Drawing Tools And Resources

Drawing tools and resources for the artist, the best tools and online software for the job of creating new age artwork online in a digital age of artists and also traditional artwork with pencils and paper.

There are free software tools and then there are paid ones. The free tools are the best that I've seen and they really help you create some fantastic artwork, so long as you learn about them like any other software drawing tool.

Sketchfu - This is a free online program that you can draw and paint and create some fantastic art to share around the internet, some of the art that other artists have done on Sketchfu is so impressive, it's made me want to have a go at it.

Gimp - Gimp is a free to download photo editing and drawing tool, much like the excellent Photoshop, although not as complex, but still it has some really excellent features for a free online drawing tool that acts a lot like Photoshop, I'll be doing some Gimp stuff in the future so you can see how this drawing tool can be used to it's maximum effectiveness.

Art/Drawing Equipment

Sketch Pencils - Where would you be without the traditional sketching pencils that we all know and love to draw traditional art on paper, take a look at some top brands of pencil and also search for the cheapest if you are on a budget.

Crayola Colour Pencils - Adding color to your drawings and designs is just as important to bring them to life and Crayola is my favourite, but then a prismacolor pencil pack comes a close second.

Crayola Twistable Pencils Video Review - A video review and small demonstration of the Crayola Twistable pencils.

Ink Pens - I prefer the gel ink pens as they are cheap and good enough to ink my drawings, but some of the top ink pens can be really useful to do pen and ink line drawings or quick sketches.

Sharpie Metallic Pens - A review of these quality craft pens with 3 metallic colours Bronze, Gold and Silver.

Artist Value Packs - Value packs are ideal for artists on a budget and really they can be the most inexpensive artist tools to get them at discounted prices, pencils, paints or brushes.

Drawing Stencils - If you need help with drawing certain shapes or just to draw fun shapes, stencils are ideal for the artist to realize simple but effective stencil designs within their own art.

Painting Equipment - Paint tools, paint and brushes for painting. ( I want to do a few fantasy painting tutorials in the future.)

Paint Pallettes - For mixing paints and holding water for watercolours and acrylics.

Top 10 Bestselling  Ink Pen Markers - Top 10 of the best selling ink pen markers around, some I've used personally, others I want to use in the future.

Art Materials Video Demonstrations

Crayola Crayon Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Video - A Halloween pumpkin gets colored with Crayola crayons

5 Ways To Use A Flexi Curve - Use a flexi curve in your drawings and illustrations, this could be the tool that helps create some great curved lines in your art.

I'll update this page more as time goes on....watch this space!!