Monday, 15 November 2010

Imagine Create Inspire

Imagination is about thinking, quite possibly too much....

Imagining the possibilities of drawing or creating artwork is one of the most wonderful things about being an artist and you can get caught up in the details of your imagination, ideas come and go, but they should help to spur you on and become an imaginer, one who can constantly become involved in the art of creation with your own art.

Imagining, creation and being inspired are all related to each other and they should exist as a means to help you create and never stop creating. Every so often there may be creative blocks which attempt to stop you on your artistic and daily routines and these can easily be overcome by being busy and enjoying what you do.

Imagination and inspiration are the two that helps funnel your art creation and you should always seek out new ways of bringing out your imagination through inspiration. You can do this many ways, from reading a book, to watching a movie. There are other methods to really get inspired and fire your imagination up, for instance looking at others art can provide a stimulation for your imagination as you can readily imagine how to create something similar or even better.

I suppose the world exists to provide many talented and creative people so that we can get inspired by them and their art in a visual sense, so it makes sense to get involed wherever possible in others art and f that's just as simple as looking at an art book in the library or some artists gallery on the internet, then thats what you do.

Just remember ......Imagine Create Inspire!

Look after your creativity

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Create Art That Sells

Creating art that sells is an attainable goal to reach as artists all over the world all aim for selling their work at some point, but the process of marketing and the actual process of selling really does need some thought put into it before you approach the idea properly of selling your art.

The way that I sell my art is to work out all the possible angles first of who I could sell my art to and then decide on some good promotional ways of doing so to reach that target audience. I sell tattoo work and horror art as my primary art that I sell more often than any other type of artwork, but I have come to realise that over the years it is certainly best to diversify your art and try and create it in different genres and styles to suit many others tastes, this is the first selling point.....

Aiming for global art rather than local

Seems a bit impossible that statement, as really you start off local and hopefully you would want to become global, but to have that end goal right at the front of your mind, then that would be a smart move on your part as you can then plan out in between your local and most popular art styles that you are best at drawing and then in this in between space and time, you can then work on the things that you would want to fill that gap, for instance you may want to improve your portrait drawing or cariacatures which are two very good money makers for artists and this will widen your artistic scope.

A portfolio of art skills is worth far more than a one hit wonder who can only draw one type of one certain thing, you'll make some sales here and there, but to supplement this income you will need a string of other art styles to fall back on that will help you sell your art skills more and become known as an all round artist that can tackle many subjects and have the skills and the portfolio history to prove it.

By the way, the above is a really good message to me, as I draw fantasy stuff, tattoo and horror stuff and comic book stuff, but I know full well that if I tried to draw more styles like drawing manga, drawing portraits and cartoon stuff then I will have more sales and indeed more of a chance at selling more diverse stuff.

Know what your customers want

It's a simple way of thinking, but if you know what your customer wants to buy, then you are on to selling your work quite regular and when you get a bit of experience in this area you will begin to get an eye for what people want based on feedback you get at trade shows if you attend any or on your website or blog which you should have to showcase a collection of your best work.

Knowing where these people gather is also something you must find out. Are they online? or do they hang out anywhere near you? You've got to seek them out as well as them seeking you out because it's a two way thing.

When I do my tattoo work there are many places I can go to seek them out and first it's my local tattoo shops, they may or may not be interested in my art so I go there with some quality flash sheets I've just designed and see if the tattooist will want to buy them or even put them up in his shop with your name and website address on of course (Nought like free advertising!)

Of course I list some tattoos on Ebay and my blogs or websites and also I look at a bit of promotion in the forums that I've been a member of for years and all I do is join in conversations that I genuinely am interested in chatting with other members as spamming the forums is considered a bad move that will get your forum account terminated.

There's always ways of finding out how to sell your art and who to sell it to, it's about getting it out there in as many ways possible.

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