Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Drawing And Inking Zombie Jesus Face

Just thought I'd have fun with the concept of drawing Zombie Jesus again, but this time with a more detailed head of the Zombie and then ink the drawing. A coloring tutorial video will follow eventually. The idea with this drawing series was to just draw Jesus as he would look if he really did rise from the dead.

Drawing Zombie Jesus - I sketched this Zombie face design with a mechanical HB pencil and enjoyed drawing this rotten looking face and of course people will complain as it's supposed to be the Son of God or something equally mundane, so that't why I jazzed it up slightly by making the drawing a Zombie of Jesus.

Inking the Zombie Jesus face drawing - Inking this highly detailed face of a Zombie I really had fun going over board with the details from the initial pencil sketch above.

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How To Draw A Castle Landscape

Drawing a castle landscape is always a fun thing to draw and as always I like to draw Castles that are at the end of a long winding path that seems to have been carved out and is looking rather like it will just fall down and leave you stranded there at the Castle. In the nearly 25 minute long video below I tried to convey some drawing tips and insights into my own personal drawing process which may not of course be the same as your own approach, but I hope you found this art video useful in some way.

Drawing something like this is always in the sketching process and actually thinking about the composition of your drawing and what the main area of focus will be. So watch the drawing video below and get some ideas for drawing your own Castle landscapes. (Future videos I will release that will tie in with this one are all about drawing in perspective, so look for them soon!)

Acrylic Painting A Fantasy Tree Idea

I thought that this was a great idea inspired by another YouTuber at ThadTaylorArt and really I wanted to explore Acrylic paint anyway and so this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I added a glaze mix of Green and Yellow Ochre for the background and then I painted the tree image on top of that when roughly dry but not quite as I was in experimental painting mode and this was just for fun and it really inspired me the way you layer paint on to the papers surface or any type of surface for that matter.

I tried to work in a face on the tree like it was possessed by some ancient demon spirit or something and also to try and paint in some highlights which reflect the background color too. There will be more painting videos by me as I have found another medium I enjoy!

Watch the video and have a go yourself!