Thursday, 5 April 2007

The Zombie Dead-By Wayne Tully

The zombie dead are back from the graves of the dead, and are rotting and dripping blood all over the place....?

Zombies are another favourite to draw as I am a horror film fanatic and have grown up with the images of horror within my head for years, one of my ambitions is to write and direct a low budget zombie horror film before I turn to dust of old age.

But with this zombie drawing I just wanted to show the classic zombie character and do a full body sketch.

Zombie Dead Art Pen And Ink Drawing

Learn How To Draw And Paint The Undead

Other Witch Art

More witch designs from the Witches Evil project by Wayne Tully, that will be coming soon.
A collected graphic novel all about the last surviving witches on earth and their struggle with demons.
I like drawing all this fantasy stuff!!

The Dark Witch Design

This design is from one of my upcoming projects entitled Witches Evil, a graphic novel about the last surviving witches who have troubles with demons alot.

Demon God Of Evil Art Design

This is the demon god of evil and it was inspired by a serpent creature that I drew way back over 4 years ago, and so I re drew it and added a demon on the end with 2 swords, making him a flaming fire colour adds to the hell design of the usual demons.

I like to do the flame design with felt tips as they blend easier with felt tip pens. to do this I start off with the red and either do the edges of the flame or the centre of the flames, then a light orange colour followed by the yellow pen which seems to blend the colours, sort of like a paint glaze.

Using felt tips could be used as a primary medium, but for me it is for visualizing the colours and moving on from there. I've also been known to sketch with felt pens and often I have gone through packs of felt tips in a day, because they run out of colour.

Top Tip - Save all of your old felt tip pens, because they could come in handy for use with paints and other colour mediums when they dry out, just wet the tips and use them like paint brushes, I always like little recycling tips like this!

Flaming Demonic Art God Of Evil

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Drawings and sketches in progress.

Here are a collection of some of my drawings that I am working on at this moment in time. Some are drawings that have remained unfinished and need a little bit more work to finish the art or redraw it somewhat.

I usually sketch them all out in pencil first and then ink them with quality black ink pens that do not leak(the trouble with pens I've had over the years!!)

And then I rub out the pencil marks and scan them into my computer to either add colour or just resize them and transfer them elsewhere.

This lobster demon drawing I sketched out largely with a crappy black biro and it is one of them drawings that I just went along with just for the sake of doodling.

I would certainly like to develop this drawing further to see how I could colour it and develop it more.

Lobster Claw Demons Biro Drawing

The monster thing drawing below was inspired by the alien creature out of the film "The Thing" which is one of my favourite horror films and I often draw alien monster creatures which are a mass of tentacles and bulging flesh.

I'll go back to this drawing and tinker with it on the computer some day!

A Monster Thing Pen And Pencil Sketch

The blog header below is the rough art that I had the idea for this blog, it is only meant as an experiment and one that will be replaced by a better header as time goes on.

Update as you can see I've quickly added some colour and added it as a temporary blog header. Wayne Tully Fantasy Art logo design looks pretty good, but if I can get my hands on a decent amount of computer memory I can get some good photoshop software or computer art program to assist me in the professional art creation process.

Wayne Tully Fantasy Art Blog Header Art

Demons Power Pencil Sketch A Comic Book Concept

The demon rose out of the amulet as the power was great and filled with intense rage of being trapped inside the amulet for centuries, but now this creature has been freed there is no stopping this evil that is about to be spread on the land.

The drawing below is taken from the upcoming Book of evil a graphic novel that will be written and drawn by me and I hope to finish this soon.

Comic books are a childhood memory I am happy to think about often as I have many of the comic books still to this day and I just love the art form with the art telling the stories and the dialogue adding to the visual storytelling.

Comic books also help with the inspiration factor too like movies and regular reading books, so I hope to show some more of my comic book art on this blog and write about the inspiration processes and successes in drawing this kind of art as I think this may be useful for you to read.

demon art pencil sketch
Read the update on my graphic novel entitled the Demons Power