Recommended Art Books

Books about fantasy art drawing and art in general and the recommended books that I personally would read and already own about drawing all sorts of different things, if you want to skip straight to Amazon, then visit here - Art Drawing Books.

General art/drawing books

  • Art Drawing Books - A Collection of drawing books that would be useful in drawing many things.
  • Anatomy: A Step By Step Guide - This book is ideal for the beginner, as it goes through the basics of skeletal structure and applying muscle mass to your figures and helps you draw as good as perfect anatomy.
  • Drawing Dynamic Figures In Motion - This book is an ideal compliment to the above book as it goes into in depth detail about drawing dynamic figures, which is very useful if you want to draw comic books or perfect your figure drawing technique.
  • How To Draw And Sell Comic Strips - One of the first drawing instructional books I bought and it still provides me with guidance to draw comic books, with expert knowledge on different ways to create your very own comic book pages.
  • Fundementals Of Drawing Still Life - A look at drawing the basics of still life and how you can use this drawing of actual life objects to further your art style and techniques. A good book!
  • Draw Like Da Vinci By Susan White - A study of Leonardo Da Vinci's art and sketching, a wonderful look at some of Da Vinci's sketching style.
  • Celtic Art Methods Of Construction - This was reviewed by Robert Sloan who is a great artist in his own right, I own this book too, but Robert did a better job of reviewing this book, so I thought I would link to his book review, in the book you will learn how to draw celtic knotwork and some funky celtic designs.

Draw Fantasy Art Books

Inspirational Fantasy Art Gallery Books

  • Hard Curves The Fantasy Art Of Julie Bell - Julie Bell is the wife of popular fantasy artist veteran Boris Vallejo and she is a fantastic artist in her own right, see a collection of her work within this book, I reviewed it.
  • Boris Vallejo: Fantasy Art Techniques - A misleading title for a book that just serves as a gallery for the artist, oh well, there's tiny snippets of technique, but not a lot, good book though.
  • The Fantasy Art Illustrators Technique Book - This one is great as it has everything and like many books lots of inspiration in drawing fantasy art creatures and characters as well as setting the scene for fantasy worlds too, I do recommend this book!
  • Fantasy Art Of The New Millenium - A look at many professional fantasy artists and their work, from Alan Lee to Brom and John Howe To Don Maitz. a truly inspiring book that is over 10 years old, but still a great book nonetheless.
  • Forging Dragons By John Howe - All about dragons and the inspirations on how to create dragons by legendary fantasy artist John Howe, this is more of a gallery of his work, but it is very inspiring to see his pencil sketches of wyrms and dragons.
Draw Manga Books

  • Monster Book Of Manga - Draw More Manga - Massive book with lots of drawing tutorials of different things to draw in the Manga style, There are a few of these books from Ikari Studios and they are presented well, with no fluff, just focused drawing tutorials to learn to draw characters and creatures in the manga style.