Saturday, 30 January 2021

How To Draw A Cthulhu Shoggoth Creature

How to draw a shoggoth creature which is from the Cthulhu mythos of HP Lovecraft and the very idea behind these creatures is very inspirational and leaves lots of room for your imagination to take over when you sketch and draw these creatures.

In the video below I have a really great technique of finding the creature in the form of a paint sketch which lays down basic paint thinned down with water or thinned down drawing ink, it doesn't matter and then when that dries you start to ink details within the shapes you sketched with a brush and with the shapes as a basic guide you are able to follow along and create a really great creature drawing by filling in the gaps.

Split Demon Head Ink Drawing Work In Progress

 Working on a couple of split Demon head artworks, currently a work in progress for the ink drawings, but I am sort of obsessed at drawing combined heads, like skulls and other horror creatures and making them look cool.

demon heads ink drawing work in progress


Friday, 29 January 2021

Demonic Horror Black And White Artwork - A Work In Progress

One of many black and white artworks I'm working on. I originally drew this as a line drawing for a colouring page, once I'd scanned that in I decided to work on it a bit more fleshing out the details with ink hatching and other ink splatter techniques.


Thursday, 28 January 2021

Paint Sketching Something From A Nightmare Dream

 As the title of the video suggests I do forget to make simple and quick videos or posts like this that break down a process of paint sketching.

So here is a quick video that breaks down how I achieved this simple paint sketch based on a nightmare I had about weird Lovecraftian creatures, I think the Purple of the design really made it vivid in my minds eye.

It's a very short video and hopefully it shows and inspires you to create something similar with whatever you'd like to have a go at painting.

Paint Sketching Something From My Nightmare

Zombie Flesh Eaters Horror Ink Artwork Commissions

Here are a couple of Zombie Flesh Eaters ink drawing commissions I did in 2020. I really love the old Italian horror movies as I grew up in that era of the 80's when these films came out and most of them were banned and classed as video nasties.

I'll be doing more horror homage artworks this year.

zombie flesh eaters