Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Daily Sketch: Death Metal Demon Art

Daily Sketch of a Death Metal Spider like Demon creature.

I am pursuing the licensed art sales of a number of artworks here on my store - Licensed Wayne Tully Art and prices may rise depending on how popular or in dmeand my original licensed artworks become.

I seem to draw these black and white horror creatures a lot lately, usually in a state of decomposed flesh and textures which make them look rotten and that is the idea with these ink drawings.

I'm aiming to create more in the series of death metal artworks over the coming months and years in between other art project commitments.


Saturday, 5 February 2022

Daily Sketch: Zombie Werewolf Ink Drawing

 I drew this quite recently, a Zombie Werewolf ink drawing, a loose ink sketch that I challenged myself to create on a TikTok live art stream, usually the best way of tackling drawing something is to face it head on and just start sketching.

With this particular ink drawing I was concerned about the ink textures and trying to get that right and balance the whole sketch with light and dark areas.

I've drawn many werewolves over the years, but this is the best head shot I've created. Inking hair so that it looks good has always been a challenge, but I've found that if you create darker hairy areas and create a shape to the hair, it works better.

You can buy the original artwork here - Zombie Werewolf Art

Here is a very short timelapse of me drawing this Zombie Werewolf.

Monday, 3 January 2022

Daily Sketch: Old Drawings Always Give Me Art Inspiration


This old drawing, I must have drawn it a few years ago and it still gives me inspiration to draw new stuff as the ink details really make me excited about drawing similar horror skull stuff.

At the time of creating this piece, I'd already drawn similar pieces intended for a collected series entitled Torture Skulls in which I drew various skulls, zombie, demon or otherwise with various chains and hooks and spikes sticking through the skulls and kept them all black and white.

I guess, I'll have to link to this post, others in the series, so you could see them all.

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Daily Sketch: Neon Green Horror Skull Art


neon green horror skull daily sketch
When I plan to go live over on YouTube, often I really don't know what I'm going to draw and this horror skull was created with the ink drawing first and then I had the idea of using some Neon Acrylic Paints that were just not being used.

You can see that art stream replay here - Drawing a Horror Skull Concept

The original idea behind this design was for a t-shirt design, one type of artwork that would have a central and uncomplicated image that could fit on any colour t-shirt (except probably green, who knows lol)

The unexpected glowing look of the neon green and yellow paints was something that looked cool and it gives a nice radioactive feel to the skull.

I definitely will be using those neon paints again!

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Daily Sketch: Demonic Parasite Ink Sketch

demon parasite artwork

A Demonic parasite ink sketch concept I drew in a recent art stream here - Drawing Demon Parasite

I wanted the premise to be that the parasite had drained the life force out of the mans head, that's why it looked zombified and rotting away and then the parasite after feeding off it's host for some time, just suddenly bursts out of the hosts chest and eats through the hosts brains leftovers and then on to another host the parasite would go.

Such a lovely design of my usual ink sketchy artwork. This was based on an idea in my head and it turned out pretty much how I thought it would, only a bit better.

I would have liked to add more brain chunks and the eye a bit more mangled in the ink sketch, but I'm happy with the way it was created.