Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #28 - Band Horror Logo Commission

The photos below are of a Band logo commission I did for a Fiverr client. The image of a guitar, microphone and skull help make the design part of a band logo quite well. The inked design looks more solid and the white cobwebs seem to add an extra dimension to the art illustration.

All I have to do now is do a quick logo in photoshop to compliment the design.

band horror logo
The initial pencil sketch of the band logo. Wanted to work out the elements first and see if they worked and they did, so I started inking below

skull band logo

Horror Skull Band logo
The final inked version of the band logo illustration. Nice and black shades that contrast well with the white elements

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #27 - Freddy Kruger Head Sketch

I have been trying to draw a Freddy Krueger head sketch for some time and this one seemed better than the others which ended up in the reject pile. While I think it's commendable to draw a realistic portrait of Robert Englund as Kruger, but that's not my style. So instead I wanted to capture the essence of Nightmare on Elm Streets favorite horror icon.

Right now the inked version has that raw look and the colour will help bring the character to life. As and when I finish this illustration I'll do an update to this post.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #26 - Tree Skull Art Fiverr Commission

I'm working on a tree skull art design for a Fiverr client and the idea was based on a facebook image that had a tree with a few hidden faces in it.  You can check out the Fiverr gig right here - I'll draw a horror skull in black ink for $5

The challenge with this piece of art was to make the skulls look almost hidden within the tree itself. In the pencil drawing above I think I'm getting away with it. I need to ink this.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #25 - Killer Klown Sketching

Wanted to try and draw a Killer Klown in oversized onesie like a proper clown. Might do a background on this one. Once again I'll update with updates on this and other drawings in the daily sketch journal blog series.

Just a pencil sketch at the moment, but it could do with some improvements around the drawing and maybe see about adding something in his hands, but what? hmmm? decisions decisions!

The Killer Klown drawing is on a sheet of A4 white card and this is the close up of that early pencil sketch.