Saturday, 20 June 2009

Drawing A Castle In A Fantasy World

Conwy Castle In Wales

Castle Photo Copyright 2009

Castles are great to draw, the older the better, even today there are lots of castles still standing and you can find some clear reference pictures online for castles all around the world just do a search.

The classic image of a castle in a fantasy world always sees an impossibly balanced castle built on top of an unstable mountain or hill with multiple towers and walls, often the castle looks like it will fall down if a giant blew on it!

The castle drawing below is one of many classic castle drawings I prefer, the image of a castle near the sea on top of a cliff or some mountainous caverns are the best ones to draw.

A Castle Pen And Ink Drawing

With a castle that you are going to draw, you can draw it however you want it. You can add as many towers and castle walls to it as you want, so long as the construction of it holds up against it's surroundings, take the photo below, itis quite a large castle, but it shows just what is possible in a castle drawing.

Kent Dover Castle

Dover Casle Photo Taken From The Forum Thread Which is copyright the respected photographer 2009

Believable castles that are sketched out are the ones that you can base on existing ones which you found in your research, as reference material is always a good idea to have handy for looking up and checking whether you are on the right path with your fantasy castle drawings.

Here is a drawing tutorial that gives you some ideas on how to draw a fantasy castle.

Fantasy Castle Drawing: Step By Step Guide