Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Drawing Skulls With A Pencil

Skull head drawing drawn in biro
How do you draw a skull?

It's quite simple, I have a Squidoo lens on the topic and plus you can get inspired by the Skull art related content too here...

Skull Drawing Resource

And also in these tutorials:-

How To Draw A Skull

Drawing skulls is a very popular art and one that I see all over the internet and if you draw a skull one way then someone else will draw it another way, so really there are lots of variations of drawing skulls, so maybe in a later post I will go through some of the other ways in which a skull can be drawn.

Skulls in tattoos are very cool to look at, especially when the tribal designs encompass the skull image and become part of the overall design. See -  How To Draw A Skull Tattoo Here

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