Thursday, 22 March 2007

Just started Hub Pages And I Have Many Fantasy Art Drawing Tutorials On There Now!

HubPages is a small company built on two simple ideas:

1. Having a voice on the web should be easy and fun
2. And it should also be rewarding ― in every sense of the word

They've built a set of tools so easy to use that within minutes you'll be publishing your own articles and web pages, or as they call them, Hubs. And because one of their main goals is to share profits with their publishers, you'll be able to start making money when you begin to write about your top interests, my interests are affiliate marketing, drawing fantasy art and tattoos aswell as the opportunity to write some crazy hubpages that are off topic and just fun.

You're just a few clicks away from building your first Hub.

But first I'd like to add that these hubs are unlike anything I've tried before, they have the ability to create good volumes of traffic from some quality sources such as google, Yahoo and even Digg(the social bookmarking site) and when you write your articles you are in control of the content, and you can be the authority on your most treasured subject, making you the expert and people reading your new hubs every time you publish a new one.

Hubpages is free to join and are great additions to your blogs for traffic, so why not check them out for yourself.

Update: I've now exceeded 2000 views per day with hubpages and this is set to increase very soon with my third hubchallenge now underway which you try and write 30 hubpages in 30 days, they key is to write and enjoy what you write and also keep an eye on your titles and how you fit your keywords into your articles.

Welcome I am Wayne Tully - A Fantasy Artist And Writer

Fantasy Demon Art Drawing

Hi, my name is Wayne Tully and I am a very creative person that draws continuously everyday, fantasy art drawings and ideas based on stories I've thought up daily are realized and imaginative concepts are what drives me to go on and on, trying to break into the world of either comic books or just create an existence in which I can explore and be involved in the creation of my story ideas and art concepts.

This blog is all about my art and my experiences in getting somewhere with my art in either a professional way or just gain some recognition for my fantasy artist efforts.
I draw fantasy art related material and am in the process of setting up my own graphic novel set of books, which will probably be available as web comic format....Coming Soon!!

All Artwork is © Copyright Wayne Tully 2006 - 2010.

Sometimes I withdraw into my fantasy worlds that I create and often think too much about the characters and how they would react if they was in a film or even real life, more things to do with fantastical monster and creature creation has also inspired me from an early age, seeing the old Sinbad films and such classics as Jason and the Argonauts, with the much laboured over work from Ray Harryhausen, great monsters and and designs that either were based on mythical creatures of greek legend or new creations based on ideas of the time.

Fantasy Serpent
Fantasy Serpent Creature Drawing

Drawing can be quite helpful in terms of realizing visually your ideas, but combined with your written descriptions you have the added value of explaining further the ways and methods your stories play out, giving you two voices in a sense, and these two voices need to co-exist together and compliment each other.
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