Sunday, 22 May 2011

Learn To Draw A Wizard's Wand

When drawing a wizards wand a basic twig or tree branch is the ideal reference for drawing a wand and that's what I've incorporated into the following art video. Drawing a wand should be easy what with wands being around because of the Harry Potter movies.

The drawing video attempts to show you through the art of drawing demonstration how to draw wands, a couple of examples are provided.

Watch the video....

How To Draw A Grim Reaper Drawing Video

Drawing a grim reaper can be tricky but with this video on your side it could give you some much needed inspiration to either draw it better than I did or simply have a go. This was a long video for what you see as the end result the finished pencil drawing of the Grim Reaper. All you need to know is that drawing a reaper is about drawing the popular image of death and that's it and drawing a scythe and a skull like head and the full figure is wearing a long dark robe and that's it.

Within this drawing video you will see how to draw a grim reaper from scratch which is just as important when trying to build up any sketch or drawing, the key idea is that roughly sketching can help you to determine the structure as a whole in the grim reapers design.

Watch the art video below to see how to draw a grim reaper. Get motivated, get inspired, get drawing!

How To Draw Demon Eyes Drawing Video

Draw demon eyes with this drawing video. To draw demon eyes you will need to experiment with eyeball shapes and really this drawing video is only the start of your demonic eye drawing and it should be viewed with the inspiration in mind.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.