Saturday, 11 September 2010

Crayola Supertips Flaming Skull Color Demonstration Video

When it comes to coloring in with any art marker, it is a really good idea to do a quick almost sketchy color guide first and this YouTube video that I created simply shows you how to apply color in a few shades in a fast sketchy way without me saying a word.

The drawing was a skull with fire at the back of the skull design and so all I had to do was quickly color in with my Crayola Supertip markers with 4 markers red, orange, yellow and pink.

Watch the video and see how easy it is to lay down color with some supertip art markers from Crayola.....

Drawing Manga Book Video Review

I recently did a quick video flicking through a great Manga drawing book that I bought awhile ago and it is full of great drawing tutorials which you can see the tutorial examples as I run through the Manga art book.

The monster book of manga is a really good book that I think you really should take a look at if you are into learning how to draw Manga and there are loads of Manga characters and creatures to draw within the book.

What I say in the video is that the drawing tutorials are really focused and created in such a format that it makes it easy to follow every step of the way drawing these popular Manga characters and creatures. So there is no pages of art with no direction or fluff, just to get you to buy the book with over 366 pages, this book really is a monster book of manga!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

How To Draw A Werewolf - Fantasy Drawing Tutorial

How to draw a werewolf, This is a drawing tutorial that shows you how to draw a wolfman. Werewolves are classic creatures to draw as they always look good when you try and draw them like the classic 1950's wolfman and to draw them with a canine element that's mixed with a human one is better for the werewolf to shine.

The beginning sketches are really basic, but they are needed to find your way with the werewolf drawing itself. Here below is the first drawing and it is the usual way of laying out simple figures that I have become used to, so study how the muscles and the form of each figure that you draw relates to each other and work it all out on the paper.

The second sketch is trying to examine where you go from the first sketch, it is about building up the wolfman's body structure and refining everything along the way. Muscles are worked out more here in this step and we lose much of the circular muscle shapes I used to start off the basic figure drawing.

The third step in the werewolf drawing process is to see the figure develop further and also starting to create more hair for the werewolf to look authentic, especially the head we can see the wolfman looking more realistic as a fantasy wolfman. Also note that in the background I've started to add a few mountains and a few clouds, in the inking stage I will draw a full moon to set off the wolfman drawing more.

The werewolf is looking more and more wolfman like now with it's ripped clothes, so try and aim for something along these lines.....

The last step of drawing a werewolf, I have decided to ink the complete pencil drawing with more added detail and the drawing looks more realised now with the fine line art work added in an almost comic book style.

Drawing a werewolf is a classic movie monster and look for more drawing tutorials from me soon featuring other classic movie creatures to draw.

See how to draw classic monsters....

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