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As an artist of quite a few years now, I have come to the understanding that art is whatever you make it, there is no perfection, there is only what you enjoy and the way you create it, I draw fantasy art and other interesting things like tattoo art and comic books of my own creation.

I originally set up this bog to write about my art, a selfish notion at first, but then I had the idea of combining it with an arts resource that will help inspire other people to draw and create their own fantasy art, with article tutorials and youtube videos that give you that inside look at the area of fantasy art.

Whilst this blog is in the early days and needs to be focused on more so that any aspiring artists gain any benefit from it, I do hope to expand on the topics and categories of art and provide some really great artistic and creative resources, so within this blog, look for the polls so that you can give me some feedback into this blog, so that I could come up with content that you actually want, such as relevant tutorials, reviews and any other thing that you can think of.

I look forward to building this blog, as the arts world is something that I really enjoy being a part of and I hope you do to.

If there are any drawing tutorial requests or anything that you would like me to feature on this blog, then leave a comment on this blog below, as I do want to make this blog a good resource for fantasy artists and people who just love to draw.

You can also share this blog with others if you find it useful yourself and you can find the share buttons dotted around the place, either below each post or at the top of the page where it says Share, as always I will respond to comments and questions within 24 hours, so I look forward to your support with this fantasy art resources and inspirations blog.

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Cheers Now!

Wayne Tully.

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