Friday, 12 August 2016

Hull Horror Fest October 2016

I'll be attending Hull Horror Fest in October and to prepare for this I am drawing some new horror artwork that will be available as art prints for the event. This will be my first time attending any such event and it'll be a mix of nervousness and cool all rolled into one as there will be other Artists there and so this blog post will document everything including the preparation for the Festival, right through to being at the Horror Fest.

Prep work

8th August 2016 - Work begins on 3 - 5 new artworks as shown in this video - Horror Art Prints For Hull Horror Fest and there are a Phantasm tall man illustration and a Demons drawing as well as a Ghoulies one that are looking good, the Omen one needs more work and I'll more than likely re-draw that one.

10th August 2016 - Sorting through older artworks that I didn't finish and there are loads of pieces I would like to complete, such as a basketcase one and a The Thing illustration which are A3 size illustrations I begun back in 2014 which remained unfinished.

This sketch is a random zombie design that I want to make stickers out of, will see what happens with this one

hull horror fest preparations

18th/19th August 2016 - Been working on some classic horror sticker ideas and from top to bottom there are Flyboy from Dawn of the Dead, Bub from Day of the Dead and the crushed jaw Colombian neck tie zombie also from Day of the Dead.

dawn of the dead flyboy

day of the dead bub zombie

Colombian Neck tie Zombie

Also I am grey coloring some undertones on this Demons piece too before coloring. I just need to ink the top of the head as well as sketch the proper Demons logo, so that customers know that this will be a Demons horror movie homage artwork.

I've used some copic warm greys to grey tone them before coloring and I like the way they are turning out, so much so that I am investing in more copic marker refills as they last longer than the standard pen markers.

27th August 2016 - I've since finished those horror stickers but have more planned. Here are the finished stickers available from Zazzle and I'll be printing out some myself to sell at Hull Horror Fest.

I'll update this post frequently with new updates photos of artwork and other stuff as I continuously prepare for the horror fest.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Micro Painting 31 Evil Clown Painting

Acrylic painting an evil clown painting on a micro canvas, the clown is inspired by the new Rob Zombie movie 31 and it was a small art challenge to paint that small on a 7cm by 7cm canvas.

Here's the video showing me painting this. Enjoy!

If there are any other things you would like me to paint or even cover in a tutorial then please let me know.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Drawing Some Horror Stickers Concepts

I'm drawing some horror sticker concepts and quick ideas in a couple of drawing videos here. The idea is to use them as either promotional giveaways with other art prints or use them as incentives for people backing a future kickstarter that I am planning on launching sometime.

This first one is a drawing of a bright and colorful looking fish design with a skull squid in it's mouth.

The next two drawing I used a circle template to contain the designs within a circle and a demon and a skull looked like the best idea to try and draw. These need coloring, but they are ready for me to do that in the future.

If you would like to see me draw more horror stickers or sketch cards, then please do comment below and tell me what I could draw, I am open to commissions also, but I really only draw horror stuff at the moment as it holds my interest more.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Drawing A Bloody Horror Skull

Drawing a bloody horror skull. In the daily art vlog I draw a bloody looking horror skull with wooden stakes shoved right through the eye sockets. This was based off a concept I drew earlier in a video series called Warm Up Wednesdays in which I sketch quick concepts for later development.

I used some grey tone promarkers, prismacolor pencils to color this skull. Enjoy watching the video!

Friday, 3 June 2016

Drawing Black And White Horror Sketch Cards

Drawing black and white horror sketch cards. Sketch cards are small trading card size pieces of artwork that can be sold or included as a bonus for buying a larger art print or illustration of any kind. The reasons for creating these is to help try and push me to draw more, but also have more artwork for sale and of course to include bonus artwork with some of my other work.

horror sketch cards

In the following video from my daily art vlog series I draw  a handful of them as a starter with a view to draw more later. I want to have a mix of color and standard black and white cards on offer.

Drawing Horror Sketch Cards

I used a Pigma brush pen and other fine line ink pens for these small illustrations. I buy my art materials and equipment from or mainly.