Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Drawing An Imaginary Dark Souls Creature Concept (video)

 Drawing an imaginary dark souls creature boss concept is something that I wanted to try and have a go at creating for quite awhile. If you've played the Dark Souls video games, then you'll know that the bosses in the game are some of the most amazing concepts I've seen and that in turn inspired me to have a go at sketching, inking and coloring a boss creature.

Here is the video - How I drew an imaginary Dark Souls Boss Creature

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Resident Evil Nemesis Head Copic Marker Art

 A couple of Resident Evil Nemesis head artworks I have been working on. The second one I started a few years back and have only just dug out the drawing under a stack of other artwork and have started to finish off the ink work and add some more colors.

The first one, sort of similar I did the basic ink drawing awhile back and colored this in on an art stream recently here - Colouring Nemesis Head Artwork 

I did a Nemesis Acrylic Painting which is available for sale 

Mainly used copic markers which are excellent for smooth blends and skin tones etc.

Drawing a Dark Souls 3 Infested Corpse (Video)

 Draw a dark souls 3 infested corpse. In this video I go through the drawing process of creating a rotten looking corpse that appears to have ghostly ectoplasmic maggoty stuff spewing out of it's belly. (sounds nice lol)

In the video I used a sheet of Strathmore Grey toned paper and some liquitex basic paints such as the neutral grey 5 and a white.

The paper really gave a great mid tone to help balance out further shades of grey and together with the inks of the undead corpse, it really stood out as a cool concept kind of sketch.

Here's the link to the video - Drawing Dark Souls 3 Infested Corpse

Or you can watch it below....

Daily Sketch #1 Zombie Horror Head

 So this is a zombie horror head ink drawing I did in a live art stream over on YouTube. I shall try and post a drawing daily here, no matter what, even if it's not quite finished or even if I don't think it's good enough.

Doing daily sketches for this purpose can help you improve in your drawing and really helps you focus on the art that you want to create.

zombie art ink drawing

Monday, 31 May 2021

Inking A Demons Head Step By Step Ink Process

 Inking Demons Head step by step with ink process. I used a regular black Sharpie marker for the darker areas to build off on with other ink pens such as 0.7 Uni Pin fine liner and a 0.1 and a 1.0 for any medium sized ink lines.

1. Start off with a loose pencil sketch of your idea, the looser the sketch the better to add detail later on. I used a 6B Staedtler pencil for the quick sketch

Pencil Sketch

2. Ink in the outlines with a thin ink pen, I used the 0.7 uni pin ink pen for this.

Ink Outline Demon Head

3. Add extra line details that will form the basis of skin and flesh texture later on.

The Inking Process Conctinues

4. Use a sharpie marker to add in some shadow areas.

Sharpie Marker Thick Ink Lines

5.Video this video explains the beginning of the textures ink process.

Ink Hatching

6. Use ink hatching to add the detailed textures.

Inking Technique

7. Complete using the 0.7 and 1.0 ink pens creating varying ink lines.

Ink Pen Inking

8. Use the 0.1 uni pen ink pen to create finer ink lines at the tops of more heavily inked areas for smaller details.

Ink Process

9. Take a look at your drawing and see what else you could add to it. Any finer details or other tiny textures will add something to your demon head.

inking a demons head step by step process

10. I decided to add a thicker underline underneath to create a line weight that helps give the head drawing an extra layer of depth by making it more solid and shadowed.

And there you go, I tried to make it as less wordy and complicated as possible, so you could follow along or try and gain some inspiration from this post,if you would like to see more advanced inking techniques, then I shall be doing a post which will focus more on that and then you could take your inking to the next level.