Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Drawing Wizards

How to draw wizards is another fantasy creation that is fun to learn to draw, the wizards are usually old men in robes with long flowing beards and they look wise and full of wisdom, the trick is to try and approach the way of drawing them as bearded men even though you may want them to not have a beard in your final design, they way I draw them is always with beards and a look of old or ancient times so that I'm feeling that vibe to inspire me to draw the wizards I want, sometimes I may draw a bald wizard or a hairy wizard, it's all about testing your ideas to however you want.

Here is a video on drawing a wizards face that just could show you one potential wizard face variation and there are many you could do to bring your wizard characters to life.

Also you can see the first part of my wizard drawing series at Hubpages where I will cover some interesting variations that you can gain some inspiration from to draw your own wizards