Saturday, 13 November 2021

Twins Of Evil Death Metal Ink Drawing On Black T-shirts

 Twins of Evil Black t-shirts available with my artwork on them. I've tried hard to start creating a handful of designs that are original and unique for the Death Metal crowd. I'll be working on some more, but all will be like this, transparent inked drawings on black t-shirts.

Thursday, 11 November 2021

How To Draw A Scary Pumpkin For Halloween


I'm going to go through the process of drawing a scary halloween pumpkin. (well not too scary this one) This will be the first and near time to every Halloween I'm going to draw a new one and hopefully they'll get more detailed and better over time.

Now to begin with we simplify the process by starting out really basic and we can build up the drawing from there. We need to plan, but not get the rough sketch set in stone, we can alter things as we go along.

We start off with a basic circle, I drew round a suitable old lid to form the shape of the pumpkin quite loosely.

Halloween pumpkin basic drawing progress

Then we mark in the eyes nose and mouth with teeth, it doesn't have to be perfect, just think of it as a guide for the detailed work to come later.

sketch draw ink and colour a halloween pumpkin

Then we draw the lines running through the pumpkin that give it that look and maybe make some of the outside lines not as smooth.

halloween pumpkin drawing basics

Now Just add a few more teeth and clean up the lines for the eyes and the nose.

drawing halloween pumpkin

Now add frown lines on the pumpkin and a stem on the gap at the top of the head.

how to draw a halloween pumpkin

Now we can go ahead and ink everything we have penciled in and at this stage we can alter some stuff, maybe add more teeth in the gaps if you wish or more detail as you ink all the outlines

halloween pumpkin drawing

Now lets give the whole pumpkin more details and texture, this could mean more gum lines around the teeth and slowly build up the textured rot for skin, with bags around the eyes.

Now we can give the Halloween pumpkin more depth with some shadows with some sketchy looking ink hatching, the shadows are all underneath, so any lighter areas will be left he white of the paper. The obvious areas around the eyes I want the eyes to appear sunken, much like a skull would be and the teeth will have shadows just around the gum line to make the teeth deeply rooted.

scary halloween pumpkin drawing

draw scary halloween pumpkin

Erase all the pencil lines now and then colour the whole thing with a thin yellow acrylic wash (you could use pencil crayons or felt tip markers) Then I use the same golden yellow paint without thinning it down with water and paint the eyes, nose and mouth area just to make it appear more golden like a glow.

how to draw scary halloween pumpkin

Now use an orange paint (pencil or marker) and aim for the shadow areas and the segments of the pumpkin, then take a red colour pencil and start to draw blood drips from the mouth and anywhere you like, make it as bloody as you like, use a stronger red marker if needed, cover the teeth in a few drips here and there.


Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Daily Sketch: An Inked Cthulhu Ink Drawing Commission

 In today's Daily Sketch I wanted to focus on this Cthulhu creature sketch that I created for a client a few months ago. They wanted a Chihuahua head with tentacles and claws and something that would look quite creepy and horror themed and so this was what I came up with.

cthulhu ink drawing commission
Before I sent the final image I had to edit the tentacles around the dogs mouth as they had to go.

For most of 2020 and 2021 sketching, drawing and inking these Cthulhu themed creatures has become an obsession and one that I happily embrace any chance that I get.

When it comes to the inking process, I love inking all the textures on creatures skin, the flesh texture is one of the most relaxing to do on these monster drawings.

 For awhile I've been offering an illustration service drawing these Cthulhu creatures over on Fiverr. And the gig that you can check out is here  - Draw You Dark Cthulhu Creature Art if you or someone you know may want one of these types of creature drawings.

6 Ways To Make Money With Your Art

Making Money With Your Artwork
Photo by Marko Blazevic from Pexels

Making money as an Artist on the face of it, seems quite difficult, but if you make a plan then you can really make a living for yourself in the art industry. The following Six are all suggestions on ways you could make money with your own art whether that be painting,drawing or something that you make as a sculpture, not all suggestions may fit the art that you do, but they are valid ideas designed to get you thinking about your artistic plan of action.

Before we get into each ways you could potentially make money, it is important to remember that there are no quick ways to make money unless you are lucky enough to start earning instantly, nearly all the steps mentioned below take a certain amount of time to build up and create the income, there is no fast track, there is just the process of doing and it could take months before you start to see regular earnings.

Before considering any of the following ways to make money with your own artwork, you need to really narrow down what type of artwork that you create, so you can make a plan to focus on a handful of these money making ideas and really make the best use of your time.

1. Commissions

These are the first pieces of work that you might have a go at first, friends and family are usually your first port of call to test out this method and really think about pricing, then from there you can think about offering commissioned art pieces as a service and structure your pricing in different tiers, such as (just an example) black and white ink drawings £50, full colour drawings £100 or a larger painting £200.

Knowing your worth in time and effort that it takes to create the art that you do is vital to your pricing.

The best ways to do commissions is to offer either fan art of games, books or movies, customers are always looking for an original art piece that is nostalgic to them or that creates a feeling for them.

You could offer portrait commissions of friends and family or even pets from your potential customers. People often want a good quality original piece of art that they can look at and remind them of a loved one or pet that has passed away or just as a focal point in someones house.

Once you get more established as an Artist you may become known for creating the art that you make and be recommended to other potential clients. Also don't forget about personal work too, you can create original art that has not been commissioned and future fans of your work will buy that.

Speaking as an Artist myself, I've had mixed feelings about doing commissions, on the one hand, some customers have been great and allowed me to do my own thing with great results, but on the other you are likely to get them customers that drain your very life force and stress you out with never ending revisions which make you question your sanity and whether you actually want to offer commissioned art ever again in the future.

In this instance it is a good idea to take an upfront deposit that is often non refundable to allow for any extra revisions, the more you take on art this way you are more likely to weed out those time wasting people who want your art for next to nothing or they may not pay you at all.

2. Art Prints

make money selling art prints
My Venom art prints 

Similar to art commissions, art prints allow you to make limited editions of your original art from ink drawings, to paintings or art that took you a long time to complete. Again you can do a mix of fan art and personal art. Statistically speaking fan art is going to sell more so do more of that artwork and if you can broaden what you offer, for example, if you only draw manga stuff, but feel you can draw Disney or cartoony stuff then aim to offer that in print form too.

Do your own research and see what print companies are local to you that offer good deals on getting your art printed on quality papers. You could print your art prints out yourself if you have a good printer but that option is considered more expensive for you what with buying good paper and printer ink cartridges.

You could sell art prints at Comic Conventions, art fairs and art shows, usually you build up your stock of prints over time and you have to re-invest profits back into getting more prints but selling the prints will pay for this over time as you build a name for yourself.

3. Print On Demand Products

Selecting certain art that you've already done for POD products such as T-shirts, Mugs, Hoodies, Postcards and Skateboards can be quite lucrative if you hit on some best selling designs.

There are a number of print on demand websites that you could join and sell your art:-






Being creative about the best use of your time and fitting your designs on specific products is the main thing you do on these sites. Not all designs you create will fit on certain products, so you have to work out what art can go on each item.

The best thing to do is create artwork that is seasonal which is all through the year, aim for the holiday designs such as Christmas, Birthdays, Halloween, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, St Patricks Day.

Look for the top trends or best selling designs that are already on the print on demand websites and try and create new designs accordingly.

4. Publishing Books

There are books you can get published, usually through the self publishing route through Amazons KDP (Formerly Createspace) program and the types of books you can upload could include Art Books and Sketchbooks, Colouring Books, Comic Books/Graphic Novels and even low content items such as Journals, Planners and Diaries.

The Amazon marketplace is a great place to have your books available for sale, although it is quite competitive, like anything your have available for sale you have to have a marketing plan in place to get your books out there and seen, hook them customers in!.

5. Licensing Your Artwork

Licensing your art on a companies brand products could be an option for you. either on the in house company products such as cards, T-shirts and Skateboards to name a few, you can negotiate a price for essentially renting out your designs for a limited time or indefinitely.

This is where your own research comes into play, make a list of potential companies to write proposals to on spec. and be prepared to have some good quality samples of your artwork in high definition attached within your written proposal.

Licensing deals have been known to be in the 5 -6 figure range for some Artists as your art could be featured on some household products you may already know as you just never know what is possible until you do the work to get there.

This is something I am working on and will document my results in a future blog post.

6. Create An Art Course

Whatever art you make and create, you might consider making a course on the processes of how you made a specific piece of artwork. and to do this you may have to have written notes on the process, also work out whether there will be video instruction with photos and detailed information that students can follow with ease.

There are sites out there that can help you create a course and help you structure one and have it ready for sale with a link.



But there are some premium sites were you can pay to host an online course or membership, such as Kojabi, but they are expensive.

Let me know which ways you make money with your art the best in the comments. I'll be following up with a second post with more ways to make money as an artist. 

If this post has been useful for you, please share with others that may find it useful too, thank you!

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