a future world of Gotham featuring a weary Batman and that world was his vision and it's been celebrated ever since, because of it's raw storytelling and his art that helped shape and move the story along.

Frank Millers work is fantastic to look at and if you have the collected stories of Sin City, to thumb through them books is to peer into a world that is crystal clear, a gritty city of crime and murder and a well drawn work of art.

Artwork Copyright Frank Miller 2010.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Drawing Monster Faces In Circles - Circle Designs

A recent video of mine I did a drawing of a monster face in a circle drawn with a compass, just something to pass the time and also to do for yourself, drawing within circles can be useful for many artists and designers as it helps you become spacially aware of how much space you have to draw your design within the confines of a small circle. Because you won't have the full paper space on an A4 or A3 sheet of paper, you are limited in what you could draw, but nevertheless, you could draw something quite cool.

In the following video, I draw a monster face within a circle and it's pretty much how I approach the art of drawing Halloween pumpkins which I do refine the circle image somewhat to resemle a pumpkin. The monster can be more or less what you want it however and I have stayed within the confines of the circle, but there's nothing stopping you to venture out of the circle and build on your chosen design.

Have fun drawing some circle designs of your own and watch the video below....

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Horror Skull Demon Art Time Lapse Video

I'd always wanted to do a time lapse video of me drawing and coloring something in and so with this horror skull demon art that I drew whilst I had the Flip camera rolling I thought I would implement the time lapse on this video to see how it looks and it looks great.

I might try and add sound next time or maybe some cool effects or something, I don't know yet, just watch the video to see me draw a horror demon skull in 1 minute and 12 seconds.....

Monday, 27 September 2010

Gargoyle Art Ideas And Pencil Sketches

Gargoyles are great to draw I've found out quite recently, as I have just started drawing them last year and a bit this year and on my Fantasy art video channel on YouTube I have created 3 videos so far experimenting with drawing a Gargoyle. Each Gargoyle has it's own look and design and the designs have something in common with an almost stone like texture to the drawings.

I have an upcoming Gargoyle drawing tutorial and in that you will find a fusion of these Gargoyle drawings.

Look at the drawing videos and be inspired to draw your own Gargoyle.

I've always remembered Gargoyles from that movie Gremlins 2 where the winged Gremlin gets covered in concrete and then flies on top of a building and dries rock solid, classic.

Draw yourself a Gargoyle.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Make Money From Creating Fantasy Art

Making money from creating fantasy art is easier said than done. It takes a creative individual to create some good fantasy art, whether that is a painting or a drawing or a special fantasy comic book or graphic novel. Fantasy art is a highly popular artistic medium that has been around for a long while, over a couple of hundred years I suppose and there have been many artists over those years creating some stunning pieces of work to inspire.

Typically creating some worlds and scenes in a drawing or painting takes some good solid draft work, but it is achievable with having a self belief in your own art and believing it can sell, if you can match the quality of other fantasy artists you admire, then sure selling your own art would be fantastic. Making money with your fantasy art can be done in other ways, with selling wallpapers or screen savers online, these are the screens that can appear when you leave your computer ideal for a certain amount of time. Wallpapers are photos or illustrations that display on a persons computer desk top and this is the first image they would see when they switch on their computer.

Clip art would be the next one, as clip art has advanced over the years from the early pixellated versions of Microsoft Paint clip art as many are created now with Photoshop or some advanced art software like Gimp, they really make things much simpler in the design and certainly more smoother, although they do take time to learn, but they are very worth it.

If you have some reasonable talent in the style that you draw and create your own art, then you could consider selling courses and tutorials which others would benefit from, maybe students or artists who are just interested in the art style that you draw and even the stuff that you draw. You could start off with basic drawing tutorials that get advanced at a later stage or you could show people how to draw specific things, like tattoo art, comic book art, portraits etc. There are endless possibilities!

Whenever you may hear online about making money, you might find that most stuff online is just for these site owners to make money and they present money making products that sound good and that they may work to some degree, but not overnight or within a week like the products sales copy suggests. So with this in mind, you need to be making your own corner of the business world, creating your own line of products that you will use as evidence that you are serious about this as a viable business.

But among the obvious ways to make money with your art, there are others that require a certan amount of pushyness that will help to get your foot in a few industries, like games development and other Illustration based concept environments. An art portfolio is needed to show your best fantasy artwork and present it in a way that will show your capabilities as a fantasy artist/illustrator, bear in mind that the creative industries are very competitive, so you have to think of ideas to stick out of the crowd and either get employment in creating art or making money with your art directly.

Next time when you begin drawing, have a little think about the possibilities of marketing your artwork, who would buy it? think, what would your art best suit?, what genres? and what styles?

Always think ahead of your artistic creations and try and categorize them into manageable earning entities that create many strands of income on their own.

Go on, make money with your fantasy art!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Can You Learn To Be An Artist?

This is a question that you might ask if youve never drawn before or created pieces of artwork yourself. to the amateur artist, you might wonder can you learn to be an artist, but somethings go beyond basic talent and sometimes a need for learning to draw or a need to express your creative side may not require talent, just commitment to figure out the many problems to solve by actually getting on with drawing a load of stuff, whether that's life drawing or imaginative art.

A sense of knowing about a particular topic is what is required, but I always think that the deeper you get into learning how to draw, the better your artistic skills will become regardless of any specific talent in art.

I suppose my interest in art started from learning how to draw stuff, anything and then I just got interested in the imaginative side of art like fantasy art and it all snowballed from there. Art is what you make it and being interested in a certain subject area really helps you focus all of your creative energies. The idea that drawing is something you can learn is very true, but you do have to stick with it and be experimental in your approach to making marks on paper. Draw with pencils, but also learn to draw and make marks with paint brushes, art markers and other art mediums like paints and spray paint. Art makes you feel free in a way, because you can set a piece of work to order in a specific way and be organized with it or you can just let your imagination run free.

Learning to be an artist is certainly a good idea, whether that's being a self taught artist like me or a trained artist who went to college and university for a good few years, it doesn't matter, so long as the interest in art can sustain your enjoyment and a certain degree of career satisfaction then why not.

Beginning your learning journey with art should always begin with the basics, the very foundations of art, such as figure drawing, life drawing, objects of interest and then your art can become a transcended amalgamated form that becomes your passion, the reason why you like drawing and want to continue to draw.

The reasons why I draw is because it's relaxing letting your mind wander, seeing the sights of your imagination and not letting others thoughts and images influence a bad creative mental block. Others art should influence you in a positive way and should be all that you can see and touch and feel. The art that's all around us can truly be one of the most magnificent things to look at on a daily basis, it can shape and mould our creative minds and help us in times of creative need, the mind needs feeding a lot and different artists work can bring about a change in thought processes to unchain negative doubts and reaffirm your artistic confidence.

So, in answer to the question, if I haven't veered off topic slightly, is that you can learn to be an artist, but there is more to be learnt from actually being an artist if that makes sense, the more you draw, the more adept you get at problem solving, whether that's drawing realistic figures or drawing your art in a way that has a feel of realism, but keeps to your own art style well and therefore doesn't detract or deviate from one subject matter to another.

Drawing should be fun and really, just draw what interests you.

See how to identify your artistic strengths from artist Miranda Aschenbrenner

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

My Temporary Art Studio

Currently I have set up a work studio for my art downstairs and it is for a very good reason, we are due to move house soon and everything and the kitchen sink has to be stored in my old computer room where I did have my professional drawing board all set up to draw some stuff.

My laptop is next to my lightbox for drawing and my other artists pens and bits and pieces are scattered untidily for a change and it's been like this for over a year now as we aren't sure when we are going to move (And still aren't)

The idea is to move house and get a better art studio space sorted, because this kind of space is open to all distractions, such as the kids and the TV or the computer games as my son seems to play the sound real loud as he claims he can't hear it....

So if you ever see that I haven't updated my blog in a few days, then it is a good bet that this current arrangement has distracted me somehow....

Look at the video below, to see my dire art space studio temporary as it is now!......

Monday, 13 September 2010

How To Draw A Fairy - Fairy Drawing

Fairy drawing is something that I'm not used to and through this second post I feel I'm slowly getting there to draw a fairy, because you may remember my half arsed approach last time here - Drawing Fairies and now you can compare that one to this effort and there is slight improvements.

Although I did feel that the arms appeared too large and the feet, but it's an inspirational look at drawing a fairy and maybe the next time it will be much better, so without further self criticism, here is how to draw a fairy....

The first steps of any drawing has to be about a figure sketch that doesn't say a lot, as it needs to describe the shape of the fairies figure, but not reveal everything straight away, a simple way of doing this is to break down the figure into simple shapes, much like I've done before in my other drawing tutorials.

You can see below, that the fairy could be almost anything, but at least you know it will eventually become a fairy.

Fairy Sketch Step 1....
The next stage of our fairy drawing I suppose would be to bring out the figure more and refine it into something more tangible as a fairy figure form, also we can add some of the rough details like sketching in the dress and a few lines for the hair and basic features which will change in the next drawing stage.

Sometimes it might be worth trying to trace using a lightbox to see if you can capture the general figure and practice a few other figure positions at this drawing stage before it becomes final.

Drawing a fairy Step 2.....

One of the interesting aspects of this fairy drawing is that it's largely better than other fairies I've drawn, so it really does help to keep on practicing at every chance that you get because you do get better, maybe it's not noticeable until you compare your drawings, but art does improve over time, I assure you!

The third sketch is the best as we can throw out most of the rough pencil lines now and dispense with them as we have a good idea where we are going now or at least you should. Notice the curls on the fairies hair and more detail and refined design elements come into play now, this is when you know that your fairy drawing is going to be better than you thought.

Fairy drawing Step 3....

The final stage of the fairy drawing for me was about adding those finishing touches, such as eyes and more subtle details on the fairies dress with the flowers, although still not entirely happy with the fairies legs and arms, it still is an idea, a germ of inspiration for your own fairy drawings.

I inked the last fairy sketch with a fine line gel ink pen, which is always nice to ink with as the ink flows better and doesn't clog up when you are adding ink to your drawings, Biros are a good example of a pen that clogs, although I sketch often with a black biro I never use them for inking anymore.

When drawing your own fairies, try and get inspiration from fashion magazines, as this is what I will do for the next fairy drawing tutorial, as each tutorial passes I want to surpass the last one. And the possibilities of drawing a fairy that looks like a fashion model is very exciting to try and work out, it's a challenge, so watch this space....

Final inked fairy drawing Step 4....

Fairy Art Copyright © waynetully.com

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Crayola Crayon Halloween Pumpkin Color Demonstration Video

Search Amazon.com for CrayolaBeen busy creating some YouTube videos lately (Can't you tell?!!) and in this one I have colored a Halloween pumpkin with those trusty and most classic Crayola crayons which I've used ever since I was a little devil back at nursery drawing on the nursery walls (Naughty me!!)

The Crayola crayons are wax crayons and so they do need you to get past the fact that wax sometimes leaves crumbs of wax crayon on the drawing and this can be frustrating for some, but it is a workable medium as you can easily shake the bits off yor drawing or even get a small scalpel and scrape them off.

In the following video I color a Halloween pumpkin drawing I did for this Halloween and you can see how to draw a halloween pumpkin here.

Watch the video to see the Crayola Crayons in action....

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Crayola Supertips Flaming Skull Color Demonstration Video

When it comes to coloring in with any art marker, it is a really good idea to do a quick almost sketchy color guide first and this YouTube video that I created simply shows you how to apply color in a few shades in a fast sketchy way without me saying a word.

The drawing was a skull with fire at the back of the skull design and so all I had to do was quickly color in with my Crayola Supertip markers with 4 markers red, orange, yellow and pink.

Watch the video and see how easy it is to lay down color with some supertip art markers from Crayola.....

Drawing Manga Book Video Review

I recently did a quick video flicking through a great Manga drawing book that I bought awhile ago and it is full of great drawing tutorials which you can see the tutorial examples as I run through the Manga art book.

The monster book of manga is a really good book that I think you really should take a look at if you are into learning how to draw Manga and there are loads of Manga characters and creatures to draw within the book.

What I say in the video is that the drawing tutorials are really focused and created in such a format that it makes it easy to follow every step of the way drawing these popular Manga characters and creatures. So there is no pages of art with no direction or fluff, just to get you to buy the book with over 366 pages, this book really is a monster book of manga!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

How To Draw A Werewolf - Fantasy Drawing Tutorial

How to draw a werewolf, This is a drawing tutorial that shows you how to draw a wolfman. Werewolves are classic creatures to draw as they always look good when you try and draw them like the classic 1950's wolfman and to draw them with a canine element that's mixed with a human one is better for the werewolf to shine.

The beginning sketches are really basic, but they are needed to find your way with the werewolf drawing itself. Here below is the first drawing and it is the usual way of laying out simple figures that I have become used to, so study how the muscles and the form of each figure that you draw relates to each other and work it all out on the paper.

The second sketch is trying to examine where you go from the first sketch, it is about building up the wolfman's body structure and refining everything along the way. Muscles are worked out more here in this step and we lose much of the circular muscle shapes I used to start off the basic figure drawing.

The third step in the werewolf drawing process is to see the figure develop further and also starting to create more hair for the werewolf to look authentic, especially the head we can see the wolfman looking more realistic as a fantasy wolfman. Also note that in the background I've started to add a few mountains and a few clouds, in the inking stage I will draw a full moon to set off the wolfman drawing more.

The werewolf is looking more and more wolfman like now with it's ripped clothes, so try and aim for something along these lines.....

The last step of drawing a werewolf, I have decided to ink the complete pencil drawing with more added detail and the drawing looks more realised now with the fine line art work added in an almost comic book style.

Drawing a werewolf is a classic movie monster and look for more drawing tutorials from me soon featuring other classic movie creatures to draw.

See how to draw classic monsters....

Scream: Draw Classic Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Monsters and More

Saturday, 4 September 2010

How To Draw A Minotaurs Head

Draw a minotaurs head in this easy to follow video that makes it easier for you to sketch your own Minotaur as a scary looking fantasy Minotaur. Watch this drawing video on drawing a detailed Minotaur head.

Friday, 3 September 2010

How To Draw A Pirate

Drawing a pirate is fun and my son said to me"Dad can you draw me a pirate? and so I said "ok!" and here we are, a Pirate drawing tutorial with inspirational steps to follow to learn how to draw a pirate. Let's draw a pirate!

Pirates have the best costumes, at least that's what I used to think as a kid, dressing up in a pirate hat and big red over coat, but Pirates can look quite like horrible criminals with scars on their faces and dirty clothes.

At first in my sketches I was going to draw Captain Hook, but decided to do a different pirate instead. Pirates are best drawn with a cutlass I think, so that's what I concentrated on.

In the first sketch below I focused on the figure, the basic layout that makes up any drawing and to get this right is the best thing to do....

Notice that the muscles have been drawn quite large and more dfined, because I wanted this pirate to be a brute and something of a hard pirate who liked to fight, give your pirates character by defining their figure shape early on.

The second pirate sketch dealt with refining that figure form a lot better and really loosing a lot of the circular shapes I'd used to build up the basic figure drawing of our pirate. You can see some of the prate qualities coming through in the following design sketch with the bandana becoming quite noticeable.

This step is as important as the last as you are moving away from a pre-sketch sketch to a more built up version which gets better every time or at least it should, try practicing if you make a mistake, you learn from your mistakes.

The third sketch really starts to bring the pirate drawing together now, as more of the muscles are defined and some of the pirates clothing is worked out much better. Also we can see the face with the nasty pirates features with a grim and gritty look like he's going to kill someone to get some treasure.

The fourth and final drawing sees the pencil lines becoming more darker now and some of the details are ironed out a bit more, take a look below.....

And there we have it, a pirate, try drawing this pirate yourself or make up your own inspired by it. Drawing pirates is fun!

Also see how to draw Captain Hook on video

Or you could buy this book below to get a comprehensive guide on drawing pirates....

Drawing With A Lightbox

Drawing with a lightbox is great for drawing certain designs that you either want drawing right or you want to trace elements of one drawing to another and it's also a good artists tool for drawing animations also.

But I'm not an animator I'm more of an artist and that's what I use the artists lightbox for and here is how I draw with a lightbox....

I get one drawing that I've done and I decide whether that drawing is good, but then maybe I want to do a variation on it so that I could say take the head of something and then draw a completly different portion of the drawing by tracing the head part that I want to keep, but then I start to sketch below where I want a different drawing to occur.

In the following video I show you my light box and in it I'm drawing a halloween pumpkin and tracing over the top and this is only a first look at what you can use a lightbox for in your drawing.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Demon Tattoo Art Quick Look Video

I did a quick video snap shot of two demon tattoo art pieces a few months ago on my YouTube channle and I thought I would spotlight them here too as I do want to lead into a new drawing tutorial soon about drawing some demon tattoos (Would this be a great idea?) and so in the following video I go through these two demon tattoos which are quite large in fact and they was drawn a few years ago.

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Monday, 30 August 2010

Crayola Art Products

Crayola is a fantastic company that has been around for donkeys years and the art products are still as popular now as they were yester year and to celebrate that fact I am going to be spot lighting a few of the best Crayola Art Products out there today that I use off and on to create some of my fantasy artwork.

Crayola is best known for it's range of art products that are aimed at young kids to explore art, but even older kids and adults can still use the Crayola art range to create some fantastically creative art. The Crayola colored pencils are widely the most popular and best selling Crayola pencils as they are classic and easy to scribble, blend and draw as well as color with.

I use the color pencils from Crayola a lot to blend and color in some of my comic book character drawings to give them a color scheme, so that I can reference the character later on and have the drawings in the colors I selected for them.

Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola 64 Ct Short Colored Pencils Kids Choice Colors

Also Crayola Color has gone into other art products such as Washable markers which come in a wide range of broad art markers to super tip felt tips which are just great for coloring in large and small areas and the washable feature of these markers are excellent as most clothes and surfaces are washable if you get these markers drawn on you for what ever reason, some kids will be kids, especially nursery and young school kids.

As I've previously bought a lot of the Crayola art products over the years there is a lot of the pencils and markers which have different features, such as twistable color pencils and erasable color pencils and watercolor pencils, so the range is still fantastic and quite cheap too.

Washable art markers....

Crayola 8 Ct Washable Classic Broad Markers

Crayola Crayons could be the first ever art product from Crayola that you are introduced to and I know I was when I was at primary school as they are great for young kids to draw with those wax like crayons and I've bought my two kids lots of Crayola Crayons over the years and even myself too, cheeky me!

The crayons are ace for laying down lots of color, although they do waste away quite quickly, they are very cheap and that's why I like them.

Crayola Crayons....

Crayola 24 Ct Crayons

Crayola have many other art products and some are better than others, but go with the standard classics as they are the best in quality, Crayons, pencils, felt tip markers, coloring pads and activity kits are among the best as tested by my two kids over the years.

On the whole though I'd recommend mot of the Crayola art products that they have on offer....

Sunday, 29 August 2010

How To Draw A Dragon

Drawing a dragon, those classic fantasy beasts that have wings and are usually an icon of fantasy art. This is a drawing tutorial which will look at the very many aspects of drawing a dragon and as such the first attempt is the best case scenario as I draw a Dragon and then try and do some extra blog posts around drawing different elements of a dragon creature.

As you may know, a Dragon can look very different as there are many dragons that have been created by many fantasy artists and one thing I always get drawn to creating is dragons with a personality. This drawing process is great, because you can learn to draw fire dragons, ice dragons, cave dragons and lots more and that's what we will do eventually as time goes on, I would like to do a full series on drawing some Dragons.

But for now, here is a Dragon drawing tutorial from the heart as I love these imaginary creatures, not too sure if they actually existed or that they got confused with dinosaurs, but they sure are cool to draw.

Side note: I've had a few emails about breaking my drawing tutorials into more precise parts and this is something that I will start to apply to my drawing tutorials over time and particular with my drawing videos on YouTube. Look for more detailed tutorials soon.

The first sketching step of your dragon drawing is to just begin....

The beginning step should mark out the important shape of the head and the two legs at the front as well as the wing shoulder and the larger circles represent the leg joints and the small one is the wing shoulder, try to lay them out roughly at first as the legs could change position later depending on how you draw your dragon.

If you draw them like I have, then you can assume that the body will be drawn around the arms and legs and the wings, so try and give yourself enough space to do so.

Dragon Beginning Sketch

The Second dragon sketch focuses on the body....

The body of the dragon must be drawn in now making sure to include your arm and leg and wing reference points and also to connect the head to the neck and body. The curve on the dragons tail is done with a view to draw in a tail end design of some sort later on.

The body shape of the dragon is long and when you come to draw the legs you'll see it all should balance out quite nicely, just remember that the back leg is slightly bigger to support the dragons weight more and this is shown with the larger leg joint than the front arm.

Dragon body sketching....

The third stage of drawing sees the dragons whole body being worked out and that's not a Dragon going to the gym or anything, it's the final sketch stage that sees the whole figure decided upon, complete with the wings and the arms and legs and one thing that I have not decided to do is to draw the other set of legs at the other side because there is a good reason for that, as I am working on a separate blog post that will deal with the problem of drawing legs and arms behind the body as this has been mentioned quite a few times to me by email.

So look for that post soon to see the complete dragon...

Dragon Drawing sketching complete...

The fourth stage of drawing our dragon is the inking stage that I so into doing on most of my drawings as I feel it gives your drawing a permanent and solid look of line work, a few details can be added at this stage and that's what I do with the head in particular with the eyes and the horned fin like spines as well as a few muscle lines along the way.
As I said before the dragon isn't finished yet as I want to address the problem of drawing legs behind the front legs which deals with foreshortening and some slight perspective, so watch out for that.

Dragon drawing inked....

Try some of these - Dragon Drawing Books for more dedicated help on drawing different dragons.

Also see the 3 part drawing video tutorial below for an alternative idea on drawing a Dragon idea.