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Here are a list of external drawing tutorials on drawing, mainly fantasy art, but there will be more art tutorials to come. Hubpages was one of my top venue for drawing tutorials, so here are a selection.

Hubpage Drawing Article Tutorials:
  1. Draw Fantasy Art
  2. Draw The Grim Reaper
  3. Drawing Demons
  4. Drawing A Flaming Skull
  5. Draw Witches
  6. How To Draw A Scary Clown
  7. Draw a Goblin
  8. How To Draw Monsters
  9. Learn to Draw Zombies
  10. Draw A Fantasy Castle
  11. Draw A Devil
  12. Draw A Troll
  13. Drawing A Warrior
  14. Draw A Futuristic Robot
  15. How To Draw A Fairy
  16. How To Draw A Dragon Serpent
  17. How To Draw A Zombie Santa Clause
YouTube has lots of my drawing videos and tutorials and art and Vlog updates, as well as the occasional mad video. Wayne Tully On YouTube
YouTube Popular Drawing Videos:
  1. How to draw deadpool logo emblem
  2. How to draw the Punisher logo
  3. How to draw undead skeleton rising from the grave
  4. How to draw a creepy skull
  5. How to draw a grim reapers face
  6. How To Draw A Flaming Skull 6 Part Series
  7. How To Draw A Monster 5 Part Series
  8. How To Draw A Scary Demon 4 Part Series
  9. How To Draw Demon Clown Face
  10. How to draw an Angels Wing
  11. How to draw a Ghost Rider Skull
  12. How to draw a Skyrim Helmet
  13. How to draw a Skull with Wings
  14. How to draw a Predators face
  15. How to draw a Vampire Skull

This Fantasy Blogs Tutorials Collection:

  1. Learn How To Draw Demon Tattoo - Demon tattoo idea drawn out and described how to draw in simple steps to follow, learn how to draw a demon tattoo.
  2. How To Draw A Vampire - Learn to draw a vampire head, possibly with more to add to this blog post with different ways of drawing vampires.
  3. Draw A Fantasy World Scene - See how to draw a scene in an imaginary fantasy world, one example of many possible variations, we will explore more in this area.
  4. How To Draw A Mermaid - Learn to draw a mermaid by following the steps, this drawing tutorial is one of the first ones I have used a few more broken down steps to show you how to create a figure drawing and there will be more to come.
  5. How To Draw A Skull Tattoo Idea - A look at drawing a skull tattoo concept from scratch, this will need to be fleshed out with more content and more angles of coming up with skull tattoo ideas, so look for more posts on this topic area.
  6. Draw A Wizards Face - See how to draw a classic wizards face of an old man with a beard, watch the video.
  7. Draw A Hag Witch - See how to draw a classic old hag witch and in this quick drawing tutorial you can see a short hag witch being drawn from draft.
  8. How To Draw A Vamps Castle - A vampires ancient castle drawn in steps here, the classic way of drawing castles, so take a look!
  9. Drawing A Grim Reaper - The grim reaper of death, drawn in simple step by step format, get inspired by drawing the grim reaper and draw your own.
  10. Draw A Minotaur - Minotaurs are bull creatures and they are fun to draw, watch as I draw a Minotaur in 3 steps, get inspired and draw your own Minotaur.

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