Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Weekly Sketch: Skull Face Drawing

Today in the weekly sketch, I thought about doing some cool skull face drawings for a change, skull faces are good to sketch and draw as you can add a bit more to them such as hair, beards and moustaches for fun and other stuff, but never ears or noses though, now that would be weird!

Look at the skull faces in the drawing video below and see all the wonderful faces you can sketch in the spirit and style of a face of a skull. I drew this with a black gel ink pen with a rollerball tip. There is something about drawing without pencil lines to guide you that makes this a drawing that is free from the worry of mistakes as you can just take an ink pen and begin the drawing and see what happens. Try it!

How To Draw A Horror Zombie

Draw a horror zombie with all of it's rotten flash dripping off it's horrible looking face. The following art video is a part of my own personal challenge of doing 365 Halloween mask ideas within one year. That's one a day folks!

The basic start of drawing a Zombie is that you can draw an oval shape for the head and build on the initial sketch that way which is usually the easiest way to draw. I use either mechanical pencils to draw or popper pencils or sometimes a 2B or HB pencil to do the pencil drawing. The drawing is built up by sketching roughly at first to build up the face and then when you are happy you can start to add shading and other details.

The inking is done with a black gel ink pen or a berol fine liner ink pen with minimal cross hatching to simulate shadows under the eyes.

I used Crayola Twistable pencils to color the head of this rotten Zombie drawing.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

How To Draw The Lizard From Amazing Spiderman

The Lizard is a Spiderman comic book villain which looks quite cool to draw. The recent movie called the amazing Spiderman features the Lizard character, but not as I've drawn him here. I have opted for the comic book style approach with his Scientists/Doctors jacket still being worn. I used a popper pencil for this drawing which is usually a HB pencil with up to nine lead refills in the plastic tube. So if you ever run one lead down, you can replace it with another out of the tube, a very inexpensive type of pencil.

Watch the video below to see how I tackled the process of drawing The Lizard!

Inking the Lizard character - Applying ink I always love to do as you can improve on the details and really create a permanent looking drawing. Gel ink pens are very cheap and if you don't have any of them I suggest you buy some because they are always a good ink pen to have in your artists toolbox. Berol fine line ink pens are also ideal, as well as thicker tipped Sharpie art markers too.

Painting A Hellhound With Acrylics

In the following two videos I did a painting of a Hellhound with Acrylic paints. The first video focuses on the building up of the hellhounds form without any prior pencil sketching on the canvas. Although I decided to paint this based on an original drawing I did of a hellhound which had way more detail than the finished acrylic painting...I still feel I captured more energy in this painting and brought the hellhound more to life.

The second art video I decided to speed up the process of adding highlights and details to the fantasy hellhound painting. Acrylic paints always lend themselves to such a layered quality that making mistakes are certainly going to happen, but you can paint over them. Painting in glazes really helps to build up the layers of shades and quite possibly this painting might need some extra detail at a later stage, but for now on to another drawing or painting!

I always recommend good quality brushes for applying large quantities of acrylic paint for priming, glazing etc.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

How To Draw Carnage - A Spiderman Villain

Drawing Carnage was a nice highlight for me as I loved the character way back reading the comics years ago as a child. Carnage is a Spiderman villain much like Venom in that the costume is a living entity in itself and that makes for a fun drawing. As usual I have broken down the drawing steps into 3 main art videos. The drawing (Which I nearly abandoned...) the inking stage and also the coloring stage of the creative process.

How to draw Carnage - Drawing Carnage is always best done from some forms of visual reference which is something that I didn't do this time around, because I thought I could easily remember the face and the costume and that's why my confidence in the sketch faded slightly, but thankfully, a couple of browses through Google I was able to fix the head and the way the costume looks like it's living and moving. I used a type of pencil that is old school with several plastic containers in the pencil tube that have about 9 leads and these are called popper pencils, they are really cheap and disposable.

In the sketch video below I tried to simply focus on the top half of the drawing and go from there. The idea being that I could focus on the top half quite quickly. But do let me know if you would want to see a Carnage drawing in full figure form.

How to ink Carnage - Inking can be a fairly straight forward process when you take a few things into account first. Light and shadow play a part and the separation of the different areas of the body is what inking is all about. Notice that at the end of this video you can see that the swirly nature of the costume helps separate and also form the body structure particularly in the arms. I used a fine line Berol ink pen which is usually used for handwriting, but no, they are great for inking as they produce a solid fine line that looks good when scanning a drawing into your computer for instance.

The inking stage is your last ditch attempt at cleaning up the drawing or adding more detail to it.

How to color Carnage - The coloring stage was fairly easy, because there is only one main color and that is Red that needs to help shape the form with some moderate shading and totally solid Red areas. I used a light blue to shade the edge of the eyes. Watch the video to see how I colored Carnage.

Also you can see - How to draw The Lizard also from Spiderman

Friday, 24 August 2012

How To Draw A Demon Woman With Wings

Some time ago now I received an email request about me drawing a Demon girl with wings and this was a fun idea at the time to draw, but with lots of requests I had, it suddenly found itself on the bottom of the pile and soon forgotten about. Until recently that is when I found the notes of all of my requests. I wanted to try and show some of the female form with a nude figure of the demon woman with her wings. And so this three part video was born.

Sketching the Demon Woman

Working out the figure pose of the demon woman is always the most difficult as you are attempting to sketch something that hopefully will work for your own purposes. I wanted this Demon Girl to appear like she has just leapt off the top of a building and is gliding or flying.

Inking the Demonic Woman

Inking the Demon creature always has to be more than simply going over the pencil lines. It has to be about improving the drawing and separating light from shadow over the pencil drawing.

Coloring The Demonic Winged Woman Creature

Using Crayola Twistables you can add an extra dimension to the Demonic woman drawing and I really wanted the woman to look cold like she was the living dead with the exception of the red hair.

Basic Inking Techniques - A Dragon Drawing

On this Dragon drawing I did on a Google live hangout I decided to go through some very basic inking techniques whilst inking the Dragon pencil sketch. The Dragon is a pre-sketch for another project, an idea for a full on fantasy painting which will feature in my bathroom eventually and although this Dragon drawing looks great I think that's were the projects should part company and go their separate ways. I have since had another Dragon idea were the Dragon has his wings outstretched, with fantasy landscape scenery in the background.

Back to this drawing I used a Berol ink pen which is a nice fine ink pen for some detailed inking on the creature with opportunities for cross hatching and bolding the ink lines. Watch the video below and try to see some of the inking methods and some of the tips I try to demonstrate. They will help you in your own drawings.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Drawing And Inking Zombie Jesus Face

Just thought I'd have fun with the concept of drawing Zombie Jesus again, but this time with a more detailed head of the Zombie and then ink the drawing. A coloring tutorial video will follow eventually. The idea with this drawing series was to just draw Jesus as he would look if he really did rise from the dead.

Drawing Zombie Jesus - I sketched this Zombie face design with a mechanical HB pencil and enjoyed drawing this rotten looking face and of course people will complain as it's supposed to be the Son of God or something equally mundane, so that't why I jazzed it up slightly by making the drawing a Zombie of Jesus.

Inking the Zombie Jesus face drawing - Inking this highly detailed face of a Zombie I really had fun going over board with the details from the initial pencil sketch above.

See my other venture into drawing Zombie Jesus

How To Draw A Castle Landscape

Drawing a castle landscape is always a fun thing to draw and as always I like to draw Castles that are at the end of a long winding path that seems to have been carved out and is looking rather like it will just fall down and leave you stranded there at the Castle. In the nearly 25 minute long video below I tried to convey some drawing tips and insights into my own personal drawing process which may not of course be the same as your own approach, but I hope you found this art video useful in some way.

Drawing something like this is always in the sketching process and actually thinking about the composition of your drawing and what the main area of focus will be. So watch the drawing video below and get some ideas for drawing your own Castle landscapes. (Future videos I will release that will tie in with this one are all about drawing in perspective, so look for them soon!)

Acrylic Painting A Fantasy Tree Idea

I thought that this was a great idea inspired by another YouTuber at ThadTaylorArt and really I wanted to explore Acrylic paint anyway and so this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I added a glaze mix of Green and Yellow Ochre for the background and then I painted the tree image on top of that when roughly dry but not quite as I was in experimental painting mode and this was just for fun and it really inspired me the way you layer paint on to the papers surface or any type of surface for that matter.

I tried to work in a face on the tree like it was possessed by some ancient demon spirit or something and also to try and paint in some highlights which reflect the background color too. There will be more painting videos by me as I have found another medium I enjoy!

Watch the video and have a go yourself!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Drawing A Vampire Skull

How to draw a vampire skull

This drawing tutorial is derived from a tattoo art idea I drew some time ago. And so I thought why not make a drawing tutorial out of it. Drawing a vampire skull was and always shall be a design that looks cool as skulls always look great as a tattoo idea. This Vampire skull I wanted to draw on a side profile, so that the teeth looked prominent and so that I could sketch in the all of the detail which helps bring out the evil looking skull design.

The first art video below you can see that I was exploring the drawing as you should in the sketching stage.

Inking the Skull now with a fine line gel ink pen. I tried to add better detail and help clarify some of the drawing by going over the pencil lines and adding extra details.

Coloring the Vampire Skull with Crayola color pencils. The idea is to create a flesh color for this Vampiric skull and let the colors create the three dimensional nature of this skull design and improve the drawing.

Watch a step by step vampire skull bonus drawing video

How To Draw A Pirate Skull

How to draw a pirate skull step by step

A simple step by step drawing tutorial for drawing a pirate skull. Drawn with a popper pencil and really broken down into bite sized steps so that you can follow along and draw this yourself. Start off with a shape much like an oval for the skull head and notice I've put the oval on an angle which helps to make the skull design look unique and better to look at.

When starting to draw any kind of head or face, the starting point should always be a rough oval shape. And this pirate skull drawing is no exception. Take a look at the following step by step photos of each drawing stage to see how to draw this Pirate Skull image and once you see how it's done you can draw better and more improved skulls as time goes on.

how to draw pirate skull
Draw an oval shape for the skulls head.

draw pirate skulls
Sketch the eye holes and a small line for the temple of the skull.

drawing pirate skulls
Sketching in the cheek bones of the skull and working on the skulls structure.

Loosely draw the top teeth of your skull.

pirate skull drawing
Draw loosely the lower teeth and jaw.

drawing pirate skulls tutorial
Sketch in the Pirate bandana.

Draw the eye patch on the skulls eye.

how to draw skulls
Define the top teeth by darkening the pencil lines.

draw skull
Sketching the bottom teeth now again darkening the lines.

Adding more detail around the skull face.

pencil drawing skull pirate
Shade the eyes and mouth with dark pencil shadows.

Final Details sketched in.

Write or draw your signature.

How To Draw Spawn

Drawing Spawn with helpful and inspiring video tutorials

I'd consider this as my first attempt for a good few years at drawing Spawn. I wanted to try and get all of the chains and main costume details in there and just make this a solid looking pencil drawing. When sketching this piece of art the most difficult thing to work out is the cloak which will obviously need me to practice a lot more, but on the whole the Spawn drawing turned out quite well and it was a good re-visit to a popular comic book character such as Spawn.

I first started buying my Spawn comics back when Spawn first came out in 1992 as I was and still am a fan of Todd McFarlanes art and the story of Spawn. The art drew me in and then the story followed not long after and as the years went past there was this massive array of characters you came to know, some died whilst others disappeared for awhile and that's to be expected in any long running comic book.

Watch the drawing video below and try drawing Spawn yourself as practice makes perfect when you exercise your drawing muscles.

Draw the Spawn half masked

Here we have video slideshow of the steps to take to draw a Spawn face masked. You can pause this video at any time if you are following along with the drawing process. This drawing more reflects the current Spawn incarnation as you can tell with the spikes on the head and the Demonic like teeth. It's always a good idea to plan any sketch beforehand and practice drawing the Spawn from many different angles. (This is something we shall do coming soon!)

How to draw Spawns face unmasked

When drawing Spawn's face it is always a good idea to draw it without a nose as that makes the Hellspawn look more evil with the eyes glowing his hell power. The teeth remain white at the pencil drawing stage. When I eventually come to ink this drawing I'll add some cracks and thin ink lines vertical on the tooth. Excessive pencil shading helps bring out the oozing shape of the power coming from the eyes and it creates a good contrast between dark and light areas on the Spawn face.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How To Draw Evil Wizard

Drawing an Evil Wizard in three steps. The sketching process, the inking process and the coloring process. Evil Wizards can be drawn anyway you want. In the first video the sketching stage is really about finding the right balance between what you want drawn on paper. And you can explore this process more by doing a few quick draft sketches before you tackle the proper drawing.

The second drawing video with the inking process is the way of making your drawing more permanent with the inking techniques. Lastly the third and final video shows the coloring process with Crayola color pencils.

Friday, 20 April 2012

How To Draw A Dragon Idea

Draw a Dragon idea from beginning draft sketch to finished inked and colored Dragon drawing. With three drawing videos that show you the full creative process . The first video is the sketching stage of drawing our Dragon idea. This step is the most important as you can work everything out so that it looks right. Setting the stage for your inking and then coloring later on the beginning sketch so that you explore the possibilities.

Inking the Dragon idea now. The design of the Dragon isn't that spectacular as I really should have give it larger dragon horns, but hey it's an idea at least to share with you guys. I use gel ink pens to ink my drawings and they are good even the cheaper gel ink pens work well.

Inking the Dragon scales is a boring process but looks effective when you finish it.

Watch the video....

Coloring the Dragon design now with Crayola Twistable pencils and these are the thicker pencils but ideal for blending the red fire colors of this fire dragon. I like to layer in the darkest colors first and then use the light colors to blend them all together as you can see in the last art video.

Also see how to draw a Zombie Dragon head idea right here - Drawing Zombie Dragon