Wednesday, 14 October 2015

How To Draw Zombie Spiderman

How To Draw Zombie Spiderman
Drawing Zombie Spiderman came about after I had done a Zombie Superman commission over on and this inspired me to have a first attempt draw at Spiderman as a Zombie. The following drawing video from YouTube was the end result.

I'd like to do more Spiderman zombie drawing stuff, mainly because it was fun to draw, but also I think I need to develop variations on the theme to make it look better or just work on some more ideas. Watch this space!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015 is No More

As you may know by now my website is no more. I still have the domain name and that's why some of the traffic has been redirected here through the domain. I got rid of the hosting site as it was always getting hacked and despite my attempts to get it sorted out, files still kept appearing here and there for chinese shoe website redirects lol.

I was going to save a backup of stuff over there, but thought I'd just start over.

So I will now be trying to create more stuff back on this old website with new resources and videos I create. On the plus side it will save a lot of money in the long run and let me devote my time to this website and creating new artwork for sale.

Let me know what you'd like to see here on this blog.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Letraset Promarkers Review

letraset promarkers review
Letraset Promarkers available from eBay,
Amazon and other good art shops
Letraset Promarker pens are alcohol based markers that are professional coloring pens for Artists. The markers themselves are quite thick although they do have a knack of running out quite quickly or drying up. I've been using them a lot this year on various illustrations and they are great for coloring in layers.

Promarkers come in various colors and you can buy them individually from Ebay or elsewhere or even better in marker packs. I personally buy the marker sets because they organize the color sets that you need such as grey tones and vibrant colors.

Of course the Industry standard for professional markers are geared more towards the Copic markers, but the Promarkers are a cheaper alternative to the Copics which can be more expensive.

My very first attempt at using these pens was in the following video of me coloring a Halloween pumpkin design -

The Promarkers when used with good quality archival ink pens such as the Pigma Microns or the Uni-Pin pens by Mitsubishi Pencil the inked lines won't bleed or smudge after being colored over with the Letraset pens. And this is a plus point because I used to hate that with inferior ink pens.

Using good paper is key with these markers although not important, but I will stress that if you are sketching in a sketchbook and you begin to color with these pens, block the next piece of paper with a thick bit of card to prevent the color bleeding through onto other paper. Because these markers will bleed through thin paper. I use a 300gsm white card that seems to hold the color and doesn't bleed through easily.

The pens have a double tip which makes it better to use. The smaller tip is for fine coloring work and the chisel tip makes much more broader color lines for larger areas.

There is a color chart of the various colors available on the Letraset website - Promarker colour chart

I certainly want to try out the Aquamarker and flexmarker ranges and even the refillable Tria markers because they look good and am pleased with the range of uses with the Promarkers I do have now.

Friday, 1 May 2015

The Launch Of My Artist Patreon Page

Patreon is a crowd funding website which is for creative people and so I decided to launch my very own Patreon webpage in which anyone who might like my particular style of horror artwork can fund anything from $1 or more and also there are rewards for fans to become a patron, such as receiving art prints and exclusive scans of artwork and even previews of upcoming art and illustrations.

My aim for this page is to try and get a good group of us together and share some cool ideas and inspirations. I want to get a few projects underway with your support. The projects I have in mind are ones that involve me going through the creation process of various projects and showing you the way I work and how obstacles can be overcome with some creative intervention.

My Patreon Page - Wayne Tully Creating Horror Art officially launches on the 1st of May 2015 and that's when the promotion begins of this page.  and I can try to alter and improve my approach to providing some of the best Artist insights and process of art creation, plus the rewards you can get for being a Patron hopefully will be cool.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Practice Drawing The Killer Klowns From Outer Space

I've been practicing drawing lots of 80's horror stuff from my childhood to create some good art print illustrations that will be for sale and so this is some practice drawing of the Killer Klowns from outer space which was a fun but weird movie that was a classic.

drawing killer klowns
A rough pencil sketch of a Killer Klown from outer space. This clown drawing was drawn very quickly just to give me an idea on drawing these killer klowns.

killer klown drawings
Inked with a 0.8 uni-pin ink pen which gives a nice thin line that looks solid.

killer klown drawing
A Killer Klown coloured with Letraset Promarkers and Paintastic brush pens. Nice and colourful.

I wanted to draw a couple more killer klowns and so I did. The practice really helps you draw these clowns. If you look at the actual Killer Klowns in the movie you'll see that each one has a different shaped face and structure to it which makes them great to draw. The clown below looks like some sort of a carrot top and the other below that is a chubby klown.

Pencil drawing the killer klown idea with a carrot shaped head 
killer klown drawing
Inking the face makes the head pop out

Coloring in the klown head with promarkers and paintastic brush pens

Another Killer Klown drawing of the head drawn roughly with a mechanical pencil

Inked with a uni-pin ink pen the Killer Klown head looks more clearer to color

draw killer klowns
Colored with paintastic brush pen and promarkers. the final design looks quite striking for this Killer Klown
Update: 14/10/2015 I did this video of me drawing another variation of a Killer Klown from outer space. Another fun clown drawing to have a go at or be inspired to draw your own versions of this cult movie classic.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Strain Vampire Acrylic Painting Work In Progress

The Strain Vampire acrylic art in progress. Painting with acrylic paint on a 50x60cm canvas from the beginning loose paint strokes to some slightly more detailed efforts later on. My hope for this painting is to actually finish it as I rarely complete a painting as I either get distracted or just lose interest in an acrylic painting.

Starting off the painting I always do a light colour glaze over the whole canvas and this was a very watered down Crimson Red and whilst it was wet I used a light brown acrylic paint to sketch with the paint brush the basic vampire in the middle and the two at either side of him. I didn't want to draw with pencil before hand as that would have been a waste of time, so instead paint sketch helps mark everything out that you want on the canvas, because you can paint over anything that becomes a mistake anyway.

the strain vampire painting
The middle Vampire up close painted with a light brown acrylic paint

the strain vampire art
Painting the general shapes with brown acrylic paint helps create an under layer for more layers on top

The Strain Vampire Art
The middle Vampire is starting to take shape slowly with the huge Vampiric tongue with blood drips

the strain vampires
The left hand side Vampire isn't meant to look as impressive as the middle one, but I still want to add some cool detail in on it.

The Strain Vampire Artwork
Only half the head is showing on this Vampire, I wanted to get a sense of them stood in a crowd and I'll probably add a few more figures in the background later on in the shadows.

the strain vampire painting art
Taking a step back to look at my painting I noticed that the background needs to be darker and so that's what I did next.

Here in the final photo I left it for the night. The next thing to add is more details, more colour and quite possible more glazed areas to enrich the colours more. I want the Vampires to pop off the canvas and really look like the Vampires from the horror TV Series. So, please do look for updates on this one! I hope to finish this painting and have it up for sale very soon.
the strain vampire art
The Vampires are looking more defined now that I've added a huge amount of shading, a few areas need cleaning up slightly as I've over shadowed them somewhat.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers Review

I recently bought some Sharpie Metallic permanent markers in the hopes of using them at some point. Of course you can use them on white paper or usually any other surface type except porous surfaces such as concrete etc. So in this review I've decided to draw on black card and this black card has a similar texture to white cartridge paper meaning it has some tooth to draw on.

First of all if you are familiar with using Sharpie markers they are often permanent markers which are resistant to water and also fade resistant and quick drying.

Here is the 3 pack I bought for £1.99. The pack includes a Gold, A Silver and a Bronze marker and these are the three main metallic colours you can obtain.

sharpie metallic markers
The unopened pack of Sharpie metallic art markers

sharpie metallic art markers
The 3 metallic sharpie art markers ready for drawing with

I like the use of these art pens, although the uses could be limited in some respects as it's not often you might need these three colour combinations, but still there will be some uses for these pens in card making and other crafts. Here though I've thought about drawing something that would have some sort of mechanical metallic sheen to contrast against the black paper.

At first I was going to use a white pencil to sketch something in, but I decided to just throw myself into it and use these markers boldly with confidence. On first use of the markers I quickly realized that the markers are not great at layering colours over each other the Silver showed through the Bronze on the Helmet illustration, the Gold however seems to cover the Silver, so some trial and error is advised in using these pens in conjunction with each other.

It is possible to create a total covering of each colour but sometimes that might mean going over the same areas twice with each pen. Again some more experimentation could be used to try and let some of the black show through from the paper. Like most permanent markers these pens stink and it is best to use these in a well ventilated room or else you may feel light headed like I am now lol!

Sharpie Metallic Marker art

The Silver in the final drawing left some streaks, but again if you want total coverage you will have to cover it a couple of times once the under layer has dried. Now I am wondering if you can add other inks over the top. Well you can but the ink doesn't glide very well over the surface and in some cases with the Uni-pin and the Pigma micron pens I used the ink starts to disappear slightly with a 50% reduction.

As a small test I thought about comparing the pens against using them on white paper and the results are not as effective I think, however the bronze colour shows up well, the silver is dwarfed by the white of the paper and also the Gold doesn't have the same mid tone brightness as it does on black paper. Mixed results Black paper is best.

The best thing about these art markers is that on black paper if you use the bronze as the darkest colour, then the Gold as a mid tone and finally the Silver as a highlight, then it creates a nice effect which is perfect for drawing tribal designs of any sort or highly detailed armour and weaponry and this is something to do more of in the future on this blog.

What do you think of these art markers? Let us know in the comments!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Horror Movie Original Art Prints In The Works

I am working on some original horror movie art prints that I am going to be selling in the near future and this will be a fun sketching time to try and realize some cool childhood memories as I pick some of the most iconic horror movies I can remember. (the bulk of them are from the 80's, that classic era for tons of movies)

Here is the current list of horror movies that I will be delving my creative imagination into.

The Fly
The Thing
Dawn Of The Dead
Day Of The Dead
Killer Klowns From Outer Space

I'll be adding more to this list as I go along. Look for updates and links to new sketches along the way.  Here is one I'm working from The Thing

Are there any horror movies you can remember that would make a great new horror art print? Please let me know!

upcoming horror art prints

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #28 - Band Horror Logo Commission

The photos below are of a Band logo commission I did for a Fiverr client. The image of a guitar, microphone and skull help make the design part of a band logo quite well. The inked design looks more solid and the white cobwebs seem to add an extra dimension to the art illustration.

All I have to do now is do a quick logo in photoshop to compliment the design.

band horror logo
The initial pencil sketch of the band logo. Wanted to work out the elements first and see if they worked and they did, so I started inking below

skull band logo

Horror Skull Band logo
The final inked version of the band logo illustration. Nice and black shades that contrast well with the white elements

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #27 - Freddy Kruger Head Sketch

I have been trying to draw a Freddy Krueger head sketch for some time and this one seemed better than the others which ended up in the reject pile. While I think it's commendable to draw a realistic portrait of Robert Englund as Kruger, but that's not my style. So instead I wanted to capture the essence of Nightmare on Elm Streets favorite horror icon.

Right now the inked version has that raw look and the colour will help bring the character to life. As and when I finish this illustration I'll do an update to this post.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #26 - Tree Skull Art Fiverr Commission

I'm working on a tree skull art design for a Fiverr client and the idea was based on a facebook image that had a tree with a few hidden faces in it.  You can check out the Fiverr gig right here - I'll draw a horror skull in black ink for $5

The challenge with this piece of art was to make the skulls look almost hidden within the tree itself. In the pencil drawing above I think I'm getting away with it. I need to ink this.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #25 - Killer Klown Sketching

Wanted to try and draw a Killer Klown in oversized onesie like a proper clown. Might do a background on this one. Once again I'll update with updates on this and other drawings in the daily sketch journal blog series.

Just a pencil sketch at the moment, but it could do with some improvements around the drawing and maybe see about adding something in his hands, but what? hmmm? decisions decisions!

The Killer Klown drawing is on a sheet of A4 white card and this is the close up of that early pencil sketch.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #24 - The Thing Inspired Art

Designing another Thing inspired head drawing based off of John Carpenters film The Thing. This is inspired from the two heads that look like they are being ripped and forced apart, it's the frozen thing creature Kurt Russel and the team find in the Antarctic.

I wanted to make this lightly different and more me than a realistic version of whats gone before. that's why I added one human head at the bottom and something else at the top which helps separate the two heads in my opinion even though they are joined together.

Still need to work on more of the inks for this drawing and colour it with some funky colours.

the thing creature sketch
The Thing close up two heads being forced together and then ripped apart at the same time, needs more work

Friday, 30 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #23 - Vampire Sketch The Strain

Currently drawing more The Strain artwork in particular the vampires from that TV show of the same name. I want to create a few good art illustrations prints of these and this one I'm working on I wanted to just do the head like it's just been chopped off and all the vampire virus worms are splattered around the head of the Vampire. I'm not sure if I'm going to colour this as yet, but this is the pencil sketch and inked drawing I have done so far.

On a slightly funny note, it looks like the Vampires tongue is waving on it's missing nose like a little kid saying "Na Na Na Na Na!" lol. Think I'll keep that in the design though, now onto inking the drawing and I'm thinking about some heavy black in the background to help all the worms and thinned out white blood stand out.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #22 - The Fly Horror Print Sketch

Drawing realistically portrait style isn't really my style. I may not have the patience to learn, so in keeping with that thought, I took a look at a movie still from that movie and it shows Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle in a horribly disfigured and quite excellent prosthetic suit, but here in the initial pencil sketch I wanted to capture the essence of that movie moment.

I'll be adding a Teleportation pod in the background and maybe the fully transformed fly creature somewhere on the A3 sheet of card I am drawing on.

As the illustration progresses with inks and colour then the drawing might look more like a hideous looking freak. It's kind of a relief not being able to draw realistically, because that exists on film and it was nice to flex my drawing muscles by using my own art style and trying to create something that honours this classic horror movie of my childhood.

Horror Skull Serpent Laptop Sleeves Available

I'm still creating products for Zazzle with my unique artwork. Here we have a horror skull serpent that I drew in a black and white art style. The Skull as a Serpent works quite well as a design for a laptop computer sleeve. I wonder what this would look like in color?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #21 - Sugar Skull Design

I drew this for a Fiverr client from this gig here I'll Draw A Horror Skull For $5 And it turned out pretty well, the client was happy with the skull design anyhow and I was pleased since this is the second one I've drawn in the Sugar Skull theme. I'll more than likely do a color version of this or draw another one.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #20 - Undead Zombie Head Art

This Zombie head I inked back in 2014 and forgot about it for awhile and I just started to add some basic grey and red colours to the undead head. Needs some work, but it's getting there.

daily sketch journal
Zombie head inked with ink pens and coloured with letraset promarkers.

Drawing A Cerberus Creature From Greek Myth

I've tried several attempts at drawing Cerberus. Once on camera when I don't feel I was ready to explore the drawing of it. (although I got the heads right) The drawing below was done last year 2014 and it is the best representation of Cerberus I have ever done. I like the whole dynamics of the illustration really and so I thought what about breaking down the steps and showing how you could draw this yourself.

cerberus illustration

Cerberus creature art
A slight close up of the 3 Hound heads on Cerberus

Of course I'll be doing a slightly different drawing from that drawing above, but it still will be a good Demonic three headed hound that guards the underworld of Hades from the classic Greek legend.

Lets start by planning the full drawing from scratch. Often I like to gesture draw the whole thing in sketch form first to get an idea of the heads, proportions and anatomy etc. Gesture drawing is were you sketch loosely by not starting to draw perfect lines to begin with, but it really helps to give your drawing some energy and finding a nice pose for all of your creature or character designs.

gesture drawing cerberus
The gesture sketching and drawing stage really helps just serve the guide lines for later on in the drawing process and it helps you explore the creature from the very beginning of the concept stage.
Now we have a very basic framework to sketch on we can start to explore more of the creatures look by filling out the figure and the heads and whatever you choose along the way.

how to draw cerberus
Now you can see the 3 heads starting to take some shape and it is about trying to draw each head not identical to each other, but with some similar features to unify the creature design. Still needs some work

Always as we go on with a drawing we have that little doubt in the back of our minds "will this work?" and I always like to say "Lets see what happens!" Right now the legs are looking a bit off, but I can get away with it somewhat as I want the focus on the heads and maybe the tail.

concept drawing cerberus
Defining and refining previous pencil lines is like sculpting really, once you learn to adapt your way of thinking about sketching and draft sketching, you can pretty much learn to improve on pencil line drawings in time.

pencil drawing cerberus
Adding in some rough pencil shading and thicker lines help ground your creature design and prepare it for inking at a later stage. I like the look of all the Hound heads, even the central design as each has their own personality.

As with all of my blog posts on drawing creatures I'll update with new material to try and make these comprehensive and highly useful for any aspiring Artist like me. Maybe I'll draw some more hellhound heads to show for inspiration - Look for new updates and I'll date and mark any updates, so you know I've added any useful updates.

Edit: 19/05/2021 Here is another re-draw sketch of the three headed creature I did very recently - Cerberus Creature  Re-draw 

Creature Drawing on Wood

I always seem to get bored easily and finding new stuff to draw on can help relieve the mundane efforts occurring on my drawing board. So I decided to draw something on the wood panel in my shed. Of course it's a creature drawing of some sort with a giant eyeball at the centre of the art.

I did a video (Drawing a monster on wood) of the first lot of drawing, but I do want to update with more as I go along as per usual with my blog posts.

Of course in the photo below you can't see the full thing, but with subsequent updates I hope to add more to the drawing and show you different sections of the whole piece.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Just Thought This Photo Would Amuse

Last year I was experimenting with trying to place my tripod and camera in better positions to make better drawing videos and after a nice cup of coffee one morning I had a brain wave of an idea which in my head sounded and would've looked awesome and been amazing for my video production and...well I tried it and I wasn't happy with it at and my pathetic ideas!

The idea as you can see from the photo below was to prop a tripod and camera down the back of my hoodie top and it would show a nice over head view of my drawing board as I I'm a right joker, this was the shittest idea I have ever had (Please excuse my Mrs' Supernatural photos in the background...sometimes they stare at me!)...good day to you all!

Daily Sketch Journal #19 - Divider Head Dead Space Art

A Divider Head from the classic Dead Space game series that I don't really play to much. Wanted to have a go at the idea for the head and work my way up to draw a body of the alien infected parasite creature.
dead space divider head art
The pencil shading was fun, because I don't do much pencil shading on drawings. I enjoyed drawing this dead space creature.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #18 - Friday The 13th Hockey Mask Art

A Friday the 13th Hockey mask drawing. I was trying to capture the essence of the movie series and I think I'll get there. I will color it soon. Just see how it goes!

I like the texture I achieved with a black brush pen around the hockey mask. I guess it was supposed to resemble coagulated blood and maybe splashed blood or something.

friday the 13th hockey mask art
The hockey mask looks quite menacing because there is no emotion to show on this inked illustration

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #17 - Demon Hell Spawn Marker Art

This hellspawn marker art makes a refreshing change from the black and white stuff I did the last 6 months of last year. I've started to use Letraset Promarkers more often for coloring in my artwork and they produce some pretty great results. Although I'm still experimenting with them, you can layer over different shades of a color and create some nice depth with tone.

demon hellspawn promarker art