Monday, 2 December 2013

How To Draw Swamp Things Face

Drawing Swamp Things face step by step in easy to follow photos of the main drawing steps. Swamp Thing is a classic DC character from the comic book of the same name and various Artists over the years have drawn him well and very inspiring. Including Bernie Wrightson and Steve Bissette.

This step by step drawing tutorial is meant as a inspirational look at drawing Swamp Things head and face and should help you draw this yourself.

how to draw swamp thing face
Sketch a curved line for the head

Draw in some rough lines for the eye brow shapes

Sketch in some eye outlines and frown lines to act as guides

Sketch the skull like nose in and start to mark in the tree branch mustache

Draw in some tree branches which will act as markers for facial elements like the cheek bones etc

Now draw in the eyes and lips of the Swamp Thing with some slight pencil shading

Add pencil shading around the eyes and also add extra wrinkles to make the face look earthy

The face is filling out a bit now, so time to do extra detail on the branch parts

Extra facial detailing and shadows

Still more tiny details, this is the part when you wonder when to stop the pencil drawing

Nearly done...

Your pencil drawing should be complete

Time to start inking, around the eyes is a good place to start

drawing swamp thing
Try and work some shading in there with cross hatching and some thick black lines

Inking the drawing you can clear up and show the design in a much better light

Inking small details can be fun

And we are finished for the Swamp Things face
You can view the photo video slideshow of these steps if you wish here on YouTube - Draw Swamp Things Face