Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Weekly Sketch: Skull Face Drawing

Today in the weekly sketch, I thought about doing some cool skull face drawings for a change, skull faces are good to sketch and draw as you can add a bit more to them such as hair, beards and moustaches for fun and other stuff, but never ears or noses though, now that would be weird!

Look at the skull faces in the drawing video below and see all the wonderful faces you can sketch in the spirit and style of a face of a skull. I drew this with a black gel ink pen with a rollerball tip. There is something about drawing without pencil lines to guide you that makes this a drawing that is free from the worry of mistakes as you can just take an ink pen and begin the drawing and see what happens. Try it!

How To Draw A Horror Zombie

Draw a horror zombie with all of it's rotten flash dripping off it's horrible looking face. The following art video is a part of my own personal challenge of doing 365 Halloween mask ideas within one year. That's one a day folks!

The basic start of drawing a Zombie is that you can draw an oval shape for the head and build on the initial sketch that way which is usually the easiest way to draw. I use either mechanical pencils to draw or popper pencils or sometimes a 2B or HB pencil to do the pencil drawing. The drawing is built up by sketching roughly at first to build up the face and then when you are happy you can start to add shading and other details.

The inking is done with a black gel ink pen or a berol fine liner ink pen with minimal cross hatching to simulate shadows under the eyes.

I used Crayola Twistable pencils to color the head of this rotten Zombie drawing.