Thursday, 10 April 2008

A Few Random Sketches

A lot of the times sketches and drawings just look ok to add to your portfolio as they are, but I would keep these to a minimum as you want your absolute best work to shine, not half finished ideas and concepts.
A Dragon Idea Sketch

Dragon drawing is another favourite of mine, this dragon drawing was a simple pencil sketch which was to illustrate a how to draw dragons tutorial that I am still building now.

An Evil Demon Drawing

Demonic tattoos are very popular even today, the requirements are that they include tribal design elements that really make your tattoos look professional, I'm a huge fan of demonic fantay art and I always strive to draw this art genre as much as I can.

A Screaming Skull Design

Another tattoo concept that is widely popular is the image of skulls, they define the picture of death, much like the art of the grim reaper, it is an icon of the tattoo age that has stood the test of time and is the most sought after choice of people wanting tattoos.