Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Fridge Magnets With My Popular Fantasy Art Designs!

Over at cafepress there are some products that seem to be more popular than others and a select few items really get more sales than others too.

One of my best sellers is the fridge magnets with my various fantasy art designs on them, I try and do about 3 - 4 new designs in a week if I can.

Here's my best seller at the moment.

Dark Grim Reaper Of Death Fridge Magnet Dark Death Reaper

Also there are other sought after gift ideas that are really in demand with collectors, so it's well worth creating an account with cafepress, so as to get your designs out there, of course there are other ways of promoting your art online and you shouldn't stick to one method alone.

Buttons or Badges - With Unique Designs

Dark Grim Reaper Of Death Button
Dark Death Reaper Button Design

Dark Grim Reaper Of Death Sticker
Dark Death Reaper Sticker Design