Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How To Draw A Black Cat Step By Step

How to draw a Black Cat step by step with an in depth look at drawing one possible Black Cat pose. The idea with this drawing tutorial was to draw a Black Cat that wasn't very realistic, but obviously still quite recognizable as a stand alone Cat that almost looks cartoony.

The way that you start to draw a Cat is the most important thing to consider. The early sketching stage is vital to work everything out on paper. Follow along and draw this Black Cat idea yourself. It could be fun to draw for Halloween or any time of the year.

how to draw a black cat
Draw a basic circle and curve for the Cats back

Draw two lines which will form the front legs and basic triangles for the ears

Begin to draw in the back legs like this, draw loosely and light

Define the face of the Cat more

Draw some whiskers and other details

Sketch a rough tail shape

Draw the front legs to match the back legs

The eyes are rather Cat like and slight hairs added around the head help add character

Darkening the pencil lines to define the Cat figure more

Carry on with drawing over the outline

The pencil drawing stage is complete, ready to be inked

Using a Good ink pen to start to ink the Cat

Inking the Cat helps to make sense of your pencil lines and clean them up

The whole outlines have been inked

Scribble ink from the tail to create a nice black fur texture

Continue with the black ink fur texture

The scribble ink effect really works

Try and follow the way the fur should go to add a sense of direction

how to draw a black cat
The finished black cat illustration