Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Getting creative with face painting...I've just found it and I love painting my kids faces, although they are getting fed up of being a demon

Something that has always fascinated me, is face painting, it's right up there with body art, layering paint or water based paint on the skin and changing quite temporarily the features of ones face, mainly kids, but I've painted a few adults faces since I got going.

One of the best things about face painting is a face is just like a blank canvas and you never quite know what will be painted, some people are quite specific when making a request for a design, so you just get on with it, but if you have never ever done this type of thing before, where do you start?

A good site that I found in my research quite early on into this area of simple creativity was this one - Easy face painting I found lots of inspiration here from the few articles that they had, initially I was only wanting to learn to paint my kids faces if they had their birthday parties at home, so they would like to be a tiger or some other thing by a simple face paint, I soon found out however that they would get bored of the same old thing (like kids do!) so I wanted to learn a little bit more on how to simplify real life designs and really build up an understanding of coming up with new designs.

I did not want to earn anything from this, I was just interested in doing it, so I could do it if requested at birthdays or other events, sort of like a challenge.

I decided to buy the face painting ebook as it was cheap and I was just curious and it was an impulse buy anyway, I just wanted to do something different with my art, I found the ebook to be quite easy to understand and was full of simple designs and instructions and resources to even start your own face painting business - something that I was not aware of, or even knew existed!

I wasn't expecting the free bonus reports that came with it either, so this made it a well balanced and cheap resource of knowledge that you can carry through your life in any party or event

Learn how to be a master face painter...Quickly!