Saturday, 5 July 2008

Trying to think of inspiration in fantasy art

I often look for new inspiration in fantasy art, I seem to have a few days when I cannot think of anything to draw.

Or there are certain days when I know what I want to draw but hat does not happen for what ever reason, why does this happen, I know I'm not alone, writers have the same problem, writers block can also be artists block.

How do you concentrate your time into something meaningful, something that will get you the results that you want?

Well here are three of the best ways to do this!

First, always try and draw even if you can't, find some time away from distractions, this is easily achieved by setting up a work space away from kids, away from the television and even the nagging wife ( for the wifes of the world reading this, just give your other half a shiny new toy to play with, a gadget perhaps!!)

Drawings can also be conceptual in design and not that clear, so try and sketch and draw with a simple idea in mind or a collaboration of ideas.

Second, watch what other artists are doing, they see and they create far more in tune with their subject than others, so see them, study them and get inspired by who you have to to succeed at creating some great fantasy art.

Reference images and other photos can help too, so watch out for these in your world of searching for inspiration.

And last of all third, Set yourself a schedule for your art, plan ahead and work on everything that you create, but don't over work existing drawings, as this will become too populated with line marks and just produce rather muddy results, always try and find your way of knowing when to stop drawing.

An overworked drawing may not look right, but you also waste time doing this, you want to maximize your time by drawing more instead of going over pencil lines again or adding unnessecary detail.

Always try and stick to these three main principals in everything that you draw and you will be fine for fantasy art.