Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I Am Selling My Art On Ebay

I have toyed with the idea of selling on eBay for awhile. I used to sell a few bits and pieces years ago with some good results, but haven't done any new listings in years. So from now I am starting to get back into listing some of my art on eBay. For now I will ship to just the UK, but soon once I grasp the sites changes and find out the shipping rates I will post worldwide.

Here is my eBay user page - Wayne Tully eBay Art and I'll always have some art listed. Check it out!

Illustrative Arts Exhibition Princes Quay Hull

In the month of August 2014 from the 1st to the 29th I had a small selection of my artwork featured in a larger gallery with some very talented Artists with work that was themed illustrative arts which included lots of cool art in different styles. I thought I would post the photos of that gallery exhibition here.

See if you can find my art in the middle of the awesome art.

princes quay hull art gallery