Friday, 30 September 2011

How To Draw A Mummy

Drawing an Egyptian Mummy should start off with a rough sketch first to see that all the figure works and everything looks well placed on the Mummy figure such as bandages and the anatomy of the Mummy creature. I used a 5B pencil just so that the drawing would show up on video and it is a nice soft pencil that can be used for darkening the pencil lines and adding shading to the art. Watch the video below to see how you could draw an Egyptian Mummy and see for yourself if you could become inspired by the process of drawing icons of horror like this Mummy.

Update 28/01/2016 (forgot to add the other video) In the next drawing video I ink the Mummy creature drawing with a really super cheap gel ink pen, which was what I seemed to use a lot back then in 2011 ish. 

Also see this mummy drawing I did as a commission for a client recently. - The Mummy Lives horror commission

Sunday, 25 September 2011

How To Color A Goat Demon With Crayola Supertip Pens [Watch The Drawing Video!]

Coloring a Demonic Goat creature with budget busting Crayola Supertip art marker pens, this is what is explored within this final video of the three part fantasy drawing series on drawing an imaginary but quite scary Demonic Goat Demon brusting out of a hellfire pentagram. The idea was simple, which was a request from a Youtube subscriber who gave us the brilliant idea which helped to challenge my art skills and bring you this inspired video series. The color is laid down quite sketchily and you can do this if you want to color in as a quick guide to something else like a full on digital color artwork through Photoshop. Watch the video to see how I colored this Demon Creature in and get inspired if possible and draw your very own Demonic Goat monster creature.

How To Ink A Demonic Goat [Watch The Drawing Video!!]

After drawing the Goat Demon in our last blog post, the next logical step is to ink it with an ink pen or two and try to add depth to the Demon creature with ink lines that add value to the drawing as a whole. So when drawing over the pencil lines you can improve on the original drawing by varying the line weights which will change the mass of the Demonic Creature in a very subtle way and with a darker ink line you can create a nice professional touch to your finished art.

Of course, you can't just rest's the color stage next and we are using Crayola Supertip pens in that video....