Tuesday, 22 July 2014

How To Draw A Skeleton Key

Drawing a Skeleton key idea concept here was more on the aspect of the literal meaning of a skeleton key with some unique fashioning of some bones to create the idea. It's all about trying to make a key that is beyond the usual skeleton keys that open all doors. On my Art website I posted this video, but I added an alternative step by step look at drawing a Skeleton Key

Sketching your idea is the way to visualize the concept and then inking your drawing helps to improve your design as I have done in my drawing video below.

How To Draw A Skull With Wings

How to draw a skull with wings I would have done a drawing video of earlier, but never got around to doing it. The idea of a skull with black crow like wings just seemed like a good idea to draw. The concept is a tattoo enthusiasts dream to have something like this inked on their arm. Of course I didn't add any color, because I quite liked the black and white color contrast.

I used a combination of ink pens such as a permanent black art marker and a pigma micron and uni-pin fine liner pens which are waterproof and then a Sakura gelly roll white pen to do some cool highlight effects over the black.

Watch the drawing video and have fun drawing a skull with wings.