Friday, 22 March 2013

Weekly Sketches

Some more quick sketches to pass off as an update. Some are evil headz designs for my Zazzle store, others are just sketches I sketched super fast for fun and other projects I can use them for.

The first sketch is this one that I did for my Evilheadz store on Zazzle. I'm trying to come up with some great head designs for Zombies, Demons and other Horrible creatures. And this Zombie was ace to draw because everyone seems to love Zombies right now with movies and the Walking Dead comics and TV show all the rage. I sketched this Zombie head in pencil first and then inked it so that half of it's face looked burnt and the fun will come at the coloring stage which I am opting in for a digital coloring with my graphics tablet and see what can be done with the drawing.

Next up is a quick pencil/ink sketch inspired by the 1950's complete with a Hat and Cigar in it's mouth. This is in fact something that I've had requested a lot and that is for Skulls that resemble different eras in time. And so I thought I'd have a go at drawing this 50's inspired skull. I love drawing Skulls anyway, so expect to see more.

Next is a Demon that likes to lick. He'll lick you soul out of your chest or something. This is a rare pencil sketch, one that looks incomplete, but I thought I'd post it anyway. This is the Demons Human form and when I actually finish my graphic novel I'll show you his disgusting Demonic form in the way of a finished piece of art.

Demons at the window was the title I gave to this quick ink sketch. It's of weird snake Demons that almost remind me of Jack in a Box toy I used to have as a kid. Although the heads are drawn scarier here, the face of them back then was of a strange bald almost Dummy like head that scared me as a young kid.

Poop On The Pope Art

This was a drawing I did in the response to electing the new Pope quite recently in 2013 and it really sums up my general thoughts on the Pope in all of his evil incarnations.

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