Monday, 15 November 2010

Imagine Create Inspire

Imagination is about thinking, quite possibly too much....

Imagining the possibilities of drawing or creating artwork is one of the most wonderful things about being an artist and you can get caught up in the details of your imagination, ideas come and go, but they should help to spur you on and become an imaginer, one who can constantly become involved in the art of creation with your own art.

Imagining, creation and being inspired are all related to each other and they should exist as a means to help you create and never stop creating. Every so often there may be creative blocks which attempt to stop you on your artistic and daily routines and these can easily be overcome by being busy and enjoying what you do.

Imagination and inspiration are the two that helps funnel your art creation and you should always seek out new ways of bringing out your imagination through inspiration. You can do this many ways, from reading a book, to watching a movie. There are other methods to really get inspired and fire your imagination up, for instance looking at others art can provide a stimulation for your imagination as you can readily imagine how to create something similar or even better.

I suppose the world exists to provide many talented and creative people so that we can get inspired by them and their art in a visual sense, so it makes sense to get involed wherever possible in others art and f that's just as simple as looking at an art book in the library or some artists gallery on the internet, then thats what you do.

Just remember ......Imagine Create Inspire!

Look after your creativity

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