Saturday, 4 September 2010

How To Draw A Minotaurs Head

Draw a minotaurs head in this easy to follow video that makes it easier for you to sketch your own Minotaur as a scary looking fantasy Minotaur. Watch this drawing video on drawing a detailed Minotaur head.

Friday, 3 September 2010

How To Draw A Pirate

Drawing a pirate is fun and my son said to me"Dad can you draw me a pirate? and so I said "ok!" and here we are, a Pirate drawing tutorial with inspirational steps to follow to learn how to draw a pirate. Let's draw a pirate!

Pirates have the best costumes, at least that's what I used to think as a kid, dressing up in a pirate hat and big red over coat, but Pirates can look quite like horrible criminals with scars on their faces and dirty clothes.

At first in my sketches I was going to draw Captain Hook, but decided to do a different pirate instead. Pirates are best drawn with a cutlass I think, so that's what I concentrated on.

In the first sketch below I focused on the figure, the basic layout that makes up any drawing and to get this right is the best thing to do....

Notice that the muscles have been drawn quite large and more dfined, because I wanted this pirate to be a brute and something of a hard pirate who liked to fight, give your pirates character by defining their figure shape early on.

The second pirate sketch dealt with refining that figure form a lot better and really loosing a lot of the circular shapes I'd used to build up the basic figure drawing of our pirate. You can see some of the prate qualities coming through in the following design sketch with the bandana becoming quite noticeable.

This step is as important as the last as you are moving away from a pre-sketch sketch to a more built up version which gets better every time or at least it should, try practicing if you make a mistake, you learn from your mistakes.

The third sketch really starts to bring the pirate drawing together now, as more of the muscles are defined and some of the pirates clothing is worked out much better. Also we can see the face with the nasty pirates features with a grim and gritty look like he's going to kill someone to get some treasure.

The fourth and final drawing sees the pencil lines becoming more darker now and some of the details are ironed out a bit more, take a look below.....

And there we have it, a pirate, try drawing this pirate yourself or make up your own inspired by it. Drawing pirates is fun!

Also see how to draw Captain Hook on video

Or you could buy this book below to get a comprehensive guide on drawing pirates....

Drawing With A Lightbox

Drawing with a lightbox is great for drawing certain designs that you either want drawing right or you want to trace elements of one drawing to another and it's also a good artists tool for drawing animations also.

But I'm not an animator I'm more of an artist and that's what I use the artists lightbox for and here is how I draw with a lightbox....

I get one drawing that I've done and I decide whether that drawing is good, but then maybe I want to do a variation on it so that I could say take the head of something and then draw a completly different portion of the drawing by tracing the head part that I want to keep, but then I start to sketch below where I want a different drawing to occur.

In the following video I show you my light box and in it I'm drawing a halloween pumpkin and tracing over the top and this is only a first look at what you can use a lightbox for in your drawing.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Demon Tattoo Art Quick Look Video

I did a quick video snap shot of two demon tattoo art pieces a few months ago on my YouTube channle and I thought I would spotlight them here too as I do want to lead into a new drawing tutorial soon about drawing some demon tattoos (Would this be a great idea?) and so in the following video I go through these two demon tattoos which are quite large in fact and they was drawn a few years ago.

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Monday, 30 August 2010

Crayola Art Products

Crayola is a fantastic company that has been around for donkeys years and the art products are still as popular now as they were yester year and to celebrate that fact I am going to be spot lighting a few of the best Crayola Art Products out there today that I use off and on to create some of my fantasy artwork.

Crayola is best known for it's range of art products that are aimed at young kids to explore art, but even older kids and adults can still use the Crayola art range to create some fantastically creative art. The Crayola colored pencils are widely the most popular and best selling Crayola pencils as they are classic and easy to scribble, blend and draw as well as color with.

I use the color pencils from Crayola a lot to blend and color in some of my comic book character drawings to give them a color scheme, so that I can reference the character later on and have the drawings in the colors I selected for them.

Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola 64 Ct Short Colored Pencils Kids Choice Colors

Also Crayola Color has gone into other art products such as Washable markers which come in a wide range of broad art markers to super tip felt tips which are just great for coloring in large and small areas and the washable feature of these markers are excellent as most clothes and surfaces are washable if you get these markers drawn on you for what ever reason, some kids will be kids, especially nursery and young school kids.

As I've previously bought a lot of the Crayola art products over the years there is a lot of the pencils and markers which have different features, such as twistable color pencils and erasable color pencils and watercolor pencils, so the range is still fantastic and quite cheap too.

Washable art markers....

Crayola 8 Ct Washable Classic Broad Markers

Crayola Crayons could be the first ever art product from Crayola that you are introduced to and I know I was when I was at primary school as they are great for young kids to draw with those wax like crayons and I've bought my two kids lots of Crayola Crayons over the years and even myself too, cheeky me!

The crayons are ace for laying down lots of color, although they do waste away quite quickly, they are very cheap and that's why I like them.

Crayola Crayons....

Crayola 24 Ct Crayons

Crayola have many other art products and some are better than others, but go with the standard classics as they are the best in quality, Crayons, pencils, felt tip markers, coloring pads and activity kits are among the best as tested by my two kids over the years.

On the whole though I'd recommend mot of the Crayola art products that they have on offer....

Sunday, 29 August 2010

How To Draw A Dragon

Drawing a dragon, those classic fantasy beasts that have wings and are usually an icon of fantasy art. This is a drawing tutorial which will look at the very many aspects of drawing a dragon and as such the first attempt is the best case scenario as I draw a Dragon and then try and do some extra blog posts around drawing different elements of a dragon creature.

As you may know, a Dragon can look very different as there are many dragons that have been created by many fantasy artists and one thing I always get drawn to creating is dragons with a personality. This drawing process is great, because you can learn to draw fire dragons, ice dragons, cave dragons and lots more and that's what we will do eventually as time goes on, I would like to do a full series on drawing some Dragons.

But for now, here is a Dragon drawing tutorial from the heart as I love these imaginary creatures, not too sure if they actually existed or that they got confused with dinosaurs, but they sure are cool to draw.

Side note: I've had a few emails about breaking my drawing tutorials into more precise parts and this is something that I will start to apply to my drawing tutorials over time and particular with my drawing videos on YouTube. Look for more detailed tutorials soon.

The first sketching step of your dragon drawing is to just begin....

The beginning step should mark out the important shape of the head and the two legs at the front as well as the wing shoulder and the larger circles represent the leg joints and the small one is the wing shoulder, try to lay them out roughly at first as the legs could change position later depending on how you draw your dragon.

If you draw them like I have, then you can assume that the body will be drawn around the arms and legs and the wings, so try and give yourself enough space to do so.

Dragon Beginning Sketch

The Second dragon sketch focuses on the body....

The body of the dragon must be drawn in now making sure to include your arm and leg and wing reference points and also to connect the head to the neck and body. The curve on the dragons tail is done with a view to draw in a tail end design of some sort later on.

The body shape of the dragon is long and when you come to draw the legs you'll see it all should balance out quite nicely, just remember that the back leg is slightly bigger to support the dragons weight more and this is shown with the larger leg joint than the front arm.

Dragon body sketching....

The third stage of drawing sees the dragons whole body being worked out and that's not a Dragon going to the gym or anything, it's the final sketch stage that sees the whole figure decided upon, complete with the wings and the arms and legs and one thing that I have not decided to do is to draw the other set of legs at the other side because there is a good reason for that, as I am working on a separate blog post that will deal with the problem of drawing legs and arms behind the body as this has been mentioned quite a few times to me by email.

So look for that post soon to see the complete dragon...

Dragon Drawing sketching complete...

The fourth stage of drawing our dragon is the inking stage that I so into doing on most of my drawings as I feel it gives your drawing a permanent and solid look of line work, a few details can be added at this stage and that's what I do with the head in particular with the eyes and the horned fin like spines as well as a few muscle lines along the way.
As I said before the dragon isn't finished yet as I want to address the problem of drawing legs behind the front legs which deals with foreshortening and some slight perspective, so watch out for that.

Dragon drawing inked....

Try some of these - Dragon Drawing Books for more dedicated help on drawing different dragons.

Also see the 3 part drawing video tutorial below for an alternative idea on drawing a Dragon idea.