Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fantasy Creature Drawing Update

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I recently updated one of my Zazzle product designs again and this time I tried to improve the art in a stylish way with just layers of black lines and a mid tone grey to add some tone to the drawing and it turned out quite well.

Here is the original pencil drawing of the monster creature with all of it's tentacles curling around it's head....

The pencil drawing was just a basic pencil sketch using a HB pencil and in todays day and age, computer coloring just makes your drawings stand out much better and that was what I was aiming for with this update and in fact I want to update all of my Zazzle products to bring them more of a chance of selling as I am trying to fund better computer equipment to create and colour my graphic novel projects.

And so with this updated fantasy creature drawing I was thinking about just making the pencil lines more solid with think black lines and that's what I did and I didn't even have to use the smudge tool as I am so fond of using on a lot of my artwork.

Here is the new drawing on a drinking mug, aswell as other Zazzle products, but you can see and compare both drawings to see which one is better, I like the updated versiion of this pencil drawing as it brings with it a sense of design whereas the pencil art just looks like an incomplete drawing.

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