Thursday, 22 October 2009

Monster Art Design Gimp Colouring Effects

Attempting to work out the many features of Gimp with this monster art design, I drew the first drawing which was a pencil drawing that I inked the lines and then shaded the image here:-

Notice that the drawing just looks like a basic drawing that really cries out to be computer coloured and given the Gimp treatment, now what I did was to go over quite a few of them shaded pencil lines with a black paintbrush using Gimp, so that later I could blend them into grey and have the jaw line and the whole of the side of the monsters face stretch away to the right and this I did quite well, even though it took me time to zoom in and fix the smaller details that I couldn't reach at the normal viewing size.

Next I coloured the tongue with a light red using the airbrush tool and again I just went over the main black lines and some of the shading in a random way and this was smudged to blend the red further and then I added a large size airbrush of a light yellow to highlight the monsters face and a bright blue to give the eye of the monster a sense of evil power or something.

I also made the background black and blended all of the edges of the monsters head, so that it would look cool enough. Adding a light source to the front of the monster also helped the lens flare look more brighter and added a contrast to the whole monster design.

You can see a few more examples of my Gimp software adventures here - Gimp Art Design Software

Here's the finished drawing....

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