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Drawing Fantasy Worlds - Drawing Ideas

How do you draw fantasy worlds? This is a good question and one that results in a how to draw drawing tutorial that I did recently, this was intended as only one example of what you could posibly draw as a fantasy scene and I hope to do two more video series on drawing different fantasy world pieces of art, but this one I did a classic fantasy castle scene with the mountains as a backdrop with the sun in the sky and a couple of stray clouds thrown in, with the path leading to the castle from the corner of the page.

In the first drawing video as always I try to pre-plan the scene as well as I can and get in all the elements of it that I want to, obviously the main part of the scene is the castle, it's the centre piece, although it's to the left of the page, hopefully it will be the visual draw of the artwork, castles can be drawn anyway you want, yo can try and draw realistic castles or fantasy castles that look cool, but in reality they would never get built.

The sketching process is light at the start to get a feel for the drawing and as such you can figure it all as you go along with the drawing stages.

Watch this video to get an idea of how to approach those first pencil lines...

Video 1 - Draw Fantasy Worlds - First Sketches

When choosing a scene to draw, you do need to have a good idea of how it will look in the end, some kind of afterthought or vision at the end to work towards, so that in the second drawing video you can see how the castle scene is getting on. It is really just a case of defining those pencil lines again and making the scene clearer to see by adding small details that will be finalized later on, working as you go along you can chop and change things however you want, because it's your drawing, so never be afraid to change areas of your drawing that you are unhappy with. Now in the second video I started to shade in the mountains and this was in direct relation to wherever the light source is and in this case it's the sun in the sky from the left so I shaded on the other side of the mountain and also sketched a few rough details for the mountain ridges under the castle and surround the path leading off of the page, definite details can be worked out later. Watch the video and gain some inspiration in the creative process.... Video 2 - Defining The Castle Fantasy SceneThe third video you should see the scene coming together with more details and shading that emphasize the fantasy scene of the world that you have created, the more drawings you draw yourself, you'll come to understand this process well and maybe find your own way of working that will suit your style and creative conditions, I've tried to make the final pencil drawing as finished as possible, within the confines of a short standard video at around 3 minutes or so, although I do see it does need some more shading work and fleshing out the scene a bit more, but you get the main idea with drawing a fantasy world, it's the same as any other drawing, plan and execute and follow through with sketching. Watch the last video below.... Video 3 - Nearly Completed Fantasy Pencil DrawingHere is the work in progress of the fantasy world, with the castle at the top of the mountain.
I wish you luck with your own fantasy world drawings and have fun with trying to create them, I know I will!
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  1. Thank you for this tutorial, it's just what I was looking for :)


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