Thursday, 26 August 2021

Making Money With Fiverr: Important Things You Need To Know


making money with fiverr

There are important things that you need to know about the fiverr site when trying to make money with your freelance offerings. And some of these things can demotivate you to continue with the site or to continue to grow with your freelancing career.

Currency Conversions

Whatever part of the world you are from, you will have to work out whether you have a good currency conversion in your own money as the site pays you in American US Dollars, so for instance I am from the UK and so if you earnt $70 I would have to work out Fiverrs cut which is 20% and then calculate the currency into your own to determine the actual amount you will receive by taking both amounts off, so it would be worth my (and yours) while to price high, so that your earning amount is a decent amount you can actually do the work for.

Fiverr Level Tiers 

There are 3 main tiers for offering your gigs and they are Level 1, Level 2 and Top Rated Seller. All levels you would have to maintain standards to keep at that level, the higher the level the more gigs you can create, but bear in mind if after the 15th of each month you don't meet Fiverrs standards you'll be demoted to the lesser level.

Fill Out All areas of your Gig offer

By filling in every part of your gig offer you are really making sure that your freelance gig has the best chance at getting noticed and you being messaged for work.

Make sure you provide samples of current artwork or whatever you provide, you usually get 3 top photo spaces and also an additional PDF spot were you can show a digital book sampling of your work.

Fill in the keywords in all the places you can, on photos including categories and try and create an in depth description of your offer, you need to convey exactly what it is your are offering for sale, make it clear, try to anticipate questions that the customer might have, for example, do you do Logos as well as just illustrations, explain that if you do or you don't.

Don't forget to work out a good price for the work you will do and also work out any gig extras which can make you extra money on top of your gig, always charge for extra revisions and make it clear in your description. For example if you are selling an $85 illustration and the customer wants to use the art for a t-shirt that will be replicated many times over, then a commercial licence extra is needed on top of that, the price is up to you.

Lastly fill out your profile page too with enough info about you that you can fit in, the description is short, but maybe direct customers to message you first before ordering, which leads in to the next bit...

Always message the customer along the way

At the start it's best to talk with the customer and get a good clear idea of what they want, speaking from experience, I always do this now, as before some clients would just pull the trick of more revisions needed after you've finished like they've changed their mind about what they wanted and it meant more work for me that usually was unpaid as you felt backed in to a corner.

Keep in touch with the client every step of the way as they will appreciate it, if you are late to deliver for whatever reason, it's good to let them know, so that they can add on extra time if needed.

Letting the customer know about the design or work with updates is the best way to reassure them and let them know that you are working on their work and they may be more likely to tip you, you never know.

Use The Fiverr Forum

The forum is a great way of interacting with other sellers on Fiverr, you can find tips that work, find out problems that have solutions or even ask for help from more experienced freelancers.

Use the Fiverr App

Download the fiverr app on your phone and you can get real time customer inquiries and message notifications which makes it a lot easier especially if you are away from your computer or out of the office.

If you want to sign up to fiverr here's the link -

I'll update this post with more useful info in time, if there are changes.

Depression: Art Can Heal Your Mental Health

 For years and years I've suffered with depression and the only thing that has really brought me out of that depression is drawing and art, although my family play a big part of me being still around I'm sure too.

I don't really know when it started, but it began to fester into my mind, possibly through self doubt and a lack of self confidence and self belief that my art could ever get anywhere.

On reflection this could stem from my early school years, in which I would consider myself as sort of a social outcast, I mean I had friends that I had a laugh with, but I was shy and reserved around others which made it very difficult and put pressure on me as a child in primary and secondary school and even when I started College and also beyond in working life.

Art has the potential to heal depression

Art can heal depression and anxiety by just the process of creating it. The motivation has to be there of course and you need to get past frustration if the work doesn't turn out how you would like.

Creating art for the past few years for me has been a life saver in a way as I've seen a growth and improvement in my own artwork and a slow growing self confidence in sharing my art works more often, even though not everyone is interested in it, but that's ok, that's life. That's art.

I think, that just by starting to create new art, you are on the journey as an Artist, but also on the road to healing from depression. Of course there could be other factors at work, financial pressures, life commitments, stressful job, or anything else that could interfere with your mental state.

When we leave School, for most people, their child like creativity evaporates if they don't pursue something creative and for some we lose that which we need to make our lives happier and more fulfilled. The ability to create something out of nothing is an achievement, whether it looks good or not, it's the enjoyment of making that can benefit how you see yourself.

Finding your true source of happiness

If you know what types of artwork you like to create,then you are on your way to a good exploration of artists discovery and one that could make you happy. 

art can heal mental health

I, myself love to draw horror art, it's not to everyone's tastes, but it makes me more relaxed, content and happier when I'm drawing the stuff I love to draw. This concept of trying to get your mind to this state could be tied to your true purpose in life and one that you should explore as you don't want to regret not trying in later life.

I still struggle the odd days with self doubt and not believing in myself, but these thoughts come and go like the waves at a beach, pushing past the negative thoughts can be easier by distraction through art, just throw yourself into it and enjoy the processes.

Depression is not weakness

Being depressed is not being weak or anything, it's a blip, a moment in time and it's an obstacle that you can overcome and if you need the help, then ask for it, never be ashamed of it. The more you are open about it, the more others will understand and try to help you or be there for you.

Try to look at why you are suffering from depression and try to improve them areas of your life and throw in a ton of art while you are at it.

I'm always here for anyone that's dealing with depression or anxiety, because I know what it's if you need to reach out, then I'm always available, direct message me on Instagram:

Beat depression by doing what makes you happy.

Twisted Horror Creature Ink Sketch

 I recently did this twisted horror ink sketch in an art stream. Often the ink drawings of this sort are some of the most relaxing to sketch and draw and always come easily when I'm drawing this made up horror art from my imagination.

twisted horror creature art