Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Letraset Promarkers Review

letraset promarkers review
Letraset Promarkers available from eBay,
Amazon and other good art shops
Letraset Promarker pens are alcohol based markers that are professional coloring pens for Artists. The markers themselves are quite thick although they do have a knack of running out quite quickly or drying up. I've been using them a lot this year on various illustrations and they are great for coloring in layers.

Promarkers come in various colors and you can buy them individually from Ebay or elsewhere or even better in marker packs. I personally buy the marker sets because they organize the color sets that you need such as grey tones and vibrant colors.

Of course the Industry standard for professional markers are geared more towards the Copic markers, but the Promarkers are a cheaper alternative to the Copics which can be more expensive.

My very first attempt at using these pens was in the following video of me coloring a Halloween pumpkin design -

The Promarkers when used with good quality archival ink pens such as the Pigma Microns or the Uni-Pin pens by Mitsubishi Pencil the inked lines won't bleed or smudge after being colored over with the Letraset pens. And this is a plus point because I used to hate that with inferior ink pens.

Using good paper is key with these markers although not important, but I will stress that if you are sketching in a sketchbook and you begin to color with these pens, block the next piece of paper with a thick bit of card to prevent the color bleeding through onto other paper. Because these markers will bleed through thin paper. I use a 300gsm white card that seems to hold the color and doesn't bleed through easily.

The pens have a double tip which makes it better to use. The smaller tip is for fine coloring work and the chisel tip makes much more broader color lines for larger areas.

There is a color chart of the various colors available on the Letraset website - Promarker colour chart

I certainly want to try out the Aquamarker and flexmarker ranges and even the refillable Tria markers because they look good and am pleased with the range of uses with the Promarkers I do have now.