Thursday, 25 October 2018

Black Ink Zombie Drawings

Highly detailed zombie horror illustrations inspired by the walking dead probably

Over the course of a few months, even a few years I'd say I have been trying to perfect my art style by drawing and repeating the same themes over and over again which has resulted in me drawing a few illustrations that I am happy with and these zombie head drawings are currently 2 that I am really happy with.

Been attempting to use only cheap materials lately, with really inexpensive gel ink pens and drawing ink, which sort of isn't good for the archival quality of original artwork, but the raw art will live on in digital form forever after scanning as a digital file, so it works out.

The overly detailed way in which I ink and get carried away is just a joy for me, because I can add in as much inked details as I want and not worry about it later, especially as they are my own drawings and not commissions for anyone as in the past I've been told to tone down the detail a bit, which is a bit depressing as I love details on an illustration.

black ink zombie drawings
My drawing board needs a good clean, but this drawing distracts from that.

The above piece is another highly intricate inked horror illustration that I really enjoyed sketching and inking from start to finish. It's quite similar to a Hellraiser horror skull I drew awhile back. Often created with a mixture of sharpie and fine line pigma micron ink pens or gel pens with Sakura Gelly Roll white pens for the drips.

The thing is with these types of drawings I think they are going to be what I'm known for drawing the most and even tough I want to draw other stuff away from horror, I'll always return to this genre and be inspired by it.

How To Draw A Death Star From Star Wars

How to draw a death star from the popular original star wars movies. the following photos are just a guide, but you can watch the video and see how I draw it too here How To Draw The Death Star

Paper and a circle template at the ready to draw

learn to draw the death star
Draw a circle for the death star structure and a couple of smaller circles for the noticeable feature and also a curved line across the mid section and start to pencil in loose panels again curving to the spherical shape.

death star drawing
I used warm grey acrylic drawing ink watered down to create the moon like luminance again following the pencilled lines for the panels as it is a man made structure.

draw a death star
I painted a dark black band of acrylic black ink around the whole death star to make the whole thing stand out.

draw the death star
With a fine line ink pen I started to ink the panel lines giving a suggestion of some technical detail.

how to draw a death star
This bit was optional to turn this into the death star structure from The Return of the Jedi to one that is being rebuilt after it was destroyed in a New Hope - I used a fine point sharpie to ink criss cross lines which simulate fine threads of structured technical elements.

Again, here's the video if you want to watch through and see how I drew this popular Star Wars visual icon.