Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New Art Studio, Untidy But A Productive Workplace

Since moving house at the end of last year I have tried to make a space in the main bedroom with the hope of one day turning it into an office working space that I can drift in and out of and draw and write and create new videos and content that will benefit others.

In the video below I go through the things that I've found and tried to organize into a makeshift working area until it all gets sorted out. One of the main things you'll notice is that there is a lot of mess and boxes all scattered in the background, but hey that's part and parcel of a house move and plus me and my wife agreed to sort out the downstairs first and then make upstairs nice and tidy later on.

Hopefully when I do get organized with my art studio then you can look back on all of the changes I've gone through as an artist who just wants to draw and really see things progressing as I get new equipment and really provide some solid inspiration for drawing fantasy art.