Sunday, 2 December 2007

Demon Fantasy Art Posters

Posters of dark demonic fantasy art.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Find more halloween masks on this other blog

On this blog we are going to promote anything Halloween, so I can get back on track and just keep this blog you are reading strictly to Fantasy artHere's the blog link!

Or see whats happening lately on the blog.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Dark Demonic Designs

Dark Demonic Designs

I created my first Cafepress store awhile ago now, but I remember at the point of starting out I had no idea how to promote them and so they remained archived in my favourites folder on my computer for ages, until one day I thought, there are others out there, that would have researched in detail how to market your designs out there.

So I started to find out how to do so, the importance of building backlinks and relevant ones became my focal point, then I constantly thought of other ways to drive some traffic to my stores, article marketing, free advertising etc.

Why demons?

Well I've always drawn monsters and created demonic art for ages, in the style of tattoos, tribal or otherwise, so I reckon I had the authority to create lots of demonic art designs on a range of free cafepress stores.

Demonic fantasy art drawings and designs

Dark Demonic Designs On A Range Of Collectible Merchandise For Sale

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Rotting Skull For Sale

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Demon Masks For Halloween Night

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Saturday, 23 June 2007

The War Devil, Dark Demonic Battle

The War Devil dark demonic battle
© Copyright Wayne Tully June 2007.all Rights Reserved

The battle had begun against the war devil and the undead hordes had overthrown half of the war devil's army, but the war devil had a master plan a back up reserve of evil dark demonic demons waiting in the black shadows for the time to get rid of the walking dead.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Zombie City Is Were The Zombies Are At!!

zombie logo art idea sketch Trying to come up with original banners is fast becoming an obsession to get them looking right when it comes to adding them to my various websites, as you've got to size them correctly so that there is no loss in quality from how they actually look, I'm currently finishing off my cafepress banners that I've hand drawn and scanned into my computer for a little photoshop magic.

Demon Zombie Head Drawing

A Demons head drawing from the mind of a quite normal person, I just like to draw these omic book creatures again and again, and particularly as this resembles more of a zombie than a demon.
It's almost like the zombie is being hanged by the barbecue smoke trailing into the air!

Demonic Art
Update: One of the things that I have started to do is to computer colour these older drawings that I coloured with felt tip pens and so using Gimp I will go through some of the things that I do with that free art software tool that can make your coloured drawings much better.
Look out for some Gimp updates and I'll explain how I did them.
By the way, you may be interested in this recent post about how to draw a zombies head as I link to three youtube videos that I created on the very subject, the videos are fairly instructional and involve some quick sketching on my part, but they give you the general idea of drawing zombies heads and what you could draw for yourself.

Demonic Felt Tip Art

Tongue Demon Head The Lick It Demon, an early sketch proved quite ridiculous as I made it's tongue too large and I wanted this to be a fun almost bright and happy design for a change especially for a demon.

It can be seen on many sites like Cafepress and Zazzle aswell as other websites.

I like to draw fun demonic drawings that I can use as a basis for a tattoo design or some other project that a demon requires it.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

The great fantasy art brainstorming word association list!

This is the massive list of associated fantasy words that could help you with ideas, jog your memory like it does with me when I'm stuck to draw anything, brainstorming is best done with a nice cup of hot chocolate, yum!
Fantasy Creatures
Fantasy Characters
Future/science fiction
solar system
Ray gun
power beam
Time travel
Light speed
Warp speed
future city
Weapons(military stuff)
rocket launcher
machine gun
Sniper rifle
Gas mask

Monday, 7 May 2007

Drawn in Biro - a demon

When drawing monsters, usually I draw with anything to hand, and more often than not I always have a biro handy for writing my stories so I just use one of these to sketch my ideas out, as the same principals apply when applying hard and soft pressure for your shading techniques, and you can simulate some good effects just like you use a pencil for drawing.

Demon - Drawn In Biro For Artistic Effect

Dark Demonic Devil Serpent

This design was a real pleasure to draw as you can tell from this blog that I love to draw monsters and demons, and am in the process of drawing my epic 10 graphic novels and one of them features demons and a range of monsters that I created as a child.

There is just something about creating creatures from your imagination that is just so satisfying, to start with a blank piece of paper and you then end up with a monster or a drawing of a character that could fit into a fantasy world of any sort.

Full A4 page size drawings like the one below can depict all the elements that you want to and it also provides a reference if you need to develop your sketch idea later on.

Dark Demonic Devil Serpent Felt Tip Sketch

Friday, 27 April 2007

Demonic Hellspawn Creature Art

Dark Demonic Hellspawn from the pits of hell.
Most of my sketchbooks are littered with these single creature designs, usually used to collect into either a tattoo archive or shrunk down to fit on an A3 flash sheet to sell on Ebay and on other auction sites.

Other designs that I draw may just go on Cafepress or some other place as there are uses to using every drawing that you create.

Firstly they keep your many sites updated.

Then they keep any other fans of your work informed of updates.

To do this you need to be drawing all the time and never ever stop, But if you like drawing as much as I do then you will draw every day anyway.

Demons Artwork

Thursday, 5 April 2007

The Zombie Dead-By Wayne Tully

The zombie dead are back from the graves of the dead, and are rotting and dripping blood all over the place....?

Zombies are another favourite to draw as I am a horror film fanatic and have grown up with the images of horror within my head for years, one of my ambitions is to write and direct a low budget zombie horror film before I turn to dust of old age.

But with this zombie drawing I just wanted to show the classic zombie character and do a full body sketch.

Zombie Dead Art Pen And Ink Drawing

Learn How To Draw And Paint The Undead

Other Witch Art

More witch designs from the Witches Evil project by Wayne Tully, that will be coming soon.
A collected graphic novel all about the last surviving witches on earth and their struggle with demons.
I like drawing all this fantasy stuff!!

The Dark Witch Design

This design is from one of my upcoming projects entitled Witches Evil, a graphic novel about the last surviving witches who have troubles with demons alot.

Demon God Of Evil Art Design

This is the demon god of evil and it was inspired by a serpent creature that I drew way back over 4 years ago, and so I re drew it and added a demon on the end with 2 swords, making him a flaming fire colour adds to the hell design of the usual demons.

I like to do the flame design with felt tips as they blend easier with felt tip pens. to do this I start off with the red and either do the edges of the flame or the centre of the flames, then a light orange colour followed by the yellow pen which seems to blend the colours, sort of like a paint glaze.

Using felt tips could be used as a primary medium, but for me it is for visualizing the colours and moving on from there. I've also been known to sketch with felt pens and often I have gone through packs of felt tips in a day, because they run out of colour.

Top Tip - Save all of your old felt tip pens, because they could come in handy for use with paints and other colour mediums when they dry out, just wet the tips and use them like paint brushes, I always like little recycling tips like this!

Flaming Demonic Art God Of Evil

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Drawings and sketches in progress.

Here are a collection of some of my drawings that I am working on at this moment in time. Some are drawings that have remained unfinished and need a little bit more work to finish the art or redraw it somewhat.

I usually sketch them all out in pencil first and then ink them with quality black ink pens that do not leak(the trouble with pens I've had over the years!!)

And then I rub out the pencil marks and scan them into my computer to either add colour or just resize them and transfer them elsewhere.

This lobster demon drawing I sketched out largely with a crappy black biro and it is one of them drawings that I just went along with just for the sake of doodling.

I would certainly like to develop this drawing further to see how I could colour it and develop it more.

Lobster Claw Demons Biro Drawing

The monster thing drawing below was inspired by the alien creature out of the film "The Thing" which is one of my favourite horror films and I often draw alien monster creatures which are a mass of tentacles and bulging flesh.

I'll go back to this drawing and tinker with it on the computer some day!

A Monster Thing Pen And Pencil Sketch

The blog header below is the rough art that I had the idea for this blog, it is only meant as an experiment and one that will be replaced by a better header as time goes on.

Update as you can see I've quickly added some colour and added it as a temporary blog header. Wayne Tully Fantasy Art logo design looks pretty good, but if I can get my hands on a decent amount of computer memory I can get some good photoshop software or computer art program to assist me in the professional art creation process.

Wayne Tully Fantasy Art Blog Header Art

Demons Power Pencil Sketch A Comic Book Concept

The demon rose out of the amulet as the power was great and filled with intense rage of being trapped inside the amulet for centuries, but now this creature has been freed there is no stopping this evil that is about to be spread on the land.

The drawing below is taken from the upcoming Book of evil a graphic novel that will be written and drawn by me and I hope to finish this soon.

Comic books are a childhood memory I am happy to think about often as I have many of the comic books still to this day and I just love the art form with the art telling the stories and the dialogue adding to the visual storytelling.

Comic books also help with the inspiration factor too like movies and regular reading books, so I hope to show some more of my comic book art on this blog and write about the inspiration processes and successes in drawing this kind of art as I think this may be useful for you to read.

demon art pencil sketch
Read the update on my graphic novel entitled the Demons Power

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Just started Hub Pages And I Have Many Fantasy Art Drawing Tutorials On There Now!

HubPages is a small company built on two simple ideas:

1. Having a voice on the web should be easy and fun
2. And it should also be rewarding ― in every sense of the word

They've built a set of tools so easy to use that within minutes you'll be publishing your own articles and web pages, or as they call them, Hubs. And because one of their main goals is to share profits with their publishers, you'll be able to start making money when you begin to write about your top interests, my interests are affiliate marketing, drawing fantasy art and tattoos aswell as the opportunity to write some crazy hubpages that are off topic and just fun.

You're just a few clicks away from building your first Hub.

But first I'd like to add that these hubs are unlike anything I've tried before, they have the ability to create good volumes of traffic from some quality sources such as google, Yahoo and even Digg(the social bookmarking site) and when you write your articles you are in control of the content, and you can be the authority on your most treasured subject, making you the expert and people reading your new hubs every time you publish a new one.

Hubpages is free to join and are great additions to your blogs for traffic, so why not check them out for yourself.

Update: I've now exceeded 2000 views per day with hubpages and this is set to increase very soon with my third hubchallenge now underway which you try and write 30 hubpages in 30 days, they key is to write and enjoy what you write and also keep an eye on your titles and how you fit your keywords into your articles.

Welcome I am Wayne Tully - A Fantasy Artist And Writer

Fantasy Demon Art Drawing

Hi, my name is Wayne Tully and I am a very creative person that draws continuously everyday, fantasy art drawings and ideas based on stories I've thought up daily are realized and imaginative concepts are what drives me to go on and on, trying to break into the world of either comic books or just create an existence in which I can explore and be involved in the creation of my story ideas and art concepts.

This blog is all about my art and my experiences in getting somewhere with my art in either a professional way or just gain some recognition for my fantasy artist efforts.
I draw fantasy art related material and am in the process of setting up my own graphic novel set of books, which will probably be available as web comic format....Coming Soon!!

All Artwork is © Copyright Wayne Tully 2006 - 2010.

Sometimes I withdraw into my fantasy worlds that I create and often think too much about the characters and how they would react if they was in a film or even real life, more things to do with fantastical monster and creature creation has also inspired me from an early age, seeing the old Sinbad films and such classics as Jason and the Argonauts, with the much laboured over work from Ray Harryhausen, great monsters and and designs that either were based on mythical creatures of greek legend or new creations based on ideas of the time.

Fantasy Serpent
Fantasy Serpent Creature Drawing

Drawing can be quite helpful in terms of realizing visually your ideas, but combined with your written descriptions you have the added value of explaining further the ways and methods your stories play out, giving you two voices in a sense, and these two voices need to co-exist together and compliment each other.
Get Paid To Draw Anything