Thursday, 7 October 2010

I will draw an original skull drawing with a black sharpie marker for $5.

This is an offer just to test out the fiverr website, but you can get an original skull drawing from me for only $5 and if you like I will customize it to what you want exactly if you wish.

If you want it delievered as a digital file, which would be easier then please click below and I'll sort out a cool skull drawing for you in under 24 hours....

I will draw an original skull drawing with a black sharpie marker for $5.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Drawing Dragons - The Art Of Dragons

Dragons are the popular creatures in fantasy, ask someone to name a creature in the worlds of fantasy and they will more than likely say Dragons!

Drawing dragons is like anything, a step by step process that should be geared around the way you want to draw and not the way another artist set in their own ways drawing the way they do.

Dragons are the beautiful fantastical creatures that are quite graceful with their huge wings and long flowing body and whatever type of dragon it is, because if you are a fantasy fan of the true sense then you'll know that there are different dragon types like fire dragons, ice dragons,mountain dragons etc. The many variations of dragon types should inspire you.

Dragon creatures drawn step by step for the way they look are distinctive in design, this little blog post will go through the process of drawing dragons from my perspective as an artist, who has drawn this stuff for years.

See this Drawing tutorial on how to draw a dragon, it's simplistic, but effective in it's creative approach.

Dragon Art Copyright Wayne Tully.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Artist Spotlight: Frank Miller - Comic Book Artist

An artist spotlight of comic book writer and artist Franks Miller who first became noticed in my eyes with his ground breaking Dark Knight Returns, which fused his art with his classic story telling, but to me now his most prolific work has been Sin City and 300 which have been my favourites for a while now.

Franks art on the surface looks simplistic, compared to todays artists were the details over shadow the story telling at times, but set his art against his many stories you can see the flow of the story and the powerful pages he draws with almost movie like camera angles to his story board like panels.

In Sin City, Frank draws in a style that is darkness and light contrasted against each other and this sets the tone of the whole comic. Although there are slight splashes of color here and there with blood and to emphasize points in the story like in many of his spin off Sin City yarns.

Frank Miller has been writing and drawing comics for years, since the late 70's and so he knows quite a bit about pacing in a story. When he wrote and drew Daredevil back in the 70's he wrote his comic stories in such a gritty way that you delved deeper into the character of Daredevil and you actually enjoyed the comic book series, particularly because Daredevil wasn't exactly Marvels best comic book title.

His use of camera angles in his art are the most intersting as he can create some of the most elaborate comic page panels around, look at the following page panel of art as he uses perspective to convey the characters situation of confinement in a prison cell....

Frank Millers art can be detailed when he wants it to be and his art style is very recognizable as his own and that's to be celebrated as he really is a marvel of the comic book medium, sure I'm a fan of his art, his storytelling and even his movie directing isn't bad either (I suppose it's similar mediums comics and movies!)

One of the things that sets Millers style apart from most other artists is that it can suit any genre, science fiction, fantasy, superheroes and anything else besides. In The Dark Knight Returns he created a future world of Gotham featuring a weary Batman and that world was his vision and it's been celebrated ever since, because of it's raw storytelling and his art that helped shape and move the story along.

Frank Millers work is fantastic to look at and if you have the collected stories of Sin City, to thumb through them books is to peer into a world that is crystal clear, a gritty city of crime and murder and a well drawn work of art.

Artwork Copyright Frank Miller 2010.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Drawing Monster Faces In Circles - Circle Designs

A recent video of mine I did a drawing of a monster face in a circle drawn with a compass, just something to pass the time and also to do for yourself, drawing within circles can be useful for many artists and designers as it helps you become spacially aware of how much space you have to draw your design within the confines of a small circle. Because you won't have the full paper space on an A4 or A3 sheet of paper, you are limited in what you could draw, but nevertheless, you could draw something quite cool.

In the following video, I draw a monster face within a circle and it's pretty much how I approach the art of drawing Halloween pumpkins which I do refine the circle image somewhat to resemle a pumpkin. The monster can be more or less what you want it however and I have stayed within the confines of the circle, but there's nothing stopping you to venture out of the circle and build on your chosen design.

Have fun drawing some circle designs of your own and watch the video below....