Sunday, 31 October 2010

How To Draw Scary Skull Eyes Drawing Video

Learn to draw scary skull eyes with this drawing video I created. It assumes you know how to draw the rest of a skulls face, so here the focus is on drawing evil skull eyes rather than happy or anything like that, hence the title of drawing scary skull eyes.

Scary skull eyes can be drawn either dark shadows with just the eye balls sitting in the sockets or you can leave the eyes day and empty looking, because that may look more darker and scarier.

How To Draw A Crater From An Asteroid Or Meteorite

Drawing a crater is really simple and in this drawing video you can see how to draw a direct impact crater, much like the ones on the Moons surface and some actual craters around on our planet. To draw a crater all you have to do is really follow this drawing video to learn how to draw a crater, so watch and enjoy!

How To Draw Captain Hook - Use An Action Figure For Inspiration

Drawing Captain Hook is always a good thing to try and draw and in the following drawing video you can pick up some ideas and a bit of inspiration to draw your very own Captain Hook. I started to draw a Captain Hook pirate based off my sons action figure as it had some good details to draw from, you may want to find a reference photo or something that will help to represent a good figure to draw from for your classic pirate drawing.

Watch the drawing video and see how the Captain Hook figure is sketched up from scratch and how I finish the thing, you can see the final inked version right t the end of the video and if there are any requests for me to show the actual inking stage on my videos, then please do comment below.

Learn to draw pirates

Halloween Drawing: Screaming Skull Art Video

For Halloween I did a quick sketching video with my great art markers the Sharpie and I drew in this video a screaming skull which was probably more demonic in the design with it's spiky teeth.

It's a fairly simple design that you can try and have a go at yourself or draw something completely different if you wanted to. Drawing stuff for Halloween has always interested me and will continue to do so in the future.

Watch the short video on drawing this Halloween demonic inspired screaming skull......