Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How To Draw Monster Concepts Fast

How to draw Monster concepts fast when you need to find multiple combinations of similar designs and working faster to get a lot of ideas on paper.

In the following video I show how I personally develop monster creature concepts and it can be a very quick way of coming up with some ideas you can work on further. Be warned though that it could take a while to come up with some work you are happy with, so I encourage you to do as many sheets of exploration ideas as you can, the more the better.

How to draw Monster Concepts Fast

Saturday, 7 October 2017

5 Habits Of Successful Artists

5 habits of successful artists
Thinking about habits of successful artists
Becoming successful as an Artist can be one huge journey in itself, but there are key qualities that every Artist no matter where you come from that can set you apart from the person who calls themselves an Artist, but in reality they only draw whilst they are sat on the toilet, sort of a part time creationist.

Success is often associated with accumulating income, but that is only one important part of the journey.

You have to get yourself known, your art out there for it to be seen and have the right amount of luck and positioning of your work to get the right amount of visibility.

There are five main habits which can help you become a successful Artist. You can also watch my video I created here too - 5 Habits of Successful Artists

1. Be Consistent

If you are going to post something online whether it is your art or some tips that you'd like to share, then it's best to be consistent with that and do it more often. Work out a posting schedule, whether daily or weekly, you could provide value by not posting your art for sale all the time. Maybe show others the process of how you make your drawings, what pencils, pens you use.

I myself did a daily art vlog for a number of months non stop and it was enjoyable and fun for others to see and on the plus side, I learned a lot about my drawing along the way and how sitting down to draw and create new art can help you come up with new ideas.

A good example of being consistent is when you stick through every single drawing that you do, even if at the beginning it looks terrible.

2. Look for Opportunities to expose your art

Look for opportunities and don't wait for them to come to you, because you'll be in for a long wait. Post in Facebook groups and forums related to your area or subject of art and find any methods to sell, potential customers that can buy from you or even collaborate with others to make something.

Opportunities can happen anywhere, in any situation, so be open to them often.

3. Try new techniques

Always use new materials, experiment and have fun. Art is a journey and can be a very personal one. Look for ways to expand your artistic range and appeal to more buyers. Varying styles of art could open more doors for you if you offer abstract, realistic,manga or any other type of illustrated style.

New mediums and mixed media is always fun and using lots of materials to create something can be more fulfilling as an Artist.

4. Meet other Artists

Always a great idea to hang around like minded people and if it's creators that create similar work to you or not, then it's a good crowd of Artists that you can learn from quicker. Also this could open up more opportunities for you being in a solid network of creative individuals.

Be open to work in an art studio with other creatives as the right kind of setting can make a difference within your own art journey and theirs.

5. Do more of what Works for you!

Early on in your art career you will probably find out what you are best at drawing and that other people might like the stuff you do too. If there is a demand for certain types of artwork that you make, then do more of that, it makes sense to keep fulfilling that need.

There are probably other habits that you could have to make yourself successful as an Artist. Comment any other ideas you may have below.

Monday, 11 September 2017

How To Draw A Hellraiser Ripper Skull

How to draw a Hellraiser inspired ripper skull.

The black and white inked artwork that I have to create these days is improving every time that I work out a drawing this way. Check the video out and pick up some ideas to draw something similar to this yourself.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

How To Draw Wonder Woman Logo

How to draw the Wonder Woman logo. This is one variation of the popular DC Superhero logo symbol. The drawing video I made was for a much simpler version of the symbol and I would in the future like to do a more complex version, perhaps of the new movie logo of the same character name.

How to draw Wonder Woman Logo

Sunday, 19 February 2017

52 Card Deck Hull City Of Culture Artists Collaboration

I have been involved with this Artists collaboration which is a simple one card out of a 52 card deck and each Artist does their thing and illustrate one card that they have been given. Mine is the 9 of Hearts and within the following video you can see the process of coming up with a possible idea for this card design.

Once everyone has their card delivered, I'll try and link to others who have done their design or if not, I'll just post a link to the instagram account were the designs might be placed.

Update: All 52 Artists submitted their artwork and has been completed, the fundraiser is underway and is over half way there for the funding goal on Indiegogo. You can see the full Artists gallery of each card here - Hull 52

I've ordered a deck and cannot wait to receive it when the funding target is met.

Update : I recieved my pack of cards and you can view them here in this video. They turned out good, great to be a part of a collaborative art project.

5 Ways To Use A Flexi Curve In Your Drawings

Five ways to use a flexi curve art tool in your drawings. A flex curve is an Artists tool that is useful for drawing basic and even complex curves in your illustrations. I've just started using one after having mine in my tool box for months without using it.

Here are 5 ideas to use a flexi curve ruler for your drawings. I'm sure there are more uses you can come up with.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Mother Theresa Is A Demon Horror Drawing

Mother Theresa is a demon is a piece of artwork showing you the true face of this much loved evil hag. I used copic markers and acrylic paints to try and visualize this illustration. The end result could still do with extra detail and smoothing out with some polychrome pencils, but you get the idea with this art video.

Let me know if you liked the video and anything else you would like me to draw on this blog.