Sunday, 28 December 2008

How To Draw Creatively From Your Imagination

Drawing creatively from your imagination takes some practice but it is possible with lots of it.

Here is a quick run down of my creative process to draw from my imagination in a creative way, first like any muscle we must exercise our minds, our hands and eyes and seperate them from what we actually want to start drawing.

Take a pencil and paper and draw anything that appears in your head, could be a line, a circle or some other scribble, what matters here is you are exercising your mind, drawing hand and eyes all in one so that they feel comfortable and are ready for the next phase of imaginative drawing.

Drawing from your imagination is all taken from your own mind so it exists somewhere in your creative mind to create concepts out of simple drawing exercises such as doodling.

As a kid doodling for me was the fun part of drawing not knowing what was going to appear on the page, but it was a journey to discover what could fit onto a piece of paper if I planned a drawing out from doodle ideas that really fired my imagination.

Your favourite films and music and books all play a part in your imagination, try to tap into this often for best results from inspired media, in fact the human brain takes loads of mental images from anything we see in everyday life, so we already have some good reference material in our heads anyway, but a little help along the way cuts down time and relaxes your mind to let the creative side of your brain take over.

Some other ways of thinking creatively drawing ideas from your imagination include:

  • Time to think is an obvious one, but one that doesn't get the attention it deserves without time to ourselves to stop and think, new ideas and image concepts would not materialize.
  • Brainstorming your best or favourite associated words and phrases, something like "robot cyborg futuristic armour" may inspire some new ideas and sketches.
  • Play a video game, often whilst solving puzzles and other game levels your mind is at it's most creative, but this could apply to anything that stimulates your mind such as film and television.
  • Draw what you feel could help to create some interesting results, if you feel angry then draw some evil frowning faces or just some dark art, you'll feel better for getting it out of your system and also you may have some good ideas at the end of it.
At the start of each day try and get some quick sketching done, much in the same way as doodling not knowing what will happen, because ideas have that habit of appearing when you least expect it so if you doodle at the start and finish of each day you may catch some good image concepts.

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