Saturday, 7 November 2009

How To Draw A Woman Warrior

Woman warriors are certainly a good fantasy theme to draw and you can draw them quite easily with that age old saying practice makes perfect, I've been looking at fashion catalogues and other magazine pull outs to copy models poses from in my drawings and this is the best way of drawing women for anything and so using this little drawing reference you can apply it to your women warriors and the strength that women show through their dynamic poses is one inspiring aspect of amazon women warriors.

Start off by understanding how you want the figure of your woman to be arranged as you can decide what goes where and you don't have to copy your catalogue photos exactly, you just need to use them as a base for your intended drawing, my drawing in the video below was created from two separate sources and so I combined them to make the pencil drawing in that video.

Women warriors are most powerful when you show their figure form at it's best and in a dynamic pose and also a large sword always helps too.

So in the video below, I tried to draw a powerful and dynamic warrior woman who is jumping in mid air, the movement is there in the preliminary drawing I think, although what you need to factor into your fantasy women drawings is long hair and an athletic build and that's generally it, but you could try some variation and sketch out some different alternatives, before you comitt to the final piece.

Here's the video and although the high heels are a bit much, they do add that x-faxctor to the fantasy warrior woman drawing slightly, just need to ink the drawing and upload it to the computer and try some computer manipulations.

I'll add a further post at a later stage which will cover the basics of fgiure drawing your woman warrior and if you feel you are more comfortable with stick figures, then I may work this into the beginning of a blog post.

I'd like to see any warrior drawiings you can come up with!