Saturday, 24 December 2011

How To Draw A Fantasy Trolls Head Video Tutorial Demonstration

How to draw a Trolls head step by step here in this video drawing tutorial demonstration you will find out how to approach the idea of drawing a Trolls head from the initial pencil drawing to the inking stage and then to the final color stage using Prismacolor Pencils which are just ace for blending and coloring with.

In the first two drawing videos you can see how to draw the Trolls head in pencil and then ink it with an ink pen. Then in the last three art videos you can see how to color in the drawing with Prismacolor Premier pencils.

How to ink a Trolls face 

Coloring Troll Head With Prismacolor Pencils

Prismacolor Coloring Demonstration

Prismacolor Troll Head Drawing Video

Friday, 30 September 2011

How To Draw A Mummy

Drawing an Egyptian Mummy should start off with a rough sketch first to see that all the figure works and everything looks well placed on the Mummy figure such as bandages and the anatomy of the Mummy creature. I used a 5B pencil just so that the drawing would show up on video and it is a nice soft pencil that can be used for darkening the pencil lines and adding shading to the art. Watch the video below to see how you could draw an Egyptian Mummy and see for yourself if you could become inspired by the process of drawing icons of horror like this Mummy.

Update 28/01/2016 (forgot to add the other video) In the next drawing video I ink the Mummy creature drawing with a really super cheap gel ink pen, which was what I seemed to use a lot back then in 2011 ish. 

Also see this mummy drawing I did as a commission for a client recently. - The Mummy Lives horror commission

Sunday, 25 September 2011

How To Color A Goat Demon With Crayola Supertip Pens [Watch The Drawing Video!]

Coloring a Demonic Goat creature with budget busting Crayola Supertip art marker pens, this is what is explored within this final video of the three part fantasy drawing series on drawing an imaginary but quite scary Demonic Goat Demon brusting out of a hellfire pentagram. The idea was simple, which was a request from a Youtube subscriber who gave us the brilliant idea which helped to challenge my art skills and bring you this inspired video series. The color is laid down quite sketchily and you can do this if you want to color in as a quick guide to something else like a full on digital color artwork through Photoshop. Watch the video to see how I colored this Demon Creature in and get inspired if possible and draw your very own Demonic Goat monster creature.

How To Ink A Demonic Goat [Watch The Drawing Video!!]

After drawing the Goat Demon in our last blog post, the next logical step is to ink it with an ink pen or two and try to add depth to the Demon creature with ink lines that add value to the drawing as a whole. So when drawing over the pencil lines you can improve on the original drawing by varying the line weights which will change the mass of the Demonic Creature in a very subtle way and with a darker ink line you can create a nice professional touch to your finished art.

Of course, you can't just rest's the color stage next and we are using Crayola Supertip pens in that video....

Monday, 29 August 2011

Sketching A Goat Demon With A 2B Pencil

Drawing a Goat Demon can be tricky but with the right amount of drawing expertise and imagination goes a long way to really sketch out the Demon creature at first hand. As you will see in the following art video, I sketched out loosely the important elements of the demonic creature such as the vaguely designed Goats head as I didn't use any reference for this drawing I just imagined the horns and everything else that a Goat would look like as I've seen real life Goats before and have stored the mental images of these animals.

One of the best things about drawing this design was drawing all of the fire and then deciding on how to Pentagram in the background would look and I suppose the important thing to consider when the art is first drawn is the whole composition of the design, like any unsual aspects like some perspective could be used to add some sort of angle and unique space to the art or whether you are going to draw the whole creature or have some portion of the Demon appear off the page or even covered with fire, much like I've done in the following pencil sketch.

Watch the video for inspiration and how to draw a Goat Demon.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

How To Draw A Toxic Waste Zombie

A toxic waste Zombie sounded quite fun to draw when a YouTube subscriber requested it and it was certainly fun to draw. I created 3 videos for each step and they are as follows:-

Video 1 - The pencil sketch

Trying to draw something from scratch can be quite difficult but I tried to lay it out in easy to follow terms and with a little bit of practice you can draw Zombies like this too. Notice at the beginning of the video I did a diagonal line attached to a circle, this was a simplistic shape reference to try and capture an idea on the paper and luckily it worked this time around.


Video 2 - The Inked Zombie Sketch

This stage it's about creating a more complete drawing by inking over all of the important pencil lines and adding more details. At this point it's about correcting anything that doesn't look right and at the end of the inking stage you can rub out all of those old construction pencil lines which guided you along the way.

Video 3 - Coloring Your Zombie

This was the stage that took longer as it meant coloring in the whole Toxic Zombie drawing, I used Crayola Color pencils to add some color and I tried to make the zombie look rotten and as horrible looking as I could. You may find that color pencils aren't your medium, so anything else will do, felt tips, sharpie markers, paints etc.

At some point I will upload the HD versions of this little drawing video series as they not only look better, they are better to watch. Draw some cool and inspired Zombie drawings and see what comes of it!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Draw A Dwarf Warrior Sketch Video

Another drawing video of a rough sketch of a dwarf warrior all drawn in pencil. Mainly the concept has been drawn in a draft sketch to see and realise the Dwarf concept. More art videos will follow with drawing Dwarves as it is a subject that can be touched upon from different angles with draft drawings to finished drawings of dwarves as Warriors.

Watch the video to see how to approach the process of beginnig to draw a Dwarf Warrior.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Draw A Demon Face Clown Drawing Video

Draw a Clown demon face on youtube is a drawing video that demonstrates how you can create a demon clown face drawing from scratch. Although this is a long video I hope that you still find it useful to see how to draw a demon faced Clown drawn in real time.

I draw the Demonic Clown with a 3B pencil and then I ink it with a gel ink pen and Sharpie marker....enjoy, of course you can just skip to the end to see the end result, but where's the fun in that?!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Writing More Fantasy And Art Related Stuff On Wizzley

Wizzley is a new revenue sharing site in which you can write what you know about and earn through adsense, Amazon, Allposters, Zazzle and with the odd affiliate link and I've ben Beta testing this site out for about a week and came up with 5 articles written on there. It's early days yet, but the user experience is quite good in fact it's excellent as the smooth design of the dashboard is quick to use and not slow like other writing platforms.

Here is a widget that displays my five articles about various things and don't forget you can sign up and create your own articles on the topics you know inside and out.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Draw A Jesus Zombie Drawing Video

Draw a zombie Jesus with this drawing video, (look out for part two below this one!)
When drawing the Zombie Jesus it is best to sketch loosely to get an idea of what you want to draw and get sketched on paper. so as this is the first drawing video of a two part video series the hands in this video aren't finished and some of the details are missing, so just try and follow along and draw yourself a nasty Jesus Zombie....

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Learn To Draw A Wizard's Wand

When drawing a wizards wand a basic twig or tree branch is the ideal reference for drawing a wand and that's what I've incorporated into the following art video. Drawing a wand should be easy what with wands being around because of the Harry Potter movies.

The drawing video attempts to show you through the art of drawing demonstration how to draw wands, a couple of examples are provided.

Watch the video....

How To Draw A Grim Reaper Drawing Video

Drawing a grim reaper can be tricky but with this video on your side it could give you some much needed inspiration to either draw it better than I did or simply have a go. This was a long video for what you see as the end result the finished pencil drawing of the Grim Reaper. All you need to know is that drawing a reaper is about drawing the popular image of death and that's it and drawing a scythe and a skull like head and the full figure is wearing a long dark robe and that's it.

Within this drawing video you will see how to draw a grim reaper from scratch which is just as important when trying to build up any sketch or drawing, the key idea is that roughly sketching can help you to determine the structure as a whole in the grim reapers design.

Watch the art video below to see how to draw a grim reaper. Get motivated, get inspired, get drawing!

How To Draw Demon Eyes Drawing Video

Draw demon eyes with this drawing video. To draw demon eyes you will need to experiment with eyeball shapes and really this drawing video is only the start of your demonic eye drawing and it should be viewed with the inspiration in mind.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

New Blog - Draw Fantasy Art

I've been working on a new blog that will feature just about everything that I've done with drawing fantasy art so far and much more to come, this means that this site at will still be here, but will have more personal thoughts and insight aswell as more art drawn by me coming up soon.

The reason why I started another blog was to really focus the attention on drawing fantasy art and to have a domain name that explained it so that readers could know exactly what the blog was about as soon as they looked at the domain name. And really I wanted to really focus on drawing in depth fantasy art tutorials and with tht in mind I am developing new drawing videos and articles which will hopefully be live by mid June.

Currently, you can view all of my YouTube videos and a few other artistic insights here and there on Draw fantasy art

Look for more exciting things coming soon, with a graphic novel in the works and my own range of drawing ebooks which will feature step by step drawing tutorials and inspirational art by me.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Draw And Paint Fantasy Architecture Book Review

I recently wrote a review of a great book on drawing and painting fantasy architecture and the book itself is a very inspirational read filled with great examples of fantasy buildings and structures.

Heres the link below...

How To Draw And Paint Fantasy Architecture Book

Monday, 7 March 2011

Draw Fantasy Art Facebook Page - Connect With Me

I've been busy setting up my Facebook page Draw Fantasy Art and I invite you to connect with me over there as I'll be linking to some cool stuff quite often and new products that I've created will be shared on there also, so look out for them and if you want to chat on there and discuss some drawing or art topics then feel free to do so too.

I look forward to connecting with you over there at --------->  Draw Fantasy Art Facebook Page

And don't forget to Like my page too!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Draw Skulls Ebook

Finally I've released a short ebook on drawing skulls, it's an introductory book 19 pages long that shows you simply how to draw skull art.

Now if you want to promote this $7.97 ebook as an affiliate then you can sign up if you have an Ejunkie account, if you don't have one you can get an Ejunkie account here, the affiliate percentage is set at 50% by default, but for the right affiliates I will set it higher. So as this is the first book of many more to come you can either buy the skull drawing ebook or promote it as an affiliate.

You can use this rough drawing which is the draft cover at the moment as a promotional tool for your affiliate promotions....

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Pay £1 For Access To How To Draw A Skull Drawing Video On Ejunkie

I've released access to number one in a long line of private drawing videos which show you how to draw specific things and I only hope to create more and more instructional art videos to help you as an artist who creates fantasy stuff from your imagination often.

I hope you find this useful and if there is any feedback from this video then please comment below and I would be interested to know what you would like me to create as further drawing videos too.

Here's the link....

Draw A Skull Art Video

Or buy access here...only £1

Buy Now

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New Art Studio, Untidy But A Productive Workplace

Since moving house at the end of last year I have tried to make a space in the main bedroom with the hope of one day turning it into an office working space that I can drift in and out of and draw and write and create new videos and content that will benefit others.

In the video below I go through the things that I've found and tried to organize into a makeshift working area until it all gets sorted out. One of the main things you'll notice is that there is a lot of mess and boxes all scattered in the background, but hey that's part and parcel of a house move and plus me and my wife agreed to sort out the downstairs first and then make upstairs nice and tidy later on.

Hopefully when I do get organized with my art studio then you can look back on all of the changes I've gone through as an artist who just wants to draw and really see things progressing as I get new equipment and really provide some solid inspiration for drawing fantasy art.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Justin Bieber Zombie Drawing

I thought it'd be fun to draw Justin Bieber as a zombie because I just hate his hair and his music and so I thought why not give back to his fans and spread the joy of Justin Bieber the Zombie.

Watch the video and see his hair come to life whilst the rest of his head rots....purely an experimentation to see how zombies look like with a daft hairstyle....

Just might do a part two and color him in...

How To Draw Venom

Drawing Venom from the Spiderman comics is a joy because I'm a fan of the comic books years ago in particular The Amazing Spiderman and I always thought Venom was a cool looking character to draw as he looks sort of like the black costume Spiderman and all that alien black Symbiote dribbling stuff is fun to draw too.

Here we'll go through the drawing video of how I drew Venom and hopefully you can pick up some pointers when it comes to your own Venom drawing.

In the video I start by sketching the whole figure in rough to get an idea on how the venom drawing will look and should look. It all starts with this initial first drawing and then it should start to come together somewhere along the lines.

I draw the Venom figure with a Hb pencil and then I start to use a black Crayola pencil to add definition to the figure and shadow right at the end, notice I don't add full blocks of black I try and define the muscles somewhat so that it appears solid in it's form....

Watch me draw Venom and then have a go yourself!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Found A Useful Painting Video - How to Paint Icy Landscape in Chinese Painting or Sumi-e - Frozen Niaga...

Painting is something that I want to do more of and so I found this interesting video from Blueheron arts on YouTube and he demonstrates a technique for painting icy landscapes on rice paper and it shows a great use of ink that is watered down and done in layers.

A chinese brush is used that can load lots of watered ink and the results that you can get are quite impressive, although I would have used a blu/grey to depict the ice shadows and formations, but he demonstrates the technique very well take a look for yourself below....

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

My Zazzle Bumper Stickers Collection

Here is a quick run down of some of my Zazzle stickers that I've created over the last year, who knows you may see something that you like or that someone else will like!

Skull Stickers

Demon Art Sticker

Yet another Demon Design....


Hell Demon Art bumpersticker
Hell Demon Art by waynetully
Create your own bumper stickers at zazzle

Skull Serpent....

Blood Skull sticker....

Demon Art sticker again...

New Red Demon Necklace From Zazzle

Early in this new year I found out that Zazzle have added a new product option and so I thought I'd add a couple of designs to them and here is the Red Hell Demon Necklace that I colored using Gimp before Christmas and I thought it looked kind of cool the way it turned out, but what do I know?

What do you think?

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way Book Review

Drawing comic books the Marvel way has always been an interesting book and one that has been around for years. Heralded as the top book on comic book drawing for it's simple but powerful information supplied with John Buscmemas fantastic comic book art showing you the steps to draw figures and how to create the form through stick figures and sketch sculpting.

One of the most amazing things after recently finding this book again after 12 years is that it still is a good book on the basics of drawing the Marvel way in comic books and the art has that classic 70's style that I remember as a kid buying up all the back issues I could of The Fantastic Four, X-men and Spiderman to name a few.

The special thing about this book is the way it is simply explained by Stan Lee, a one time Editor of Marvel and writer too who does a lot of camoe appearances in many Marvel movies now and the way he describes things makes the book enjoyable to read as you know and understand and nothing is too complicated, except the chapter about Perspective, I guess that is a bit too hard to explain to anybody who hasn't tries to draw things in different persepctives, but Stan gave it a good go.

At around 155 pages which has tutorials and actual pages and sketches alongside the finished panels of artwork you can fill in the gaps too about drawing and finding your own style and way of working when drawing comic books.

There is a DVD available to which might benefit your drawing ability too as it goes through some top quality stuff on drawing the Marvel way, so that you can try your hand at drawing a powerfully drawn comic book step by step based on the sections and video tutorials you learn in the DVD.

When I was a kid, we used to divide ourselves into 2 groups of comic fans, Marvel or DC and for me it was Marvel all the way as I can remember more memorable artists and comic book characters from that universe. But what you learn either in this book or DVD is invaluable and explained much better than any other book I've come across and I own a lot of art books.

Here's the DVD for How to draw marvel comics - How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way