Friday, 28 November 2008

A Few Ideas Of Getting Your Artwork Out There

It's easy to start to draw and create your drawings and before you know it you have a decent pile of artwork that you are generally proud of, and then you think how the hell do I get this work seen, apart from my dear grandma who always says that's a good drawing dear, pointing her ancient bony finger towards your most evil demon pen and ink drawing( I just love drawing demons!!!).

You need a decent outlet for your work and that means it should be targeted towards the people that would like your drawings, for example if you love to draw fantasy then you would target your attention to people of that genre of art as they say the best exposure is to the ones who can relate and identify to that particular style and area of imagination.

Here are the steps to achieve your eventual global domination:

Get your self a website, preferably with a web host as this guarantees your site to usually be on the web 24 hours a day and 7 days a week they are fairly inexpensive and if they include autoresponders then all the better( I'll explain about these later)
And on this website of yours you will need to put up artwork and all the related links you can think of that relates to your own style and way of drawing, also a small profile telling people about yourself is a good idea as it makes other people feel at ease if they know a bit about you.

Include some contact information even if this is just an email address for now, people will need to get in touch once your site is out there as they will see your work and want to investigate further, now getting visitors to your site sounds easy and it is, once you understand the basics of website promotion and other effective strategies that drive traffic to your site.

Using an autoresponder

These are excellent pieces of online software that when programmed they send regular,targeted follow up e-mails to your target opt in subscribers, who have opted to recieve your newsletter or helpful e-mails by entering their name and e-mail address in the opt in form that you should have put into your website.

Links in other places

You should start to add links in other places on the web, such as forums or free classified ads services to promote your website further, with the forums you can browse the discussions and if you are quite knowledgable on a topic and it hasn't been discussed yet or someone has a problem that you think you could fix, then just join in and add to the topics and always remember to include your name and website links so people can be directed straight back to that helpful person that was a very knowledgeable expert(which would be you) and they would see your website and hopefully be impressed to visit your site on a regular basis.

Free classified ads are also the best to add short ads about your website so visitors could get to your site through them.

Join the newsletters of other like minded people who also have their own sites that are similar to yours and in doing so you build up a list of people to contact and inform them of your websites presence, you could also link to some of these sites to create back links to your site( this is just one method of helping you to create link popularity)

Alternative ways of promoting your site

It is best considered to implement the above online promotion methods with a batch of offline methods also, these could include business cards, flyers, posters, short booklets or brochures that you can distribute to members of the public or even community centres, also telling your family and friends could help also.

Well that's it for now but if you ever need help on this I would be happy to help as I have been researching this for over 2 years now with my own designs and business building stuff.

I'll be uploading some of my artwork soon, so until next time why not visit my Cafepress shop at

Good luck with your artwork.

Wayne Tully

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Youtube Zombie Sketching Video

I found a Youtube video and it is really a good video using computer based software for sketching a zombie head, when I get round to doing some Youtube videos, then this is a template for some good videos to follow.