Friday, 3 June 2016

Drawing Black And White Horror Sketch Cards

Drawing black and white horror sketch cards. Sketch cards are small trading card size pieces of artwork that can be sold or included as a bonus for buying a larger art print or illustration of any kind. The reasons for creating these is to help try and push me to draw more, but also have more artwork for sale and of course to include bonus artwork with some of my other work.

horror sketch cards

In the following video from my daily art vlog series I draw  a handful of them as a starter with a view to draw more later. I want to have a mix of color and standard black and white cards on offer.

Drawing Horror Sketch Cards

I used a Pigma brush pen and other fine line ink pens for these small illustrations. I buy my art materials and equipment from or mainly.

Drawing A Demon Girl With Wings

Drawing a Demon Girl with wings. This was another daily art vlog in which I am attempting to draw something new each day to keep me in the habit of drawing something, anything, Cheer me on if you want to!

I enjoyed drawing this one, because I did something similar a few years ago here - Demon Woman With Wings

With this design I was thinking about a costume for her and to draw this completely from scratch, because the other one I had some help with a reference picture.

I used some promarkers and prismacolor pencils which I always buy from or as you can always find them cheaper than actual art shops such as

Please let me know if you have a suggestion for me to draw, all suggestions are welcome and will be noted.

Let's Draw An Evil Purple Worm

Drawing an evil purple worm. My daily art vlogs are changing for the better with this one in which I focus on one illustration for the most part of each day and stick with it until I'm happy with it.

Drawing a purple worm, this was inspired by those sand worms in Dune and an Octopus character in the Savage Dragon comic who had huge purple tentacles. This was fun to draw and was a request from another YouTuber.

Drawing a Evil Purple Worm

I used prismacolor pencils and some winsor and newton promarkers to color this. As far as a professional illustration goes, this needs some more artistic tweaks here and there for it to be considered as an art print, maybe add some kind of background or get rid of the background altogether.